Thai comics

Thai comics are comics written and produced in Thailand.

Thai comics
Banluegroup booth
Earliest publicationsc. 1932


The artistic roots of Thai comics can be found in paintings of local ghosts based on stories of Thai folklore, appearing during the reign of King Nangklao in the early 19th century.

In the 1910, King Vajiravudh created the first Thai cartoons, after being introduced to British political cartoons during his education at Oxford University. After the Siamese Revolution of 1932 the first proper comic strips were created by Sawat Chutarop, including Sang Thong and Khun Maun, based on Popeye and Mickey Mouse. In 1952, Pimol Kalasee created the first comic aimed at children, Tuk Ka Ta.

During the 21st century several new comics have been created and inspired by Japanese manga including Apaimanee Saga, the first Thai comic that was translated into foreign languages.[1]

Famous Thai comics

  • KaiHuaRor (ขายหัวเราะ)[4]
  • MahaSanook (มหาสนุก)[5][6]
  • Noo Hin Inter (หนูหิ่น อินเตอร์)[7]

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