The Legend of Zorro (anime series)

The Legend of Zorro (Japanese: 快傑ゾロ, Hepburn: Kaiketsu Zoro, lit. "Extraordinary Zorro") is an Italian-Japanese anime, based on the western character Zorro.

The Legend of Zorro
Kaiketsu Zorro.jpg
Promotional poster for the television series Kaiketsu Zorro
(Extraordinary Zorro)
GenreHistorical, adventure, superhero
Anime television series
Directed byKatsumi Minoguchi
Produced byHiroshi Kato
Masako Fukuyo
Tatsuo Oba
Written bySukehiro Tomita
Music byHiromoto Tobisawa
StudioAshi Productions
Original networkNHK
English network
Original run April 5, 1996 March 28, 1997
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Diego Vega, the eighteen-year-old scion of a local landowner, returns from studying in Spain and discovers that his homeland has fallen under the dictatorship of Commander Raymond and Lieutenant Gabriel. Outraged by the oppression, Diego decides to fight the tyrants. Disguised as Zorro, a masked swordsman, he helps the weak, riding away on his horse, Viento.

In his day-to-day life, Diego portrays himself as a clumsy and cowardly boy who flees when faced with dangerous situations only to appear moments later as Zorro. As the local hero, he is known to punish his enemies by cutting a "Z" shaped mark into them with the tip of his blade. Diego is accompanied by Bernard, his sidekick, who wears a similar costume and has the nickname "Little Zorro."

Diego's childhood friend and sweetheart, Lolita Prideaux, believes that Spain changed him and she scolds him relentlessly for his idiotic behavior. Lolita is a sweet-tempered girl who wants to fight evil and protect the people by helping Zorro from behind the scenes. She later develops feelings for Zorro, though she is unaware of his true identity.[1][circular reference][2]


Don Diego Vega/Zorro
Voiced by: Toshihiko Seki (Japanese)/Stuart Milligan (English)
The main protagonist of the series. As Diego, he pretends to be lazy and clumsy, playing the role of a cowardly fool to hide his secret identity. As Zorro, he is the most noble-minded swordsman in the world. Diego is a rival of Captain Raymond but feels a deep affection for the other man. Diego is calm and reasonable, contrasting with his hot-headed and stubborn companions.
Lolita Prideaux
Voiced by: Maria Kawamura (Japanese)
The female protagonist of the series. Diego's spunky, blond childhood friend and love interest. She acts bossy towards Diego, but she has romantic feelings for Zorro.
Bernard/Little Zorro
Voiced by: Rica Matsumoto (Japanese)/Kate Shannon (English)
Diego/Zorro's sidekick, an abandoned orphan found by Diego when he was still a baby. Diego adopted and took care of him as if he was his younger brother. He helps Zorro by eavesdropping and gathering information, and later develops his own alter ego, "Little Zorro."
Commander Raymond
Voiced by: Jūrōta Kosugi (Japanese)
The main villain of the series, commander of the Spanish Army in California who plots to assassinate the Governor-General.
Lieutenant Gabriel
Voiced by: Kenyuu Horiuchi (Japanese)
A young Spanish officer who serves as Captain Raymond's right-hand man in California. Lt. Gabriel has feelings for Lolita.
Don Alejandro Vega
Voiced by: Ikuya Sawaki (Japanese)
Diego's father. Wealthy landowner and field worker.
Sergeant Pedro Gonzales
Voiced by: Kōzō Shioya (Japanese)
A stout sergeant who often serves as comic relief. Comparable to Johnston McCulley's character from 1920's The Mark of Zorro. He has a good moral sense but remains gluttonous and simple-minded within the army.
Don Carlos Prideaux
Lolita's father.
Catarina Prideaux
Lolita's mother.
The Vega's housemaid. She is very masculine, boisterous, and not afraid to scold - but takes care of the kids with much fondness.
Zorro's horse.
Diego's lazy hunting dog
Bernard's helpful bulldog.
Bernard's love interest.
One of Bernard's best friends.
One of Bernard's best friends.
One of Bernard's best friends, a girl who looks like a boy.
In charge of the Californian branch of the army (and town by extension).
