Wall to Wall Media

Wall to Wall Media, part of Warner Bros. Television Productions UK (formerly Shed Media Group), is an independent television production company that produces event specials and drama, factual entertainment, science and history programmes for broadcast by networks in both the United Kingdom and United States. Its productions include Who Do You Think You Are?, New Tricks, Child Genius, and Long Lost Family.

Wall to Wall Media
IndustryTV Production
FoundedLondon, 1987
HeadquartersLondon (UK)
Key people
Leanne Klein (CEO)[1]
ProductsChild Genius
New Tricks
Who Do You Think You Are? (UK TV series) Long Lost Family
Drugs, Inc.
Underworld, Inc.
UK's Best Part-Time Band Frontier House
George Orwell: A Life in Pictures
Colonial House
The Edwardian Country House
Man on Wire
Ancient Egyptians
Smallpox 2002
The Day Britain Stopped
Back in Time for...
ParentWarner Bros. Television Productions UK (WarnerMedia International)

In January 2009, Wall to Wall's first feature film Man on Wire won a BAFTA award for Outstanding British Film and followed this success with an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.[2][3] Previously, the company had won a Peabody Award in 2000 for The 1900 House.[4]

Wall to Wall joined the Shed Media Group in November 2007.[5]

In July 2017, Wall to Wall opened a regional production base in Bristol called Wall to Wall West headed by Emily Shields.[6] Productions from Wall to Wall West include variations of the BBC Two lifestyle documentary series Back in Time for... and The World's Most Extraordinary Homes.[7]

Wall to Wall was one of the first production companies to win a factual commission from Apple TV+ with its series Becoming You, which premiered on 13 November, 2020.[8]

The company's name derives from negative references made in the mid-1980s, by then BBC Director-General Alasdair Milne and in the title of a book by Financial Times journalist Chris Dunkley, to "wall-to-wall Dallas" as a possible after-effect of the coming deregulation of UK broadcasting. Future BBC2 controller Jane Root, among the company's founders, considered this a negative, puritanical and conservative view of the medium's possibilities (ref. NME, 17 May 1986) and the name "Wall to Wall Television" was adopted as a conscious celebration of the medium, which its founders considered the "establishment" of the time to be frightened of.


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