List of species native to Thailand

The wildlife of Thailand includes its flora and fauna and their natural habitats.



A dhole, an Asiatic wild dog

There are 264 mammal species in Thailand on the IUCN Red List. Of these species, three are critically endangered, 24 are vulnerable, and two are near-threatened. One of the species listed for Thailand is considered to be extinct.[1]


Fish of Thailand




The Oriental white-eye is a very common resident of Thailand.

The birds of Thailand number nearly one thousand species, of which approximately 45 are rare or accidental. At least seven bird species previously found in Thailand have since been made locally extinct, and approximately fifty of Thailand's bird species are globally threatened.[2]

In 1991, it was estimated that 159 resident and 23 migratory species were endangered or vulnerable due to forest clearance, illegal logging, hunting and habitat degradation, especially in the lowlands. The species most affected are large water birds whose wetland habitat has been largely lost to agriculture, and forest species, as deforestation for agriculture and logging have removed and degraded portions of the woodlands.[3]



There are about 1,100 known butterfly species from Thailand.[4]


There are at least 23 known families, 57 genera and 125 species of land gastropods from Eastern Thailand.[5]

There are at least 8 known species of freshwater gastropods and at least 2 species of freshwater bivalves from the Sakaeo Province in the Eastern Thailand.[6]


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