List of minor planet discoverers

This is a list of minor-planet discoverers credited by the Minor Planet Center with the discovery of one or several minor planets (such as near-Earth and main-belt asteroids, Jupiter trojans and distant objects).[1] As of October 2020, the discovery of 546,846 numbered minor planets are credited to 1045 astronomers and 245 observatories, telescopes or surveys (see § Discovering dedicated institutions).

For how a discovery is made and a description of the tables below, see observations of small Solar System bodies and § Notes, respectively.

Discovering astronomers

Astronomer Discoveries DOB–DOD Country Link-label; info, links, and notes Name(s) at MPC Cite
Hiroshi Abe (astronomer) 28 1958–pres. H. Abe; H. Abe (5379)
Masanao Abe 2 1967–pres. M. Abe; disc: MPC and MPC M. Abe (8926)
Mark Abraham (astronomer) 3 n.a. M. Abraham; amateur, Src M. Abraham
Christopher Aikman 4 1943–pres. G. C. L. Aikman; G. C. L. Aikman
Makio Akiyama 16 1950–pres. M. Akiyama; Susono Observatory M. Akiyama (4904)
Vladimir Albitsky 10 1891–1951
V. Albitskij; Simeiz Observatory V. Albitskij (1783)
Gregory Scott Aldering 4 1962–pres. G. Aldering; G. Aldering (26533)
Heikki A. Alikoski 13 1912–1997 H. Alikoski; Turku Obs. H. Alikoski (1567)
Éric J. Allen 1 n.a. É. J. Allen; E. J. Allen
Rhiannon Lynne Allen 3 n.a. R. L. Allen; disc: MPC, MPC and MPC R. L. Allen; L. Allen
Jeff T. Alu 24 1966–pres. J. Alu; amateur J. Alu (4104)
Leonard L. Amburgey 2 1945–pres. L. L. Amburgey; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC L. L. Amburgey
A. David Andrews 1 1933–pres. A. D. Andrews; A. D. Andrews
Milan Antal 17 1935–1999 M. Antal; M. Antal (6717)
Plinio Antolini 4 1920–2012 P. Antolini; amateur, (bio-it) P. Antolini
Pierre Antonini 35 n.a. P. Antonini; amateur P. Antonini (12580)
Masakatsu Aoki 2 1957–pres. M. Aoki; amateur; unrelated to 5337 M. Aoki
Rolf Apitzsch 75 1943–pres. R. Apitzsch; amateur, (bio-de) R. Apitzsch (29214)
Masaru Arai 45 1952–pres. M. Arai; amateur M. Arai (21082)
Hiroshi Araki 3 n.a. H. Araki; unrelated to 4718 H. Araki
Sylvain Arend 51 1902–1992 S. Arend; S. J. Arend (1502)
Claire Armstrong 1 n.a. C. Armstrong; amateur, wife of M. Armstrong C. Armstrong (15967)
Mark Armstrong (astronomer) 2 1958–pres. M. Armstrong; amateur, husband of C. Armstrong, unrelated to 6469 M. Armstrong
Atsuo Asami 8 n.a. A. Asami; A. Asami
David J. Asher 10 1966–pres. D. J. Asher; D. J. Asher (6564)
Karl Augustesen 6 1945–pres. K. Augustesen; K. Augustesen (5171)
Walter Baade 10 1893–1960 W. Baade; W. Baade (1501)
Ulrika Babiaková 14 1976–2002 U. Babiaková; U. Babiakova (32531)
Paolo Bacci 1 1968–pres. P. Bacci; amateur; (bio-it) P. Bacci (108205)
Hannes Bachleitner 2 1965–pres. H. Bachleitner; also Johannes Bachleitner, amateur, disc: MPC and MPC H. Bachleitner (172932)
Solon Irving Bailey 1 1854–1931 S. I. Bailey; unrelated to 449922 S. I. Bailey
David D. Balam 56 n.a. D. D. Balam; D. D. Balam (3749)
Loren C. Ball 107 1948–pres. L. Ball; amateur L. Ball (16095)
Thomas J. Balonek 9 n.a. T. J. Balonek; T. J. Balonek; T. Balonek
Odette Bancilhon 1 1908–1998 O. Bancilhon; disc: List of minor planets: 1001–2000#333 O. Bancilhon (1713)
Susan Banh 1 n.a. S. Banh; (bio-it) S. Banh
Nigel P. Bannister 1 n.a. N. P. Bannister; University of Leicester N. P. Bannister
Yoshiaki Banno 1 1952–1991 Y. Banno; Y. Banno (3394)
Evelin Bányai 1 n.a. E. Bányai; E. Banyai
Cesare Barbieri 7 1942–pres. C. Barbieri; C. Barbieri (13992)
John C. Barentine 1 1976–pres. J. C. Barentine; John Caleb Barentine J. C. Barentine (14505)
Kristina M. Barkume 1 n.a. K. M. Barkume; (bio-it) K. M. Barkume
Ewan Barr 5 n.a. E. Barr; (bio-it) E. Barr
Sergio Barros 7 n.a. S. Barros; (bio-it) S. Barros
Sandro Bartolini 1 1974-pres. S. Bartolini; unrelated to 12399 S. Bartolini (11337)
Maria A. Barucci 3 n.a.
M. A. Barucci; disc: MPC, MPC and MPC M. A. Barucci; M. Barucci (3485)
Ivo Baueršíma 1 1931–pres.
