Tales of Zorro

Tales of Zorro is a 2008 anthology of Zorro stories and is the first collection of original short fiction featuring pulp hero Zorro, edited by Richard Dean Starr and published by Moonstone Books in 2008. A second anthology, More Tales of Zorro, was published in 2011.

Tales of Zorro
First trade edition cover
AuthorRichard Dean Starr
Cover artistDouglas Klauba, Sergio Martinez
CountryUnited States
GenreAnthology, Adventure, Historical novel
PublisherMoonstone Books
Publication date
May 31, 2008
Media typePrint Hardcover Limited edition book and Trade Paperback
Pages332 p
Followed byMore Tales of Zorro, Moonstone Books, 2009 

Book notesEdit

The stories in Tales of Zorro incorporate elements from the original Zorro incarnation by Johnston McCulley in The Curse of Capistrano. It also contains many references to other versions of Zorro including the 1998 film The Mask of Zorro, Walt Disney's Zorro (starring Guy Williams), and the New World Television series, as well as Isabel Allende's Zorro: A Novel, among others.

Some stories, such as Peter David's "Colors Seen by Candlelight" incorporate famous historical figures into the story while others contain suggestions of the supernatural or are told from unconventional viewpoints, such as A. C. Crispin and Kathleen O'Malley's story, "Tornado Warning", which is told through the eyes of Zorro's famous Andalusian stallion, Tornado.

The collection also includes a young adult story, "The Feathered Cape" by Jan Adkins, author of Young Zorro: The Iron Brand. Adkins is a young adult author and illustrator who was also a technical advisor for Allende's 2005 Zorro.

Richard Dean Starr contributed a story to the book, "Winds of Change" and also collaborated on Max Allan Collins' story, "Zorro and the Fate Worse Than Death".

Tales of Zorro contains three important essays including an introduction by Guy Williams, Jr. (with Matthew Baugh), a foreword by Zorro Productions, Inc. Senior Vice-President Sandra Curtis, and an Afterword by Isabel Allende.

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Book designEdit

  • Cover Concept and Art Direction: Richard Dean Starr
  • Cover Design: Jim Alexander, Jim Harrington
  • Graphic Design and Prepress: Erik Enervold/Simian Brothers Creative

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