Urbain Servranckx (born 7 June 1949), better known as Urbanus, is a Belgian comedian, actor, singer and comic book writer.[1] Although he is most famous as comedian, some of his songs became hits, such as Bakske vol met stro (1979), Madammen met een bontjas (1980) and Hittentit (1982).[1] In Flanders and the Netherlands Urbanus is one of the most popular and famous entertainers of all time. [1]

Urbain Servranckx
Urbain Servranckx signing an Urbanus comic (2004)
Urbain Servranckx, (2004)
Born (1949-06-07) 7 June 1949 (age 72)
Dilbeek, Belgium
Other namesUrbain, Urbanus van Anus
Occupationactor, comedian, singer


Urbanus, artist's name of Urbain Joseph Servranckx (Dilbeek, 7 June 1949) is a Belgian comedian, singer, guitarist, author of comic books and actor. Originally he used the artist name: Urbanus van Anus. Anus was the name of his former backing group.[2] In 1973 he began performing cabaret and comedy. He became popular in Flanders and managed to duplicate his success in the Netherlands, building a steady career since. He has appeared in TV shows, some which he wrote himself. Urbanus released several musical singles, some of which entered the hit parade.[1] His Christmas song Bakske Vol Met Stro (1979) was controversial for lampooning the biblical story of the birth of Jesus, but also became his signature song and best-selling record for the very same reasons.[1] Urbanus considers himself an atheist, although he wed in the Roman Catholic Church and had his children baptized.[1] In 2008, he was awarded the Prize for Liberty by the Flemish think tank Nova Civitas.

Film careerEdit

Urbanus starred in three films: Hector (1987), Koko Flanel (1990) and Seventh Heaven (1993). The two first films were the leaders in the Flemish box offices for many years. His first movie, Hector, directed by Stijn Coninx, won the 1988 international comedy film festival in Chamrousse, France.[1] He also was named best actor by Radio France and Dauphiné Libéré. Seventh Heaven was a box office bomb. In Flanders and the Netherlands Urbanus is well-known and very popular since 1974. Although he is most famous as a comedian, some of his songs became hits, such as Bakske vol met stro (1979), Madammen met een bontjas (1980) and Hittentit (1982).[1]Urbanus lent his voice to the Flemish versions of the Pixar movies, Cars and Cars 2, where he was the voice of the character Mater.

Comics careerEdit

Urbanus is script writer of a comics series about a childlike version of himself, Urbanus, which debuted in 1982. The series is drawn by Willy Linthout and from the third story on, Urbanus started providing the scenarios.[1]The comic strip managed to become the longest-running series in the celebrity-inspired genre and new albums are still published to this day.[1]The comics also sell well in the Netherlands.[1]

Urbanus also writes the gags for the satirical comic De Geverniste Vernepelingskes (1998), which pokes fun at several Flemish celebrities. It was first drawn by Jan Bosschaert, then Dirk Stallaert and finally Steven Dupré. Urbanus also writes gags for the children's comics Plankgas en Plastronneke (2004–2008) and Mieleke Melleke Mol (since 2003), both drawn by Dirk Stallaert.[1]

Urbanus has also drawn some gag comics himself. He also illustrated many of his own album covers.[1]



Urbanus in 1979
Year Album Peak positions Note

1974 Urbanus van Anus leevend  –  –
1975 Urbanus van anus in de weide / op de vijver  –  –
1977 Drie sprookjes  –  –
1978 Volle maan  –  –
1979 Is er toevallig een Urbanus in de zaal?  – 24 Live album
1982 Urbanus VI  – 20 Live album
1983 Tien jaar live  – 26 Live album /
Compilation album
1985 Urbanus' plezantste  – 10 Live album /
Compilation album
Donders en bliksems  –  –
1986 In 't echt!  – 31 Live album
1995 Iedereen beroemd  –  –
2007 Urbanus Vobiscum  –  – Tribute album
2010 Wie dit leest is zot! 7  –
2011 Goe poeier! 2  –
2013 Wan troe tie! 4  –
2016 Urbanus zelf! – Theatertoer 2013–2015 54  –
2017 De Legende 16  –
2019 Trecto Pnix 53  –


Urbanus in 1985
Year Album Peak positions Notes
Ultratop 50


Dutch Top 40
Single Top 100
1979 "Een Bakske vol met stro" 1  –  –  –
1980 "Quand les zosiaux chantent dans le bois" 3  –  –  –
1982 "Kodazuur" 39  –  – 50
1982 "Hittentit" 24  –  – 50
1983 "Awel Mercie" 27  –  –  –
1984 "Scratchin' zwaantjes" 10  –  –  –
1994 "Poesje stoei" 8  – 15 12
1995 "De paashaas" 12  –  –  –
2007 "CO2 prostituee"  – 16  –  –
2013 "Zetpilcar"  – 2  –  – with Isolde Lasoen


Urbanus produced and appeared in several movies:

Urbanus did voices for the following movies:


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