Captain Jekyll

Episode listEdit

The Legend of Zorro (1996)Edit

No. Official English title
1"Return of the Hero"
In 1800, California is under The Spanish Empire. Diego is on a ship to go back to his home country, California, because his father asks for his return. Lolita is helping Cekita and his wife and baby to run away from California because Cekita was teaching freedom to the people. Lolita meets Diego at the ship and he helps her to hide them but failed. The army finds them, arrests them, but leave the baby. Diego and Lolita attend Diego's welcome back party. Soldiers come and report that Cekita is to be executed. Everyone at the party is insistent on going to watch the execution. Zorro (Diego) arrives to stop the execution and helps Cekita and his wife to run away. The following dawn soldiers search inside the ship, but nothing is found. Lieutenant Gabriel sees a small boat and realizes that Cekita may be on other shore preparing to meet it. Gabriel finds Cekita and his wife and stops them. Zorro arrives and defeats Gabriel. Cekita and his wife are able to escape.
2"The Barrels of Wine"
One night, two carts full of the farmer Vega's wine are being moved from a farm to the warehouse. The carts pass through a mountain pass. A group of bandits ambush the cart and steal the wine. These bandits are being paid by a liquor seller, Brown. Soldiers go to the Vega family to collect taxes, but the Vega's can't pay since they don't have any money from selling the wine. The army takes their wheat instead. Diego plans to trap the bandits. He, Lolita, Bernard, and Sergeant Pedro with two police officers discover the warehouse where the stolen wine is stored. Some bandits scare the police away by telling them that other bandits are coming to steal the wine. Diego pretends to be scared and also runs away. Lolita tries to rush through the bandits but fails. Zorro arrives and stops the bandits. One of the bandits takes away a cart of wine. Zorro whispers to Bernard that he has already marked all the barrels with a “Z” sign. Bernard with his friends examines all of the barrels around the city. They find the barrels with the “Z” sign in Brown's yard. Brown tries to bribe the army Commander, Luis, with the wine. Zorro arrives to interrupt them. He fights with the bandits and wins. He takes the money which Brown acquired by selling Vega's wine and return it to Vega.
3"Proposal of Marriage"
It is morning, Diego is sleeping under the sun, while his father, Don Vega is working in the fields and sweating heavily. The villagers assume that he is a lazy guy. Don Carlos, Lolita's father, sees him and has doubts about allowing him to marry his daughter. But Katherina, Lolita's mother, sees that if Lolita marries Diego, they can get the share of Don Vega's land. But Lolita considers that Diego has become a lazy, boring, coward and a good for nothing man. Lieutenant Gabriel with his company come to Don Carlos's house. He delivers a marriage proposal to Lolita, but Lolita doesn't want to see him. Don Carlos says Diego is her fiancé. Gabriel visits Diego and asks him for a duel. Diego refuses and all the villagers laugh at him. Gabriel puts Diego in jail for no reason and then hires an arsonist to burn down Don Carlos's warehouse. Gabriel plans to help catch the arsonist to impress Don Carlos and Lolita. Lolita runs away and Gabriel kidnaps her. Bernard and his dog help Diego to escape from jail. Zorro (Diego) catches the arsonist as he is about to burn another warehouse and forces him to confess where Lolita is being kept. Zorro arrives, fights the guards, and rescues Lolita. Gabriel attempts to stop him but fails. Commander Raymond arrives with the captured arsonist and lectures all of his men that bad behavior is forbidden. Lolita safely arrives home.
4"Wake Up My Friend!"
The Spanish army is picking on yet another civilian in the town square. Lolita calls them out and Diego, trying to stop her, gets caught up in a fight with the soldiers which is stopped by Lieutenant Gabriel. Arrow, a childhood friend of Lolita's and Diego's, greets the two after not seeing them for a long time. Arrow expresses his clear admiration for the Spanish army and his desire to join them. Arrow overhears his father plotting against the army and takes the information to Sergeant Gonzalez in order to gain favor and join the army. Arrow's father discovers his son's betrayal and throws him out. Arrow's father talks with Deigo's father comparing the sons, there Diego learns about Arrow joining the army. Zorro leaves a note for Arrow to find that leads the army to a setup. Zorro teaches them a lesson and Arrow gets fired for leading them into the trap. Arrow, upon reflection, feels shame for his actions and apologizes to his father.
