United Dairy Farmers

United Dairy Farmers (UDF) is an American chain of shops offering dairy products as well as coffee and gasoline. UDF was started by Carl Lindner Sr. and his children in 1938. Almost as soon as they started operations, the Lindners began work on building a dairy store. Carl Sr. believed that if he could sell milk through his own store, he would not have to deal with delivery middlemen and thus pass the resulting savings on to customers. The first United Dairy Farmers store, at 3955 Main Avenue (now Montgomery Road) in Norwood, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, opened on May 8, 1940.

United Dairy Farmers
TypePrivately held
IndustryDairy products
Convenience stores
FounderCarl Lindner Sr.
United States
Number of locations
210 [1]
Area served
Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana
ProductsHomemade Brand Ice Cream
OwnerLindner family
Potato chips for sale at a UDF store in Columbus, Ohio

Today, the chain has stores throughout the Greater Cincinnati area as well as Dayton, and Columbus. Many UDF stores also operate a gas station and a convenience store. Since 2001, many locations have sold gasoline under the Mobil brand, but are now supplying their own fuels via purchasing through independent wholesalers.[2]

UDF was sued in June 2013 by The Wendy's Company for a trademark dispute concerning their Frosty treats, claiming UDF and their Homemade brand were creating a ripoff product called Frosties that used the similar yellow and red colors of their Frosty.[3] The companies settled out of court, with UDF ceasing to use the Frosties name.[4]

In April 2017, UDF left the Cleveland market and sold its four stores to Uptown Mart.[5] In the Summer of 2017, UDF teamed up with Cincinnati brewery Rhinegeist and released a beer flavored ice cream called Tropical Truth, using Rhinegeist Truth IPA.[6]

Unlike most convenience store chains where legal, UDF doesn't sell lottery tickets or birth control of any kind. This is due to the Linder family's strong religious beliefs.[7] The chain does, however, sell alcohol and tobacco products commonly found in convenience stores.


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