Saint Anthony Air Station

Saint Anthony Air Station (ADC ID: N-26) is a closed General Surveillance Radar station. It is located 292.5 miles (470.7 km) north-northwest of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.[1] It was closed in 1968.

Saint Anthony Air Station
Part of Pinetree Line
Newfoundland, Canada
921st Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron - Emblem.png
Emblem of the 921st Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
Coordinates51°20′57″N 055°36′39″W / 51.34917°N 55.61083°W / 51.34917; -55.61083 (Saint Anthony AS N-26)
TypeRadar Station
Site information
Controlled byNortheast Air Command
Aerospace Defense Command
Site history
Built byUnited States Air Force
In use1953-1968
Saint Anthony AS is located in Newfoundland and Labrador
Saint Anthony AS
Saint Anthony AS
Location of Saint Anthony AS
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The site was established in 1953 as a General Surveillance Radar station, funded by the United States Air Force, one of the many that would make up the Pinetree Line of Ground-Control Intercept (GCI) radar sites.

It was used initially by the Northeast Air Command 921st Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron, which was activated. It was equipped with the following radars:

As a GCI base, the 921st's role was to guide interceptor aircraft toward unidentified intruders picked up on the unit's radar scopes. These interceptors were assigned to the 64th Air Division at Goose AFB, Labrador.

The station was reassigned to the USAF Air Defense Command on 1 April 1957, and was given designation "N-26". In 1963, the site was connected to the Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) Direction Center (DC-31) at Goose AFB.[2]

In addition to the main facility, Saint Anthony operated an AN/FPS-14 manned Gap Filler site:

N-26B was built in 1957 about 95 miles south of the main station and was closed in 1961. The town of La Scie, located about 3 miles to the southwest provided living facilities to Detachment 2.

The 921st AC&WS squadron was inactivated on 18 June 1968, and Saint Anthony AS was closed on 30 June. Today the site remains intact, probably due to its isolated location. It apparently has been unused and abandoned since its closure, some have been reduced to concrete foundations only.

Saint Anthony Air Station, Newfoundland in July 1961

USAF units and assignmentsEdit


  • 921st Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron, Activated at Grenier AFB, New Hampshire, 26 May 1953
Transferred to Saint Anthony Air Station, Northeast Air Command, 1 October 1953
Reassigned to Air Defense Command, 1 April 1957
Discontinued 18 June 1968


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  This article incorporates public domain material from the Air Force Historical Research Agency website

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