I. Baueršíma; (bio-de) I. Bauersima
Johann M. Baur 15 1930–2007 J. M. Baur; amateur, (bio-de) J. M. Baur (11673)
David E. Beatty 1 n.a. D. Beatty; (bio-it); unrelated to 2925 D. Beatty
D. Beaver 1 n.a. D. Beaver; amateur, co-discoverer with J. Dellinger at Needville, TX D. Beaver
Andrew C. Becker 643 1973–pres. A. C. Becker; (bio-it) A. C. Becker (5280)
Jim Bedient 6 n.a. J. Bedient; J. Bedient
E. S. Beeson 1 n.a. E. S. Beeson; unrelated to 5241 E. S. Beeson
Raoul Behrend 13 1964–pres. R. Behrend; (bio-fr) R. Behrend (18874)
Bruce Edward Behymer 1 1983–pres. B. E. Behymer; (bio-it) B. E. Behymer
Sergey Belyavsky 36 1883–1953 S. Belyavskyj; S. Beljavskij
Graham E. Bell 56 n.a. G. Bell; G. Bell
Federico Bellini 3 n.a. F. Bellini; (bio-it), unrelated to 18509 F. Bellini
Yuri A. Belyaev 7 n.a. Yu. A. Belyaev; it:Jurij A. Beljaev, fr:Iouri Beliaïev, unrelated to 2030 Yu. A. Belyaev
Denis Bergeron 2 1956–pres. D. Bergeron; (bio-it) D. Bergeron
Fabrizio Bernardi 12 1972–pres. F. Bernardi; F. Bernardi (27983)
Laurent Bernasconi 16 1966–pres. L. Bernasconi; amateur, (bio-fr) L. Bernasconi (13793)
K. Berney 1 n.a. K. Berney; K. Berney
Gary M. Bernstein 3 n.a. G. Bernstein; unrelated to 4476 G. Bernstein
Emanuel Bettelheim 1 n.a. E. Bettelheim; E. Bettelheim
Francesco Biasci 1 n.a. F. Biasci; F. Biasci
Wolf Bickel 690 1942–pres. W. Bickel; amateur W. Bickel (4324)
Jamie Biggs 1 n.a. J. Biggs; J. Biggs
Guillaume Bigourdan 1 1851–1932 G. Bigourdan; disc: 390 G. Bigourdan
Gary W. Billings 6 n.a. G. W. Billings; amateur, (bio-fr) G. W. Billings (73703)
Richard P. Binzel 3 1958–pres. R. P. Binzel; R. P. Binzel (2873)
Kurt Birkle 9 1939–2010 K. Birkle; (bio-de) K. Birkle (4803)
Peter Birtwhistle 87 1958–pres. P. Birtwhistle; amateur, Src P. Birtwhistle (65100)
Manolo Blasco 5 n.a. M. Blasco; (bio-it) M. Blasco
Adam Block (astrophotographer) 1 1973–pres. A. Block; (bio-it) A. Block (172525)
Andrea Boattini 296 1969–pres. A. Boattini; A. Boattini (8925)
Hermann Boehnhardt 1 n.a. H. Boehnhardt; H. Boehnhardt
Andreas Boeker 2 1964–2011 A. Boeker; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it),[2] A. Boeker (29483)
Michel Bœuf 12 n.a. M. Boeuf; (bio-it) M. Boeuf
Henri M. J. Boffin 11 n.a. H. Boffin; H. M. J. Boffin; H. Boffin
Alfred Bohrmann 9 1904–2000 A. Bohrmann; A. Bohrmann (1635)
Tom Boles 1 1944–pres.
T. Boles; amateur T. Boles (7648)
Dennis Borgman 1 1952–pres. D. Borgman; D. Borgman (95219)
Freimut Börngen 538 1930–pres. F. Börngen; F. Borngen (3859)
Alphonse Borrelly 18 1842–1926 A. Borrelly; A. Borrelly (1539)
Josep Maria Bosch 1 n.a.
J. M. Bosch; amateur, also see (266983) J. M. Bosch
Grégoire Bourban 2 n.a. G. Bourban; disc: MPC and MPC G. Bourban
Paul Bourgeois 1 1898–1974 P. Bourgeois; (bio-it) P. Bourgeois (1543)
Edward L. G. Bowell 571 1943–pres. E. Bowell; E. Bowell (2246)
Louis Boyer (astronomer) 40 1901–1999 L. Boyer; L. Boyer (1215)
Richard P. Boyle 3 1943–pres. R. P. Boyle; disc: MPC and MPC, Src R. P. Boyle (302849)
Joseph L. Brady 1 n.a. J. L. Brady; (bio-it) J. L. Brady
Nigel Brady (astronomer) 7 n.a. N. Brady; N. Brady
Steve Brady (astronomer) 2 n.a. S. Brady; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) S. Brady
Alexis Brandeker 4 1974–pres. A. Brandeker; A. Brandeker
Vanja Brcic 2 n.a. V. Brcic; (bio-it) V. Brcic
John Broughton 1180 1952–pres. J. Broughton; amateur J. Broughton (24105)
Jeffery A. Brown 1 n.a. J. A. Brown; Src J. A. Brown
Michael E. Brown 29 1965–pres. M. E. Brown; M. E. Brown (11714)
Ladislav Brožek 23 1952–pres. L. Brožek; L. Brozek
Jim Bruton 2 n.a. J. Bruton; James Bruton, disc: MPC and MPC, Src J. Bruton
Dan Bruton 5 1967–pres. W. D. Bruton; (bio-fr) W. D. Bruton