5"The Ties of Blood"

The townspeople are having fun at the rodeo - which consists of riding a barrel over the ocean (like an old-school mechanical bull). Diego, tired of acting like a coward, wants to impress Lolita for once and tries to win the game. This causes the fathers to begin a discussion on Lolita's marriage, to which she states that she will marry only one man: Zorro. The shock causes Diego to fall and humiliate himself, so Lolita storms off. Lolita contemplates how Diego used to be and draws his face in the sand.

Diego and Lolita take a trip to a new town that's much happier than their own. They hear the reason for the town's happiness is because of the mayor - Senor Santez. On the way back, the pair find Bernard playing with a new friend: Gina Santez. A fisherman comes up and tells them about a bunch of oddly dead fish floating in the ocean. The group gets invited to have dinner with Senor Santez, who goes into shock after hearing about the dead fish. Senor Santez reveals to Gina that he once carried poison overseas for the army that got leaked into the ocean and now the army is threatening him with that information. Diego chases after Gina to calm her down. Senor Santez goes out to the ocean on his own to try to fix the problem. The army tries to stop the townspeople from helping Santez and Diego tries to fight them off but gets thrown in the sea. Zorro fights the army while the townspeople remove the poison barrels.
6"The Red Jewel"
Bernard gets awoken by a bunch of bandits riding past and heading for Prideaux's house. The bandits tie up the Prideauxs and use a ruby to hypnotize them into revealing where their wealth is. Lolita interrupts them and snaps her parents out of it. Zorro is outside the house waiting for the bandits and takes back Prideaux's money, but he too is hypnotized by the ruby and gets injured in the process. The army arrives and blames Zorro for the robbery. Lolita cries in her room refusing to believe Zorro is a thief. It's revealed that Lieutenant Gabriel hired the bandits in an attempt to be a hero for Lolita while also framing Zorro. Diego, Lolita, and Bernard meet up at a traveling circus where Lolita gets hypnotized and kidnapped. Zorro finds the ship the bandits are hiding on. He fights the villain, rescues Lolita, and clears his name by making the bandits confess to the army.
7"Too Many Borros"
Diego and Bernard are traveling out of town when they come across an army roadblock with a too happy Commander. They learn he is so happy because Fernandez, a wealthy man who passed away six months ago, had an immense property that would go to the state (aka army) the next day unless his estranged daughter arrived in town to claim it. The roadblock was established to stop her from coming to town. Diego and Bernard pass the barrier and discover Fernandez's daughter, Hannah, crashed by a nearby riverbank. They help her sneak into town. Lolita gets upset Diego is hiding a girl and takes off her disguise, just in time for the army to see it and arrest Diego and Hannah. Lolita and Diego come up with a plan to escape by getting the townspeople to all dress like Zorro and distract the army. With the help of the real Zorro, Hannah is able to claim her father's land in time.
8"Killer Guitar"
Maria yells at Diego to not be lazy and go get groceries. Diego meets up with Lolita only to get ambushed with her latest interest: horoscopes. Diego and Senor Sanchal are both predicted to have bad luck and both ignore the warning. Senor Sanchal is a popular man who runs "Santazco", the town's newspaper, and is not afraid to write articles that criticize the army. The next day, Sanchal is found dead. Diego suspects the new mysterious guitar player that's in town. At Sanchal's funeral, the army refuses to allow the funeral to take place and makes the town go home. Bernard finds out the guitarist is an assassin working for the army. Zorro fights the army and, when they are defeated, the army kills the guitarist so he can't testify the truth. Senor Sanchals gets a proper funeral at the end.
9"The Treasure of Dreams"
The town's cooky old man has dreams of finding a pirate's treasure and has gone on several trips for it. He goes to Mr. Vega and offers to whip cowardly Diego into shape in exchange for Vega funding his next adventure. He agrees and Diego and Bernard get sent on a treasure hunt. The army and bandits follow the men in hopes to get the treasure themselves. Zorro defeats them and the old man gets his treasure: a real pirate ship.
