Narvesen is a Norwegian chain of newsagents / convenience stores which, with its 370 outlets nationwide, is one of Norway's largest retailers. The company has since 2000 been part of the Reitan Group (Reitangruppen).[1][2][3]

A Narvesen store in Førde, Norway

Narvesens Kioskkompagni (the name later shortened to Narvesen) was established by the businessman and merchant Bertrand Narvesen (1860–1939) who in 1894 received approval from Norwegian State Railways to take over the sale of all newspapers, magazines, and travel literature on its stations. Narvesen became a nationwide joint stock company in 1928.[4]

Today Narvesen also operates 249 stores in Latvia[5] and a further 260 stores in Lithuania.[6][7]


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