Jacobus Albertus Bruwer 4 1915–pres. J. A. Bruwer; (bio-it) J. A. Bruwer (1811)
Emil Buchar 1 1901–1979 E. Buchar; (bio-it) E. Buchar (3141)
Marc W. Buie 940 1958–pres. M. W. Buie; M. W. Buie (7553)
Christian Buil 5 n.a. C. Buil; amateur, (bio-fr) C. Buil (6820)
Geoffrey Burks 1 n.a. G. Burks; G. Burks
Matthew R. Burleigh 1 n.a. M. R. Burleigh; M. R. Burleigh
Bella A. Burnasheva 13 1944–pres. B. A. Burnasheva; B. A. Burnasheva (4427)
Robert Burnham Jr. 1 1931–1993 R. Burnham; R. Burnham (3467)
Joseph A. Burns 1 1941–pres. J. A. Burns; J. A. Burns (2708)
Schelte J. Bus 1683 1956–pres. S. J. Bus; S. J. Bus (3254)
Matthias Busch 13 1968–pres. M. Busch; amateur Src and Src M. Busch (7687)
Philippe Buttani 1 1966–pres. P. Buttani; amateur, (bio-fr) P. Buttani (18167)
Luca Buzzi 7 1982–pres. L. Buzzi; amateur, (bio-it) L. Buzzi (6517)
Rodolfo Calanca 1 n.a. R. Calanca; (bio-it) R. Calanca
R. Campbell (astronomer) 1 n.a. R. Campbell; (545933), (obs.697) R. Campbell
Michael P. Candy 3 1928–1994 M. P. Candy; (bio-it) M. P. Candy (3015)
Albino Carbognani 1 n.a. A. Carbognani; A. Carbognani
Luigi Carnera 16 1875–1962 L. Carnera; L. Carnera (39653)
Don W. Carona 1 n.a. D. W. Carona; D. W. Carona
Alfredo Caronia 4 n.a. A. Caronia; (bio-it) A. Caronia
Rafael Carrasco Garrorena 1 1902–1981 R. Carrasco; (bio-it), unrelated to 4171 R. Carrasco
Uri Carsenty 1 1949–pres. U. Carsenty; (bio-fr) U. Carsenty (13333)
Claudio Casacci 8 1958–pres. C. Casacci; C. Casacci (4814)
James Len Casady 3 n.a. L. Casady; L. Casady
Ferrán Casarramona 2 n.a. F. Casarramona; (bio-it) F. Casarramona
Ricard Casas (astronomer) 2 n.a. R. Casas; (bio-it) R. Casas
Flavio Castellani 6 n.a. F. Castellani; (bio-it) F. Castellani
Vincenzo Silvano Casulli 194 1944–pres. V. S. Casulli; amateur V. S. Casulli (7132)
Gabriele Cattani 18 n.a. G. Cattani; G. Cattani
Cyril Cavadore 4 1969–pres. C. Cavadore; (bio-it) C. Cavadore (9811)
Marco Cavagna 19 1958–2005 M. Cavagna; amateur M. Cavagna (10149)
G. Cavalletti 1 n.a. G. Cavalletti; G. Cavalletti
Anthony J. Cecce 18 n.a. A. J. Cecce; (bio-fr) A. J. Cecce
Vasco Cecchini 2 1932–pres. V. Cecchini; amateur, (bio-it) V. Cecchini (13798)
Edvardas Černis 1 n.a. E. Černis; E. Cernis
Kazimieras Černis 126 1958–pres. K. Černis; K. Cernis
Vincenzo Cerulli 1 1859–1927 V. Cerulli; disc: MPC V. Cerulli (31028)
Carlos Ulrrico Cesco 19 19XX–1987 C. U. Cesco; C. U. Cesco (1571)
Mario R. Cesco 6 n.a. M. R. Cesco; son of C. U. Cesco, (bio-it) M. R. Cesco
Brian C. Chaboyer 1 n.a. B. Chaboyer; IAU B. Chaboyer
Jean Chacornac 6 1823–1873 J. Chacornac; J. Chacornac (1622)
Marcus Tristan Chamberlin 2 n.a. M. T. Chamberlin; disc: MPC, unrelated to 9250 M. T. Chamberlin
Zhang Jiaxiang 1 1932–2019 C.-H. Chang; C.-H. Chang (4760)
Man-Ti Chang 5 n.a. M.-T. Chang; M.-T. Chang
Zhāng Yùzhé 1 1902–1986 Y. C. Chang; Y. C. Chang (2051)
Auguste Charlois 99 1864–1910 A. Charlois; A. Charlois (1510)
Robin Chassagne 1 1962–pres. R. Chassagne; (bio-it) R. Chassagne (15037)
Robert Chemin 1 n.a. R. Chemin; (bio-it) R. Chemin (3913)
Jun Chen (astronomer) 11 n.a.
J. Chen; J. Chen
Tao Chen (astronomer) 3 1980–pres. T. Chen; disc: MPC, Chen Tao, 陈韬 (天文学家) (bio-it), (bio-zh) T. Chen (19873)
Lyudmila Chernykh 267 1935–2017
L. I. Chernykh; Ludmila I. Chernykh L. I. Chernykh (2325)
Nikolai Chernykh 537 1931–2004
N. S. Chernykh; Nikolai Stepanovich Chernykh N. S. Chernykh (2325)
Dennis K. Chesney 38 n.a. D. K. Chesney; D. K. Chesney
Dmitry Chestnov 19 n.a. D. Chestnov; Dmitrij Nikolaevič Čestnov D. Chestnov; D. N. Chestnov
Eugene Chiang 1 1973–pres. E. Chiang; (bio-it) E. Chiang
Paolo Chiavenna 15 n.a. P. Chiavenna; P. Chiavenna
Jack B. Child 13 1951–pres. J. B. Child; (bio-fr) J. B. Child (4580)