10"Untrue Feelings"
Lolita's cousin, Lasal, is coming to town. Lasal is a widowed beauty whom Lt. Gabriel "falls in love" with. She still loves her deceased husband however and continues to wear the famous and expensive wedding ring he gave her. This ring becomes the target for many criminals, who Gabriel defeats. Gabriel spends time wooing Lasal until she trusts him enough to hand over her ring - at which point he betrays her and leaves. Zorro gets the ring back and Lasal promises not to be deceived again.
11"Mystery Mountain"
The townspeople are being scared awake by some mysterious moaning coming from the mountain. Bernard gets teased by his friends for being scared and takes up a dare to go up the mountain. Lolita and Diego go shopping and discover that a lot of fake money is being traded and causing conflict. After going up the mountain, Bernard and his friends find the fake coin operation (which is also the source of the "moaning"). The kids get caught, Zorro goes to rescue the kids, the kids destroy the operation, and the day is saved.
12"Man's Best Friend"
A little pit bull is discovered by Bernard. He decides to rescue the stray dog and name him Figaro. Maria the housemaid does not like him and wants to kick him out. Figaro proves his worth as a very intelligent and clever dog able to help out little Zorro.
13"Little Zorro at Full Blast"
Lolita is hired to babysit a young girl named Nikita (who is Bernard's crush). Bernard goes shopping and overhears some thieves planning to rob Nikita's home tonight. Bernard, wanting to prove he's an adult, tries to defeat them alone. When the battle begins Little Zorro is joined by Zorro and the two defeat the robbers and save the women.
14"The Stagecoach Is in Danger!"
Lolita, Diego, Bernard, and Figaro are all ready to head back home after their visit to a neighboring town. They decide to take a stagecoach along with a drunk doctor, a wealthy family, and Gonzales. As they begin the journey back, a gang called "The Red Wolves" ambush the coach and demand the child of the wealthy family be hostage. The kid (because he's dumb) is excited to go with the Red Wolves while his family pleads and fights with them not too. Bernard, claiming he is the child of the wealthy family, also gets taken hostage. Zorro teams up with the wealthy father and the army to get the children back.
15"Lolita's Kiss"
The governor's festival is coming to town. All the local maidens will compete in a dance competition. The males will compete in a fencing tournament the two winners will kiss. Lolita's friend is sick and asks Lolita to take her place as a dancer. Lolita agrees, but she is aware that Gabriel is set to win the sword fencing competition. Bernardo begs Diego to join the competition, but Diego refuses to join even though he wants to kiss Lolita. The scorpion gang is using this chance to rob people. Zorro goes and defeats the scorpion gang and decides to go to the festival. Gabriel and Lolita win the competition and are about to kiss. Zorro then asks to fight Gabriel for the right to kiss Lolita. The Army agrees and Gabriel loses. Zorro kisses Lolita and leaves the festival.
16"The Sword from Japan"
The day starts in the Vega household where a group of travelers has stopped for rest and directions. Diego notices that they are actually the Scorpian gang and that they are heading to Kuega Pass, where Bernard knows a valuable Japanese sword is to be gifted to the Governor-General. Zorro warns the army of the ambush, helps them to get past it and frees the local villagers. One family remains captured, however, so Zorro agrees with the Scorpians to get the sword in exchange for their freedom. The army refuses to give up the sword nor help the family, so Zorro steals it. The Scorpians go back on their word forcing Zorro to fight them, win the day, and embarrass the army in the end.
Maria is scolding the boys on not eating the food she makes but instead letting Figaro (Bernards dog) eat it all. Some doggy shenanigans ensue until Maria gets extremely mad and throws Tackle (Diego's dog) out. Lolita tells the Vega family that the army arrested an old man for being a "rebel". Zorro attempts to free him but gets injured by the army's newest attack/hunting dogs. The army dogs have caught Zorro's scent and can now track him anywhere. He flees from his home to attempt to shake the dogs off. Lolita and Bernard find Zorro and try to help him with his injuries. Zorro has to defend them when the dogs show up again but can't due to his injuries, which is when Tackle comes to the rescue. They take Zorro to Lolita's barn and treat him, but the army catches up. In the end, Tackle saves the day and Zorro sends Lieutenant Gabriel on a dog chase.
