Watch While I Revise the World

"Watch While I Revise the World" is the 160th episode of the ABC television series, Desperate Housewives. It was the third episode of the show's eighth season and was broadcast on October 9, 2011.

"Watch While I Revise the World"
Desperate Housewives episode
Episode no.Season 8
Episode 3
Directed byDavid Warren
Written byJohn Paul Bullock III
Production code803
Original air dateOctober 9, 2011
Guest appearances
Episode chronology
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"Making the Connection"
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"School of Hard Knocks"
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As Susan and Carlos bond over their feelings of guilt at the murder of Gabrielle's stepfather, Mike begins to think that the two are having an affair, and Bree suspects that her detective boyfriend, Chuck, may secretly be investigating her. As her marriage continues to crumble, the tables are turned on Lynette when her usually relationship-challenged sister Lydia (guest star Sarah Paulson) comes to town and announces she's engaged. Meanwhile, after asking Renee to help his daughter, Jenny, go shopping for her first bra, Lee fears that the child is starting to bond more with Renee and becoming more distant from him.


According to Nielsen ratings, "Watch While I Revise the World" was watched by 8.63 million viewers and held 2.8 rating/7 share among viewers between 18 and 49 years of age.[1] The episode was outperformed by Sunday Night Football on NBC, which averaged 22.05 million viewers and an 8.9 rating/22 share, The Good Wife on CBS, which was watched by 10.28 million viewers but held a 2.1 rating/5 share and Family Guy on Fox which was watched by 6.99 million viewers and held 3.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic.[2] This episode was the least watched episode in terms of total viewers in the history of the show until the air date of next episode, School of Hard Knocks, although the episode was the most watched scripted program of the night in the 18-49 demographic. The episode gained an additional 2.0 million viewers and 0.9 rating in the week following the original broadcast due to DVR recordings.[3]


International titlesEdit

  • Italian:Segreti Svelati (Secrets revealed)
  • German: Falsche Vorstellungen (Wrong Idea)
  • Polish: Patrz jak rewiduje świat (Watch how I change the world)


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