K.-J. Choo 1 n.a. K.-J. Choo; K.-J. Choo
Per Rex Christensen 1 n.a. P. R. Christensen; (bio-it) P. R. Christensen
Bernard Christophe 86 n.a. B. Christophe; amateur, (bio-fr) B. Christophe
Joseph Churms 2 1926–1994 J. Churms; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) J. Churms
Jacqueline Ciffréo 1 n.a. J. Ciffréo; disc: 108P/Ciffréo; (fr) J. Ciffreo
James L. Clem 1 n.a. J. L. Clem; CV J. L. Clem
Roy Clingan 60 1950–pres. R. Clingan; amateur, (bio-it) R. Clingan (33747)
Edwin Foster Coddington 3 1870–1950 E. F. Coddington; E. F. Coddington
S. Cofré 11 n.a. S. Cofré; S. Cofre
Jérôme Eugène Coggia 5 1849–1919 J. Coggia; J. Coggia
Seth M. Cohen 1 n.a. S. Cohen; unrelated to MPC S. Cohen
Robert Francis Coker 4 n.a. R. Coker; (bio-it) R. Coker
François Colas 1 1959–pres. F. Colas; (bio-it) F. Colas (9553)
Simon Collander-Brown 2 n.a. S. Collander-Brown; disc: MPC, Src S. Collander-Brown
Matthew Collier (astronomer) 2 n.a. M. Collier; disc: MPC, unrelated to MPC, (bio-fr) M. Collier
Michael Collins (astronomer) 50 n.a. M. Collins; Myke Collins, unrelated to MPC, (bio-fr) M. Collins
Ermes Colombini 4 1956–pres. E. Colombini; amateur, mentioned: MPC E. Colombini (7030)
Enrico Colzani 1 n.a. E. Colzani; amateur, (bio-it) E. Colzani
Josep Comas i Solà 11 1868–1937 J. Comas i Solà; J. Comas Sola (1102), (1655)
Paul G. Comba 690 1926–2017
P. G. Comba; amateur P. G. Comba (7636)
Martin Connors 1 1954–pres. M. Connors; M. Connors (13700)
Walter R. Cooney Jr. 47 1962–pres. W. R. Cooney Jr.; amateur W. R. Cooney Jr. (35365)
Pablo Cottenot 1 n.a. P. Cottenot; disc: MPC P. Cottenot
Fernand Courty 2 1862–1921 F. Courty; disc: MPC and MPC F. Courty
Philip Herbert Cowell 1 1870–1949 P. H. Cowell; P. H. Cowell (1898)
Greg Crawford 3 n.a. G. Crawford; at Bagnall Beach Observatory, unrelated to 7327 G. Crawford
Lucy D. Crespo da Silva 1 1978–2000 L. Crespo da Silva; Lucy d'Escoffier Crespo da Silva, (bio-it) L. Crespo da Silva (96747)
Kiyoshi Kurosu 2 1965–pres. K. Cross; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) K. Cross
Alex Cruz (astronomer) 2 n.a. A. Cruz; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC, unrelated to 21502, (bio-it) A. Cruz
Balázs Csák 2 1979–pres. B. Csák; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) B. Csak
Steve Cullen 1 n.a. S. Cullen; LightBuckets S. Cullen
Leland E. Cunningham 4 1904–1989 L. E. Cunningham; Leland Erskin Cunningham L. E. Cunningham (1754)
Heber Doust Curtis 1 1872–1942 H. D. Curtis; unrelated to 3621 H. D. Curtis
Karl F. J. Cwach 1 n.a. K. F. J. Cwach; amateur, (bio-it) K. F. J. Cwach
Germano D'Abramo 3 1973–pres. G. D'Abramo; G. D'Abramo (16154)
Heinrich Louis d'Arrest 1 1822–1875 H. d'Arrest; disc: MPC H. d'Arrest (9133)
Ivano Dal Prete 1 n.a. I. Dal Prete; amateur, (bio-it) I. Dal Prete
Nichole M. Danzl 6 n.a. N. Danzl; (bio-it) N. Danzl (10720)
Juliet C. Datson 1 1980–pres. J. C. Datson; Juliet Clare Datson, assumed GER nat' J. C. Datson (202736)
E.-M. David 1 n.a. E.-M. David; E.-M. David
Donald R. Davis 1 n.a. D. Davis; D. Davis (3638)
Richard G. Davis 4 n.a. R. G. Davis; (bio-fr) R. G. Davis
Matt Dawson (astronomer) 6 1959–pres. M. Dawson; amateur, Src M. Dawson (13750)
Leo Anton Karl de Ball 1 1853–1916
K. de Ball; disc: MPC K. de Ball
Peter De Cat 18 n.a. P. De Cat; (bio-it) P. De Cat
Annibale de Gasparis 9 1819–1892 A. de Gasparis; A. de Gasparis (4279)
David R. De Graff 2 n.a. D. R. De Graff; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) D. R. DeGraff
Miguel de Pascual Martínez 1 n.a. M. de Pascual; disc: MPC, (bio-it) M. de Pascual
José De Queiroz 3 1954–pres. J. De Queiroz; amateur J. De Queiroz
Charles P. de Saint-Aignan 12 1977–pres.