18"The Clever Detective"
The town attends a welcome home party for Lapaz, a young man who attended the same school in Spain as Diego. Lapaz actually skipped school a lot and hung out with the wrong kind-of crowd in Spain, but asked Diego to keep that a secret. Lolita's parents talk about how Lapaz's father, Don Jose, is in shady business and wouldn't be a good in-law. Gonzales gets injured at the party but then is arrested for an attempt to murder Don Jose, who was found with a stab wound in his back. After interrogating Gonzales, the army arrests Lapaz for the murder attempt. Zorro vows to clear Lapaz's name and find the true criminals. Turns out, Lapaz got into gambling debt in Spain and had debt collectors come after him. Zorro solves the case and reveals that the debt collectors were the ones who attempted the murder to get the family's land. The Lapaz family convince the army to let Zorro go.
19"A House of Deadly Tricks"
The army contracted two brothers to make a house of deadly traps to kill Zorro. To lure Zorro they steal money from Don Carlos in a fake investing venture. Little Zorro is caught and is trapped inside the house. Zorro enters the house to rescue Little Zorro. After avoiding and surviving many traps the brothers decide to blow up the house. Zorro and Little Zorro survive the explosion by hiding in a vault and retrieve all the money stolen from Don Carlos.
21"Wings of Dreams"
Kid invents hang gliding. Robbers attempt to steal it. Robbers instead steal the townspeople. Zorro uses hang gliders to save the day.
22"Gonzales the Thief"
Gonzales gets blamed for a robbery that occurred and the army offers a reward for his capture. Diego and Bernard lure Gonzales out of hiding with food and decide to help him. The real thieves find Gonzales and turn him in to claim the reward. Zorro fights the army while Little Zorro and Gonzales go after the real thieves. The thieves get caught, but Gonzales doesn't get recognition since Zorro helped him.
23"The Bride from Spain"
A young woman arrives from Spain. She is a former acquiescent of Diego and claims that Diego offered his hand in marriage. Diego claims that he never made any promise. While everyone is baffled from this a gang of thieves starts to steal from people. After investigative work, it is found out that the marriage was a ploy to extort money from the Vega family. Zorro apprehends the thieves and reveals that to the young woman that her friends used her. She leaves back for Spain, but not before making Lolita jealous for one last time.
24"The Peoples Enemy"
25"Tears of Clown"
The circus is in town. Little does Diego know that the army has contracted an assassin within the circus armed with a magical amulet to kill him. Diego, Bernard, and Lolita befriend a circus boy and his father a circus clown. The circus clown carries a shame from his past. Gabriel gives tickets to Lolita to lure her into a trap. In this battle, Zorro gets hurt and almost loses until the clown he befriended saves him. Zorro rescues Lolita and the circus clown gets his resolution.
Pepita, a little girl who sells flowers, is known for making up stories. A nice old man, Mr. Aiden, stops by her stall. Pepita overhears some bad guys plotting to kill Aiden over business. That night, the mines are blown up and Aiden is forced to close his business. Pepita tries to tell people who the criminals are, but only Bernard believes and helps her. The South India Trading Company (SITC) hosts a party to announce and promote their presence in the town. Diego knows that the company is trying to create a mining monopoly and were the ones behind the bombing. The kids get caught sneaking around and get captured. Zorro saves the kids and the company covers up the kidnapping by paying off the army.
27"Lady Barbara"
The General Governor's wife, Lady Barbara is demanding to go back to Spain and Commander Raymond is helping her (in the hopes that eventually the General would go to). Raymond and Gabriel offer her a parting gift, which is actually the townspeople's stolen jewels. Zorro makes a plan where Bernard saves Barbara's life and she fondly takes him in. Barbara, Bernard, and Zorro (in disguise) all board the ship and depart. A gang takes the boat hostage, Zorro saves the day, and Bernard/Little Zorro bids Lady Barbara farewell.
28"The Haunted Ruins"
29"The Great Art Swindle"
Diego and Lolita visit an art exhibit, owned by the SITC, where many famous paintings are open for sale to the public. Diego suspects that something is afoul with the paintings. Bernard finds a mysterious man running away. The man is named Rodrigo and was forced to paint fakes for the art exhibit. Zorro helps him escape to Spain and exposes the art exhibit.
