One Night Husband

One Night Husband (Thai: คืนไร้เงา or Kuen rai ngao) is a 2003 Thai thriller film directed by Pimpaka Towira and co-written by Pimpaka and Prabda Yoon. It was the debut feature film for Pimpaka, an independent film director and one of the few female directors working in the Thai film industry. One Night Husband was also the film debut of Thai-Canadian pop singer Nicole Theriault.

One Night Husband
One Night Husband movie poster.jpg
The Thai theatrical poster.
Directed byPimpaka Towira
Written by
Produced by
CinematographyChristoph Janetzko
Edited byLee Chatametikool
Music byKasemson Brahmasubha
Distributed byGMM Pictures
Release date
August 1, 2003
Running time
96 minutes


On her first night with her husband, newlywed Sipang's husband Napat takes a mysterious phone call and then leaves. When he doesn't return, Sipang asks her new brother-in-law, Chatchai, to help. Joining Sipang in her search is Chatchai's timid wife Busaba. As the search for Napat drags on, Sipang uncovers some disturbing things about her husband's past.



One Night Husband premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2003 and was screened at several other film festivals in 2003, including the Deauville Asian Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival, CINEFAN Film Festival, Fukuoka Asian Film Festival, Pusan International Film Festival and the Stockholm International Film Festival.

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