C. P. de Saint-Aignan; C. P. de Saint-Aignan (5995)
Giovanni de Sanctis 42 1949–pres. G. DeSanctis; G. De Sanctis (3268)
James A. DeYoung 1 n.a. J. DeYoung; USNO-astronomer,Src (bio-it) J. DeYoung
Henri Debehogne 742 1928–2007 H. Debehogne; H. Debehogne (2359)
Catherine E. Delahodde 1 1974–pres. C. E. Delahodde; C. E. Delahodde (15008)
Joseph A. Dellinger 78 1961–pres. J. Dellinger; amateur, (bio-it) J. Dellinger (78392)
Eugène Joseph Delporte 66 1882–1955 E. Delporte; E. Delporte (1274)
Audrey C. Delsanti 2 1976–pres. A. C. Delsanti; disc: MPC and MPC. Src A. C. Delsanti; A. Dalsanti
Christophe Demeautis 9 n.a. C. Demeautis; amateur, (bio-fr) C. Demeautis (14141)
Alíz Derekas 3 1977–pres. A. Derekas; (bio-it) A. Derekas
Alexander Nikolaevich Deutsch 1 1901–1986
A. Deutsch; Aleksandr Nikolaevič Dejč, disc: MPC A. Deutsch
Harlan Devore 1 n.a. H. Devore; (bio-it) H. Devore
Dennis di Cicco 60 1950–pres. D. di Cicco; D. di Cicco (3841)
Aldo Di Clemente 1 1948–pres. A. Di Clemente; amateur A. Di Clemente (91214)
Andrea Di Paola 12 1970–pres. A. Di Paola; A. Di Paola; A. D. Paola (27130)
Mario Di Sora 5 1961–pres. M. Di Sora; amateur, (bio-it) M. Di Sora; M. DiSora (21999)
Wilhelm Dieckvoß 2 1908–1982 W. Dieckvoß; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-de) W. Dieckvoss (1706)
Elizabeth R. Dillon 1 n.a. E. R. Dillon; amateur, (bio-it) E. R. Dillon (78393)
William G. Dillon 53 1957–pres. W. G. Dillon; (bio-it) W. G. Dillon (78393)
Alessandro Dimai 1 1962–pres. A. Dimai; amateur, (bio-it) A. Dimai (25276)
David S. Dixon 25 1947–pres. D. S. Dixon; amateur, at Jornada Observatory (715), (bio-it) D. S. Dixon (51741)
Petar Đurković 2 1908–1981 P. Đurković; see DMP P. Djurkovic
Jerzy Dobrzycki 1 1927–2004 J. Dobrzycki; disc: MPC, (bio-it) J. Dobrzycki
Fabio Dolfi 3 1966–pres. F. Dolfi; amateur F. Dolfi (26177)
Sauro Donati 22 1959–pres. S. Donati; amateur, (bio-it) S. Donati (69977)
Alain Doressoundiram 2 1968–pres. A. Doressoundiram; (bio-fr) A. Doressoundiram (7456)
François Dossin 5 1927–1998 F. Dossin; (bio-fr) F. Dossin
Luiz Duczmal 2 n.a. L. Duczmal; Luiz Henrique Duczmal, disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) L. Duczmal
Raymond Smith Dugan 16 1878–1940 R. S. Dugan; R. S. Dugan (2772)
R. Scott Dunbar 10 n.a. R. S. Dunbar; Roy Scott Dunbar, (bio-it) R. S. Dunbar; S. Dunbar (3718)
A. Dunn 1 n.a. A. Dunn; inferred, unrelated to MPC A. Dunn
Philippe Dupouy 2 1952–pres. P. Dupouy; amateur, (bio-it) P. Dupouy (214485)
Douglas Tybor Durig 50 1961–pres. D. T. Durig; (bio-it) D. T. Durig
Chris F. Durman 1 n.a. C. F. Durman; (bio-it), discovery with Bev M. Ewen-Smith C. F. Durman
Marino Dusić 2 n.a. M. Dusić; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-de) M. Dusic
Ron Dyvig 16 n.a. R. Dyvig; (bio-it) R. Dyvig
Max Eastman (astronomer) 9 n.a. M. Eastman; amateur, (735), Src M. Eastman
J. Edmonds 1 n.a. J. Edmonds; inferred J. Edmonds
Ilgmārs Eglītis 15 1951–pres. I. Eglītis; (bio-fr) I. Eglitis (320153)
Norbert Ehring 5 1937–pres. N. Ehring; amateur, (bio-de),[2] N. Ehring
Leonid Elenin 29 1981–pres. L. Elenin; amateur L. Elenin
James L. Elliot 7 1943–2011 J. L. Elliot; J. L. Elliot (3193)
Eric Walter Elst 3869 1936–pres. E. W. Elst; E. W. Elst; E. Elst (3936)
Gary P. Emerson (astronomer) 1 n.a. G. Emerson; (bio-it), unrelated to 8225 G. Emerson
Mark Emmerich 2 1967–pres. M. Emmerich; amateur,[2] Guidestar (A17), disc: MPC and MPC with Sven Melchert M. Emmerich
Kin Endate 624 1960–pres. K. Endate; amateur K. Endate (4282)
Emil Ernst 1 1889–1942 E. Ernst; (bio-de) E. Ernst
Gilbert A. Esquerdo 2 1976–pres. G. A. Esquerdo; disc: MPC and MPC G. A. Esquerdo (14026)
N. Wyn Evans 1 n.a. W. Evans; Src, unrelated to 3032 W. Evans
Bev M. Ewen-Smith 1 n.a. B. M. Ewen-Smith; (bio-it), co-discovery with Chris F. Durman B. M. Ewen-Smith
Giancarlo Fagioli 22 1940–pres. G. Fagioli; amateur, (bio-it) G. Fagioli (27959)
Norman Falla 9 n.a N. Falla; amateur, (bio-it), Src N. Falla
Anikó Farkas–Takács 1 n.a. A. Farkas; (546025), Src A. Farkas
Tony L. Farnham 3 1964–pres. T. L. Farnham; disc: MPC, MPC and MPC T. L. Farnham (16946)
K. L. Faul 1 n.a. K. L. Faul; inferred K. L. Faul
Gina Fedon 3 n.a.