30"Gonzales in Love"
While on his day off, Gonzales finds and rescues a young woman being attacked by debt collectors. He befriends her and falls in love with her. The debt collector lures in victims with a low-interest rate only to replace their contract with one several times higher. The debt collector captures Sal and reveals that she is the granddaughter of a duke in England. Gonzales rescues her and has her return to England.
31"Fire in the Sky"
A lot of wheat fields and wheat storage houses are being burned by a supposed social reform group. With the shortage of wheat, the South Indian Trade Company has increased the prices of grain leaving many hungry. Diego's dad Don Vega responds to the crisis by offering his own wheat as bread to the poor. He pays a boy to go and spread the word. The boy's father is a drunk who causes shame for the boy. His father then gets a job offer to stand near Don Vegas storage. He is blamed for the arson attacks and chased by the army. Eventually, he finds the real people responsible for the arson attacks. Zorro defeats the arsonists, clears the name of the boy's father, and resolves the wheat shortage
32"A Doctors Dylemma"
The South India Trading Company has open a hospital with new doctors. The people however prefer the local doctor who has always treated them. The trading company tries to get the doctor to join but he refuses to work with them. They then discredit him by causing him to sleep during an operation. With the local doctor discredited the only medical place is the Trading Companies. They charge exorbitant prices and one of their doctors decides to expose them as corrupt. It isn't until the son of the president of the hospital gets injured that they decide to confess to their crimes and restore the credibility of the local doctor.
33"Lolita in Love"
Lolita and Diego are out shopping in town. A gang of thugs harasses Lolita and Diego pretends to be weak and useless to keep his identity a secret. A handsome man on a white horse defends Lolita and copies the Zorro Z slash. Lolita believes that the man is Zorro and becomes infatuated with him. Rumors spread that he is Zorro and the army goes to capture him. He claims to be the son of the Duke of Spain and his fame spreads even more. Diego warns Lolita that the man is not what he seems but she refuses to listen. Lolita is kidnapped and an expensive ransom of 500 gold coins is demanded. The man promises that he will pay the ransom but claims that he has no money at hand. Carlos and Don Vega collect the ransom money and they give it to the man. Zorro follows after him. The army comes and warns Carlos that they found out the Duke has no adult son. That man wanted who only wanted to kidnap Lolita. After exposing them and defeating them Zorro tells Lolita that the man that truly cares for her is coming. Zorro leaves and returns as Diego offers to return her home.
34"The Order to Kill Zorro"
The South India Trade Company had contacted 3 of the best assassins from around the world to finally kill Zorro. At the same time, Diego has spotted his senior classmate Emilio in town. Emilio was the one who taught Diego how to fence and is better in sword fighting than Diego. They promise to meet each other later. The Army lures Zorro to the mines where Zorro defeats them and goes on his way. Zorro is able to defeat the first assassin but then has to fight Emilio. Zorro is stunned and he gets defeated by him. Emilio recognizes Zorro and hesitates to kill him. The third assassin tries to kill Zorro and Zorro escapes. Diego gets his wounds treated and is met by Emilio. Emilio explains that after losing his Father and Mother to poverty he swore that he would become rich and powerful, but he cannot kill his friend. Emilio begs Diego to retire Zorro but Diego refuses. They decided to fight to the death at dawn. The third assassin overhears them and follows them to the designated spot. The two of them fight at dawn and Zorro loses to Emilio. Emilio cannot kill Diego and the third assassin fires poison darts. Emilio saves Diego but gets hit with the lethal darts. With his final breath, Emilio instructs Diego as he defeats the third assassin. Diego buries his friend and vows to fight for justice.
35"Gonzales in Love Again"
A new female magician, Amilia, is performing in town and ropes Gonzales into assisting. With a kiss on the cheek, he falls in love. The town's casino has been getting customers into debt. The grandfather, after entering the casino, gets shot, goes missing, and gets falsely charged for being a burglar. Gonzales brings Amelia to Vegas to stay while they look for her grandfather. Diego, Bernard, and Gonzales find the grandfather injured on the road and bring him back to Amelia for treatment. Gonzales tells Lolita about his love for Amelia and she helps them to get engaged. Zorro eventually saves the grandfather from a second assassination attempt and clears his name. Amelia, despite having agreed to marry Gonzales, is too heartbroken to leave her grandfather and goes back with him to Spain.
