rDock (previously RiboDock) is an open-source molecular docking software that be used for docking small molecules against proteins and nucleic acids. It is primarily designed for high-throughput virtual screening and prediction of binding mode.

Original author(s)Vernalis R&D
Developer(s)University of York, University of Barcelona
Initial release1998; 23 years ago (1998)
Stable release
2013.1 / June 13, 2014; 7 years ago (2014-06-13)
Written inC++
Operating systemLinux
TypeProtein–ligand docking


The development of rDock started in 1998 in RiboTargets (later Vernalis (R&D) Ltd).[1] The software was originally called RiboDock.[2] The development went on until 2006 when the software was licensed to University of York for academic distribution and also maintenance.

Six years later, in 2012, Vernalis and University of York decided to release rDock as open-source software to allow its further development by the wider community. The version that was released as open source is developed and supported by University of Barcelona on SourceForge.[3] The development on SourceForge stalled after June 2014.[4] A fork named RxDock is continuing the development of rDock since April 2019 on GitLab.[5][6]

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