G. Fedon; (bio-it) G. Fedon
James Ferguson (American astronomer) 3 1797–1867 J. Ferguson; USNO-astronomer,Src J. Ferguson (1745)
M. Ferrando 13 n.a. M. Ferrando; co-discoverer with R. Ferrando M. Ferrando
Rafael Ferrando 206 1966–pres. R. Ferrando; R. Ferrando (161545)
Walter Ferreri 15 1948–pres. W. Ferreri; W. Ferreri (3308)
Mario A. Ferrero 2 1904–1965 M. Ferrero; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) M. Ferrero (7684)
Ignacio Ramón Ferrín Vázquez 12 1943–pres. I. R. Ferrín; (bio-it) I. R. Ferrin; I. Ferrin
Martin Fiedler 5 1978–pres. M. Fiedler; amateur, (bio-de) M. Fiedler
Greg Fisch 1 n.a. G. Fisch; (bio-it) G. Fisch
Alan Fitzsimmons 16 n.a. A. Fitzsimmons; (bio-it); (HP and Src) A. Fitzsimmons (4985)
Ellen Fletcher 1 n.a. E. Fletcher; inferred Src E. Fletcher
Hans Jørn Fogh Olsen 4 1943–pres. H. J. Fogh Olsen; (bio-it) H. J. Fogh Olsen (5323)
Sergio Foglia 2 1972–pres. S. Foglia; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC, related: (197P/LINEAR-it) S. Foglia (13147)
Wilhelm Julius Foerster 1 1832–1921 W. Förster; Wilhelm Foerster, MPC-typo: Forster W. Forster (6771)
Peter Forshay 1 n.a. P. Forshay; inferred; data analyst, at CFHT; co-discoverer #M. Micheli: Src P. Forshay
Giuseppe Forti 49 1939–2007 G. Forti; Beppe Forti, at Arcetri Observatory G. Forti (6876)
Filip Fratev 23 1974-pres. F. Fratev; founder (A79) F. Fratev
Richard Fredrick 1 1953–pres. R. Fredrick; amateur R. Fredrick (41943)
T. F. Fric 1 n.a. T. F. Fric; inferred, co-discovery with R. J. Gilbrech T. F. Fric
Royal Harwood Frost 1 1879–1950 R. H. Frost; disc: MPC R. H. Frost
Hiroshi Fujii 2 n.a. H. Fujii; wrong person? H. Fujii
Tetsuya Fujii 22 1960–pres. T. Fujii; amateur T. Fujii (4343)
Yasuhide Fujita 3 1961–pres. Y. Fujita; amateur, Kuma Kogen Astronomical Observatory Y. Fujita (11974)
Hideo Fukushima 2 1953–pres. H. Fukushima; (bio-it) H. Fukushima (6345)
Gábor Fűrész 1 1978–pres. G. Fűrész; (bio-it) G. Furesz
Toshimasa Furuta 82 n.a. T. Furuta; T. Furuta
Fumihiko Futaba 2 n.a. F. Futaba; inferred; disc: MPC and MPC F. Futaba
Marissa Gahran 2 n.a. M. Gahran; disc MPC and MPC (bio-it) M. Gahran
Steven L. Gaiser 1 n.a. S. L. Gaiser; inferred S. L. Gaiser
Štefan Gajdoš 13 1959–pres. Š. Gajdoš; (bio-it) S. Gajdos (213636)
Avishay Gal-Yam 1 1970–pres. A. Gal-Yam; (bio-it) A. Gal-Yam
Adrián Galád 80 n.a. A. Galád; A. Galad (32008)
Emanuela Galliani 1 n.a. E. Galliani; amateur, (bio-it) E. Galliani
Paul Garossino 12 1953–pres. P. Garossino; Paul G. A. Garossino P. Garossino; P. G. A. Garossino (78394)
Gordon J. Garradd 31 1959–pres. G. J. Garradd; Gordon John Garradd, amateur G. J. Garradd (5066)
Antonio Garrigós-Sánchez 1 1961–pres. A. Garrigós-Sánchez; amateur, (B37), Src and Src A. Garrigos
Romain Gauderon 4 n.a. R. Gauderon; (bio-it), co-discoveries with R. Behrend R. Gauderon
Michael Geffert 5 1953–pres. M. Geffert; (bio-de), Src, Src, Src, not to be confused with Martin Geffert M. Geffert (12747)
Tom Gehrels 4661 1925–2011
T. Gehrels; T. Gehrels (1777)
Oleg Geraščenko 1 n.a. O. Geraščenko; Oleg Gerashchenko, (bio-it) O. Gerashchenko
Vladimir Gerke 1 n.a. V. Gerke; amateur, Src V. Gerke
Herta Gessner 1 n.a. H. Gessner; (bio-it) H. Gessner
Pierangelo Ghezzi 18 n.a. P. Ghezzi; amateur, (bio-it) P. Ghezzi
Alex R. Gibbs 1 1967–pres. A. R. Gibbs; with Catalina Sky Survey, discoverer of comets, disc: MPC, (bio-it) A. R. Gibbs (14220)
James B. Gibson (astronomer) 27 n.a. J. Gibson; (bio-it) J. Gibson (2742)
Henry L. Giclas 17 1910–2007 H. L. Giclas; H. L. Giclas (1741)
Richard Gierlinger 38 1967–pres. R. Gierlinger; amateur at (B21), (bio-it) R. Gierlinger (136367)
Richard J. Gilbrech 1 n.a. R. J. Gilbrech; inferred, co-discovery with T. F. Fric R. J. Gilbrech
Alan C. Gilmore 42 n.a. A. C. Gilmore; A. C. Gilmore (2537)
Valter Giuliani 22 1960–pres. V. Giuliani; (bio-it) V. Giuliani
Brett J. Gladman 20 1966–pres. B. Gladman; B. Gladman (7638)
Mitch Glaze 1 n.a. M. Glaze; inferred, amateur, at (649) M. Glaze
Arianna E. Gleason 5 1980–pres. A. Gleason; A. Gleason (10639)
Tom Glinos 16 1960–pres. T. Glinos; amateur, (bio-it) T. Glinos (7124)
Hermann Goldschmidt 14 1802–1866
H. Goldschmidt; amateur H. Goldschmidt (1614)
David B. Goldstein (astronomer) 1 n.a. D. B. Goldstein; unrelated to MPC, (bio-it) D. B. Goldstein
Josep Juliá Gómez Donet 1 n.a. J. J. Gomez; (bio-it) J. J. Gomez (90140)
François Gonnessiat 2 1856–1934 F. Gonnessiat; F. Gonnessiat (1177)
Luis E. González 2 n.a. L. E. González; Luis Eduardo González, disc: MPC, MPC, and C/1981 M1, Img, (bio-it) L. E. Gonzalez
Vittorio Goretti 32 1939–2016 V. Goretti; Src V. Goretti (7801)
Paul Götz 20 1883–1962 P. Götz; Max Wolf's assistant P. Gotz (2278)
Andrew Graham (astronomer) 1 1815–1908 A. Graham; disc: MPC A. Graham
Albert D. Grauer 4 1942–pres. A. D. Grauer; (bio-it) A. D. Grauer (18871)
Tommy Grav 4 1973–pres. T. Grav; (bio-de) T. Grav (12309)
Mauro Graziani 2 n.a. M. Graziani; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC, co-discoverer w/ F. Tozzi, (bio-it) M. Graziani
Robert Greimel 1 n.a. R. Greimel; inferred, Src R. Greimel
Dave Grennan 2 n.a. D. Grennan; disc: MPC, HP, chng Dave to David Grennan D. Grennan
Markus Griesser (astronomer) 10 1949–pres. M. Griesser; amateur, Eschenberg Observatory, (bio-de) M. Griesser (11547)
Ian P. Griffin 26 1958–pres. I. P. Griffin; (bio-de) I. P. Griffin
A. Grigsby 2 n.a. A. Grigsby; inferred, disc: MPC and MPC A. Grigsby
John Gross (astronomer) 7 1959–pres. J. Gross; amateur J. Gross (33800)
Arie William Grossman 1 n.a. A. Grossman; unrelated to MPC, (bio-it) A. Grossman
Gavril Grueff 1 n.a. G. Grueff; (bio-it) G. Grueff
C. Gualdoni 1 n.a. C. Gualdoni; C. Gualdoni
Joan Guarro i Fló 5 n.a.