Diego is excited for his old college friend, McCrea, to visit from Spain. McCrea is now an author who got permission from the King of Spain to do a book on Zorro and to get assistance from the army on the topic. McCrea, not knowing about the army's corruption, begins investigating around town, but continues to get flak for being the "army's dog". He then sees the army attempt to capture a family whose father they killed for advocating freedom. After realizing how bad the army is, he decides not to work with them, but continues his investigation - getting increasingly suspicious of Diego. One day, the army seize McCrea's notes and arrest Diego based on what was written. McCrea decides to help Diego/Zorro upon realizing they have been safely hiding the family from the army. Little Zorro and McCrea team up to help Diego/Zorro escape. McCrea then travels back to Spain with the family, but not before promising to not write his book until Zorro is no longer needed.
37"Diego Under Cover"
A bunch of teenagers want to fight the army for justice just like Zorro. A man overhears this and convinces them to follow his "missions" (orders) and to take up a sword like Zorro. The kids get a big head and take their fights too far. Diego decides to join the teen gang so that he can stop them. He finds out they are being manipulated, steals their stolen goods back, and convinces them that they can fight for justice in other ways.
38"The Underwater Adventure"
A new inventor is in town who has created a mechanical knight named Max. She also invents a submarine in honor of her deceased son who loved the ocean. At night, Diego catches people sabotaging the submarine. Lolita and the kids get invited to join her on the first dive underwater. Because of the sabotage, the submarine begins to sink and the kids are forced to evacuate. Zorro fights off sharks, saves Lolita, and exposes who sabotaged the ship.
39"The Battle in the Storm"
The townspeople are building an embankment (dam) during the storm season for when the river overflows. Some new debt collectors threaten the man in charge to pay up - he can't and the townspeople protect him. One of the debt collectors is a swordsman hired to handle Zorro. A plot is created to destroy the town's embankment, have the South Indian Trading Company build a new one (which they will monopolize), and get Zorro and the people's money in the process. The debt collectors come back and trap Zorro in a net in the overflowing river. Lolita tries to cut Zorro loose, but Zorro begs Lolita to go as giant tree logs are released to smack the embankment (and Zorro) down. The army fires canons to stop the logs. Zorro escapes and fights the collectors in a stormy battle.
40"My Fair Lady Zorro"
The South Indian Trading Company (SITC) has a new monopoly on the fruit economy and is jacking up prices too high. A female blacksmith decides to make her deceased dad proud. She decides to test her sword-making skills and parades as Zorro. Diego/Zorro, hearing of her skills, disguises himself and gives her Zorro's sword for maintenance. She uses the sword and Zorro confirms she's the pretender. After Lolita's family farm is attacked by the SITC, the two Zorros escape and he tries to talk her into joining the fight for justice. She refuses and instead vows to become the best blacksmith she can be.
41"Lolita Get Your Gun!"
Lolita and the girls are insulted when Diego and Brenard mention their bad-smelling expensive perfume. After a discussion, Lolita goes back to the store to return the perfume but discovers that the perfume was a fake copycat sold by the South India Trading Company (SITC). When the shopowner mentions he can't compete, Lolita offers to catch the fake perfume makers herself. When she spots the fake salesmen on the street, she gets caught in the back of their wagon and gets taken to the "all-female" convent where the illegal operation is taking place. Diego and Bernard - having heard of Lolita's capture - come up with a cross-dressing plan to enter the convent. When the fight begins, however, Zorro refuses to fight women - so Lolita grabs a gun to expose the imposters and help Zorro defeat the criminals. Zorro and Lolita embrace just before the final villain appears. In the end, SITC is forced to close and the real perfume maker is able to continue his business better than ever.
