With Me (Destiny's Child song)

"With Me" is a song performed by the American group Destiny's Child for their eponymous debut studio album in 1998. The song was produced by Jermaine Dupri and Manuel Seal Jr., and received a positive reception from music critics. According to the group, "With Me" was meant to be an answer back to Usher's song "You Make Me Wanna...". The song contains elements of Master P's song "Freak Hoes".

"With Me"
Artwork for European and UK CD#1 retail releases
Single by Destiny's Child featuring Jermaine Dupri and Master P
from the album Destiny's Child
B-side"Second Nature"
ReleasedJanuary 20, 1998 (1998-01-20)
RecordedFall 1997
StudioKrosswire Studios (Atlanta, Georgia)
Length3:26 (Part 1)
4:07 (Part 2)
Destiny's Child singles chronology
"No, No, No"
"With Me"
"Just Be Straight with Me"
Jermaine Dupri singles chronology
"We Just Wanna Party with You"
"With Me"
"The Party Continues"

Music video

In the video, Beyoncé appears as a mermaid in a bluish water scene. LaTavia appears as a genie in an orange-colored room. Kelly is a giantess in a city nightclub. LeToya is a "spider-woman" climbing a web made of metal chains with a purple background. The members appear together in gray outfits in one scene and in red dresses in a dark room covered with eyes. Jermaine Dupri appears watching the women in a slideshow. Beyoncé's younger sister Solange makes a cameo as well. The music video was never released to a video compilation nor to an enhanced CD, but is uploaded on YouTube in certain countries.

Commercial and charts

The song was exclusively released in European markets. The single entered the UK Singles Chart on July 11, 1998 at number 19. In the Netherlands the song peaked at number 83, staying for three weeks on the Mega Single Top 100 charts.

Track listings

European Maxi Single/UK Single Part 1

COL 665754 2

  1. "With Me" (Part 1) (featuring JD) – 3:27
  2. "With Me" (Part 2) (featuring Master P) – 4:14
  3. "With Me" (Part 1) (Instrumental) – 3:28
  4. "Second Nature" – 5:09

UK Single Part 2

  1. "With Me" (Full Crew Radio Version)
  2. "With Me" (Full Crew Revocaled Radio Version)
  3. "With Me" (Full Crew Main Mix W/Rap)
  4. "With Me" (Full Crew Main Mix No Rap)

US Single Promo

  1. "With Me Part 2" – featuring Master P – Radio Edit 3:36
  2. "With Me Part 2" – featuring Master P – No Rap 2:39
  3. "With Me Part 1" – featuring JD – Album Version 3:27
  4. "With Me Part 3" – featuring Full Crew – UK Mix Radio Edit 3:53
  5. "With Me Part 3" – featuring Full Crew – UK Mix With Rap 4:03
  6. "With Me Part 2" – featuring Master P – Instrumental 4:14
  7. "With Me Part 4" – featuring Full Crew – Instrumental 4:03
  8. "With Me Part 2" – Callout Hook #1 0:10
  9. "With Me Part 2" – Callout Hook #2 0:05
  10. "With Me Part 3" – Callout Hook 0:10
  11. "With Me Part 3" – Callout Hook 0:05

Formats and remixes

  1. With Me Part 1 (Instrumental)
  2. With Me Part 2 (Instrumental)
  3. With Me Part 2 (No Rap)
  4. With Me Part 2 (Radio Edit) (feat. Master P)
  5. With Me Part 3 ('With Me' Full Crew Radio Version)
  6. With Me Part 3 ('With Me' Full Crew Revocaled Radio Version)
  7. With Me Part 4 ('With Me' Full Crew Main Mix No Rap)
  8. With Me Part 4 ('With Me' Full Crew Main Mix With Rap)
  9. With Me Part 4 ('With Me' Full Crew Main Mix No Rap – Instrumental)
  10. With Me Part 5 ('With Me' UK Mix With Rap) (feat. Full Crew)
  11. With Me Part 5 ('With Me' UK Mix Radio Edit) (feat. Full Crew)


Chart (1998) Peak
Europe (European Hot 100 Singles)[1] 92
Netherlands (Single Top 100)[2] 87
Netherlands (Tipparade)[3] 13
Scotland (OCC)[4] 72
UK Singles (OCC)[5] 19
UK R&B (OCC)[6] 4


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