J. Guarro i Fló; (bio-it) J. Guarro
Daria Guidetti 2 n.a. D. Guidetti; D. Guidetti
Ernesto Guido 6 1977–pres. E. Guido; E. Guido (120361)
Amanda Sickafoose Gulbis 2 n.a. A. Gulbis; disc: MPC (parents) and MPC A. Gulbis
Cynthia Gustava 3 n.a. C. Gustava; (bio-it) C. Gustava
Knut Anton Walter Gyllenberg 1 1886–1952 K. Gyllenberg; (bio-it) K. Gyllenberg
Bernhard Häusler 1 1958–pres. B. Häusler; amateur, Src B. Haeusler
Olivier R. Hainaut 2 1966–pres. O. R. Hainaut; O. R. Hainaut (14972)
Mark Hammergren 2 1964–pres. M. Hammergren; (bio-it) M. Hammergren (7917)
Terry Handley 7 1952–2015 T. Handley; amateur T. Handley (16695)
A. T. Hansen 1 n.a. A. T. Hansen; Src A. T. Hansen
Leif Hansen (astronomer) 1 n.a. L. Hansen; (bio-it) L. Hansen
M. W. Hansen 1 n.a. M. W. Hansen; inferred M. W. Hansen
Karl Ludwig Harding 1 1765–1843 K. Harding; disc: MPC K. Harding (2003)
Eugene A. Harlan 2 1921–2014 E. A. Harlan; (bio-it) E. A. Harlan
Malcolm Hartley 3 1947–pres.
M. Hartley; cometary discoveries, Siding Spring, UK Schmidt Telescope M. Hartley (4768)
Johannes Franz Hartmann 3 1865–1936 J. Hartmann; unrelated to MPC J. Hartmann
Takashi Hasegawa 1 n.a. T. Hasegawa; unrelated to MPC T. Hasegawa
Nariyasu Hashimoto 1 n.a. N. Hashimoto; co-discoverer with #T. Sakamoto N. Hashimoto
Shuji Hayakawa 41 1958–pres. S. Hayakawa; Syuji Hayakawa, (bio-it) S. Hayakawa (4647)
David Healy (astronomer) 217 1936–2011 D. Healy; D. Healy (66479)
Zsuzsanna Heiner 14 1949–pres. Z. Heiner; (bio-it) Z. Heiner
Joseph Helffrich 13 1890–1971 J. Helffrich; J. Helffrich (2290)
Eleanor F. Helin 903 1932–2009 E. F. Helin; E. F. Helin (3267)
Stephan Hellmich 1 n.a. S. Hellmich; DLR–Asteroids and Comets, Src, Img S. Hellmich
Karl Ludwig Hencke 2 1793–1866 K. L. Hencke; K. L. Hencke (2005)
Arne Henden 1 1950–pres. A. Henden; A. Henden (33529)
Prosper-Mathieu Henry 7 1849–1903 P. M. Henry; P. M. Henry
Paul-Pierre Henry 7 1848–1905 P. P. Henry; P. P. Henry
David R. Herald 3 n.a. D. Herald; amateur D. Herald (3696)
Carl W. Hergenrother 33 1973–pres. C. W. Hergenrother; C. W. Hergenrother (3099)
Kenneth E. Herkenhoff 2 n.a. K. Herkenhoff; (bio-it) K. Herkenhoff
Ejnar Hertzsprung 2 1873–1967 E. Hertzsprung; E. Hertzsprung (1693)
Merrill Hess 2 1955–pres. M. Hess; amateur M. Hess (162158)
Michael Hibbs 1 n.a. M. Hibbs; Mike Hibbs, (545829), Tarleton State University Obs. (I43) M. Hibbs
David Higgins (astronomer) 1 1961–pres. D. Higgins; David J. Higgins; amateur, disc: MPC D. Higgins (33750)
Richard E. Hill 7 1949–pres. R. Hill; Richard Erik Hill, Richard Rik Hill, (bio-it), Src R. Hill (118945)
John Russell Hind 10 1823–1895 J. R. Hind; J. R. Hind (1897)
Tsutomu Hioki 56 n.a. T. Hioki; (bio-it) T. Hioki (5072)
Masanori Hirasawa 52 n.a. M. Hirasawa; M. Hirasawa
Joe Hobart 37 1944–pres. J. Hobart; chng to Joseph R. Hobart J. Hobart (4225)
Sebastian F. Hönig 568 1977–pres. S. F. Hönig; (bio-it), Src S. F. Hoenig (51983)
Cuno Hoffmeister 5 1892–1968 C. Hoffmeister; C. Hoffmeister (1726), (4183)
William Holliday (astronomer) 1 n.a. W. Holliday; inferred W. Holliday
Matthew J. Holman 11 1967–pres. M. J. Holman; M. J. Holman (3666)
Robert Holmes (astronomer) 27 1956–pres. R. Holmes; Robert E. Holmes Jr., amateur, Astronomical Research Inst. (H21) Src, (bio-it) R. Holmes (5477)
Henry E. Holt 690 1929–pres. H. E. Holt; H. E. Holt (4435)