42"Trapped by Ninja Magic"
A wealthy couple is on the way to a ball dressed in their finest clothes and jewels when suddenly, a magical thief attacks their carriage and steals their jewels. Gonzales tells the story to Diego and Brenard, to which Diego states that women shouldn't go out with such expensive jewels. Maria scolds the men about their lack of understanding about women. Diego studies up on magic to prepare for the fight when Lolita enters in a beautiful ballgown and jewelry - ready for her date with Diego (which he forgot about). On the way to the ball, they get stopped by the thief. In their attempt to flee, Diego rips Lolita's sleeve and then runs away from the fight. Lolita gets trapped by the shadow magic when Zorro appears. Zorro is able to free Lolita and captures one of the magical knives. Before they can continue, the army begins to approach forcing the villain and Zorro to flee, but not before he compliments Lolita on her beauty. The next day, Diego is able to find the answer to the magical knives in his studies and learns it is used by ninjas. As he is discussing his discovery with Bernard, Lolita finds Diego and gives him a beating for leaving her behind. Diego, to apologize, takes Lolita to the local dressmaker and meets the new Japanese tailor Hachisuka. It is revealed that Hachisuka was rescued by General Ramond at sea and feels that he owes a debt. That night, Hachisuka sneaks into Lolita's room while she's asleep and kidnaps her in order to lure Zorro. Zorro, knowing the trick behind the ninja magic, is able to corner Hachisuka. In the end, they talk it out and Hachisuka goes back to Japan.
43"Beauty and the Monster"
It's a Donkey-Kong-Cat episode. A monster shows up in the town. Lolita gets taken by the monster while on an errand and, like Donkey Kong to Princess Peach, the monster likes her because she's nice and pretty. Lolita spends the episode getting into trouble with the army and bandits while trying to protect the misunderstood monster. When Diego goofs in his rescue attempt, Zorro is there to save the monster, the town, Lolita, and the day. Oh, and then the monster cat walks into the ocean and back to Godzilla island. (Seriously, what is this episode?).
44"Gabriel's Rebellion"
45"The Legend of the Sacred Wood"
46"The Hipnotic Doctor"
47"The Kidnapping of the Governor-General"
48"A Righteous Military Officer"
49"Farewell to the Army"
50"Blast Off the Demonic Cannon"
The South Indian Trading Company has gotten a massive cannon that can easily wipe out rebels. The cannon is stored on top of a mountain and heavily guarded by massive walls, numerous soldiers, guard dogs, and traps. Everyone is counting on Zorro to destroy the superweapon, but Diego is uncertain he can it. Diego then eavesdrops on Lolita becoming engaged to a wealthy suitor, heartbroken he decided to go risk his life and stop the superweapon. He ties up Bernard and leaves alone. He then kisses a sleeping Lolita before his mission. Using kites and decoys he distracts the guards and goes inside. He avoids the traps and avoids the dogs. He destroys the cannon and is rescued by Bernard. Happy that he managed to do this feat he returns home. Lolita then tells Diego that she has rejected her suitor and has decided to remain single.
51"A Prelude to the Collapse"
The South Indian Trading Company has had enough failures and has decided to audit the California branch. Afraid of having all their shady practices discovered the local trading company president decides to run. He has a ledger containing all of the hidden crimes he committed with the Spanish army. Zorro tries to capture the president and his ledger, but then a hired bounty hunter from the Indian trading company appears. He wants to take the president and the ledger back to Spain to the CEO to be held accountable. Zorro and the bounty hunter fight. The bounty hunter is better skilled and badly hurts Zorro. Zorro then flees but at the same time is shot by the Spanish army. Afraid little Zorro decides to get Lolita to treat Zorro's wounds and discover his real identity. Lolita removes the bullet and bandages Diego. She then volunteers to help. She dresses up as Zorro and helps save the day. The bounty hunter captures the president and the ledgers and returns to Spain. Diego vows that the day of reckoning for the army is coming.
52"The Sword of Justice Forever"
Knowing that their time is up the army decides to stage a coup and kill the governor. Zorro and little Zorro go rescue the governor while Lolita fires a machine gun. The hide the governor and prepare for the army's uprising. Diego has a tender moment with Lolita. Diego's dad and maid interrupt to help. They reveal that they always knew and help. Diego with his friends works to defeat the army. Gonzales finally stands up to his superiors. With the army finally, in order, Lolita asks about Zorro. Diego says that Zorro is no longer needed, but whenever there is injustice and people in need then Zorro will appear.


The series soundtrack contains two pieces of thematic music. The opening theme is titled "Zorro", and the closing theme "Chikai" (誓い; "Oath"). Both are sung by Masaaki Endoh and are used for all aired episodes.[citation needed]


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