Nieuport Triplane

The Nieuport Triplane was a series of Nieuport 10/17 based triplanes built by Nieuport.[1]

Nieuport Triplane
Nieport 10 Triplane
Role Experimental
National origin France
Manufacturer Nieuport
Number built 4

Design and Development

Nieuport 10 Triplane

In 1915, Gustave Delage modified a Nieuport 10 with a set of triplane wings in an unusual fore-aft-fore stagger for testing, this design was later patented in 1916.[1]

Nieuport 17 Triplane

A Nieuport 17 Triplane showing its unusual wing stagger.

Two Nieuport 17s, modified with reversed stagger on the upper mainplane and armed with one Lewis machine gun) were tested by the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS).[2]

Nieuport 17bis triplane

One more triplane, modified from a Nieuport 17bis, was also tested and allotted to No. 11 Squadron RNAS until June 1917.[1] Having never been ordered into production, it was never given an official designation.


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