Tokyo International Anime Fair

The Tokyo International Anime Fair also known as Tokyo International Animation Fair (東京国際アニメフェア, TAF) was one of the largest anime trade fairs in the world, held annually in Tokyo, Japan. The first event was held in 2002 as "Tokyo International Anime Fair 21". The event was held at Tokyo Big Sight, a convention and exhibition center in Tokyo Bay, in late March. Usually, the first one or two days of the fair were weekdays and the entrance was open only to industry members and the press; the last two days were scheduled on the weekend and the fair was open to the public.

Tokyo International Anime Fair
One of the exhibition halls at the 2008 fair.
VenueTokyo Big Sight
Most recent2013
Attendance105,855 (2013)

Besides being an international trade fair, the TAF included related events such as business symposia and other events. Notably, the Tokyo Anime Awards were given for domestic and foreign creations and creators in the event with the name of the event. The event was supported by the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs of Tokyo.[1] Although the event did not have a long history, it and its prizes were recognized in the industry. In 2014, it was merged with the Anime Contents Expo to form AnimeJapan.[2][3]

Event history

This table shows the number of visitors and participants:[4]

February 15–17, 200250,163104Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo[5]
March 19–22, 200364,698138Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo[6]
March 25–28, 200472,773166Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo[7]
March 31-April 3, 200583,966197Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo[8]
March 23–26, 200698,984256Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo[9]
March 22–25, 2007107,713270Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo[10]
March 27–30, 2008126,622289Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo[11]
March 18–21, 2009129,819255Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo[12]
March 25–28, 2010132,492244Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo[13]
2011Cancelled due to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami event[14]
March 22–25, 201298,923216Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo[15]
March 21–24, 2013105,855223Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo[16]

Official theme song

2010 Happy placeEri-Yuka《Eri Kitamura & Yuka Iguchi
2012 TAF na Sora-e!!!Nioh
2013 Kimi ni TodokeArs Magna

2011 event

In December 2010 a group of ten large manga publishers known as the Comic 10 Society (コミック10社会, Comikku 10 Shakai) announced plans to boycott the 2011 event. The boycott was in protest at revisions to the Tokyo Youth Development Ordinance that increased regulation of manga and anime sales to under-18 year olds. This was seen as a deliberate snub of Shintaro Ishihara, who was closely associated with both TAF and the changes to the law.[17][18][19] Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan had expressed concern about the impact of the boycott and urged the parties involved to work towards resolving the situation.[20][21]

Due to the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the northeast coast of Japan on March 11, 2011, it was announced five days later, that the 2011 event would be canceled. In addition, Tokyo Big Sight, where the event was held annually, suffered unspecified damage during the quake in the Tokyo area.[22]


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Convention reports

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