Stanton A. Coblentz

Stanton Arthur Coblentz (August 24, 1896 – September 6, 1982) was an American author and poet. He received a Master's Degree in English literature and then began publishing poetry during the early 1920s. His first published science fiction was The Sunken World, a satire about Atlantis, in Amazing Stories Quarterly for July, 1928. The next year, he published his first novel, The Wonder Stick. But poetry and history were his greatest strengths. Coblentz tended to write satirically. He also wrote books of literary criticism and nonfiction concerning historical subjects. Adventures of a Freelancer: The Literary Exploits and Autobiography of Stanton A. Coblentz was published the year after his death.

Stanton A. Coblentz, as pictured in the June 1929 issue of Science Wonder Stories
Coblentz's novelette "The Golden Planetoid" was the cover story for the August 1935 issue of Amazing Stories
Coblentz's novella "Planet of the Knob Heads" took the cover of the December 1939 issue of Science Fiction, illustrated by Frank R. Paul



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