Paulo R. Holvorcem 224 1967–pres. P. R. Holvorcem; Paulo Holvorcem P. R. Holvorcem; P. Holvorcem (13421)
Ulrich Hopp 1 n.a. U. Hopp; (bio-it) U. Hopp
H. Hori 3 n.a. H. Hori; disc: MPC, MPC and MPC.[3] H. Hori
Felix Hormuth 85 1975–pres. F. Hormuth; F. Hormuth (10660)
Kamil Hornoch 1 1972–pres. K. Hornoch; amateur K. Hornoch (14124)
Irwin K. Horowitz 1 n.a. I. Horowitz; (bio-it) I. Horowitz
Tara Houlden 1 n.a. T. Houlden; with Emily Ross T. Houlden
Léo Houziaux 3 1932–pres. L. Houziaux; (bio-fr) L. Houziaux (24945)
Meredith Howard 1 n.a. M. Howard; inferred, unrelated to MPC M. Howard
Ellen Howell 1 1961–pres. E. Howell Bus; former wife of S. J. Bus; discoverer of comet 88P/Howell; DMP; (bio-it); E. Howell Bus (2735)
Xiangyao Hsiao 13 n.a. X. Y. Hsiao; disc: MPC; grandfather 349785 X. Y. Hsiao; H.-Y. Hsiao
Edwin Hubble 1 1889–1953 E. Hubble; E. Hubble (2069)
John Huchra 1 1948–2010 J. Huchra; J. Huchra (4656)
Gary Hug 306 n.a. G. Hug; amateur G. Hug
Joseph Hunaerts 2 1912–1979 J. Hunaerts; Joseph J. Hunaerts, disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-fr) J. Hunaerts
Kiichirō Furukawa 92 1929–2016 K. Furukawa; MPC-typo: Hurukawa K. Hurukawa (3425)
Dieter Husar 1 1947–pres. D. Husar; (bio-it) D. Husar (211343)
Robert Hutsebaut 10 1941–pres. R. Hutsebaut; amateur, (bio-it) R. Hutsebaut (117572)
Giampiero Iatteri 1 1941–2004 G. Iatteri; amateur, (bio-it) G. Iatteri (29561)
Yasukazu Ikari 20 n.a. Y. Ikari; (bio-it) Y. Ikari
Kustaa Aadolf Inkeri 1 1908–1997 K. Inkeri; (bio-it), unrelated to MPC K. Inkeri
Shigeru Inoda 17 1955–2008 S. Inoda; amateur, (bio-de) S. Inoda (5484)
Masaru Inoue (astronomer) 12 n.a. M. Inoue; unrelated to 6637, (bio-it) M. Inoue
Sergei I. Ipatov 8 1952–pres. S. I. Ipatov; Sergij Ivanovič Ipatov, Sergueï Ivanovitch Ipatov, (bio-it) S. I. Ipatov; S. Ipatov (14360)
Michael J. Irwin 8 n.a. M. J. Irwin; unrelated to 3959, (bio-fr) M. J. Irwin; M. Irwin
Koichi Itagaki 3 1947–pres. K. Itagaki; amateur, (bio-it) K. Itagaki (14551)
Kazuyoshi Itō 1 n.a. K. Itō; K. Ito
Miguel Itzigsohn 15 18XX–1978 M. Itzigsohn; (bio-es) M. Itzigsohn (1596)
Nikolaj Ivanov (astronomer) 3 n.a. N. Ivanov; (alt. Nikolay Ivanov; Николай Иванов) unrelated to MPC, (bio-it) N. Ivanov
Violeta G. Ivanova 14 n.a. V. G. Ivanova; V. G. Ivanova; V. Ivanova (4365)
Jurij Mykolajovyč Ivaščenko 6 1961–pres. Y. Ivaščenko; Yuri Ivaščenko, disc: MPC, (bio-it) Y. Ivashchenko
Masayuki Iwamoto 6 1954–pres. M. Iwamoto; M. Iwamoto (4951)
Shun-ei Izumikawa 2 n.a. S. Izumikawa; S. Izumikawa
Gerhard Jackisch 1 n.a. G. Jackisch; (bio-it) G. Jackisch
Cyril Jackson (astronomer) 72 1903–1988
C. Jackson; C. Jackson (2193)
Cristóvão Jacques (astronomer) 6 n.a. C. Jacques; (bio-it) C. Jacques
Jost Jahn 4 1959–pres. J. Jahn; amateur, discovery of (471926) aka 2013 KN6 at (C95) SATINO Remote Obs.; Src; (bio-it) J. Jahn (10340)
Quentin Jamieson 3 n.a. Q. Jamieson; Q. Jamieson
Hamilton M. Jeffers 1 1893–1976 H. M. Jeffers; Hamilton Moore Jeffers H. M. Jeffers (1934)
Peter Jekabsons 2 1943–1990 P. Jekabsons; amateur, (bio-it) P. Jekabsons (3188)
Benjamin Jekhowsky 12 1881–1975
B. Jekhovsky; B. Jekhovsky (1606)
Kåre S. Jensen 1 n.a. K. S. Jensen; (bio-it) K. S. Jensen
Poul Jensen (astronomer) 98 n.a. P. Jensen; at Brorfelde Observatory P. Jensen (5900)
Young-Beom Jeon 43 n.a. Y.-B. Jeon; Y.-B. Jeon
David C. Jewitt 52 1958–pres. D. C. Jewitt; D. C. Jewitt; D. J. Jewitt (6434)
Zhang-Wei Jin 2 n.a. Z.-W. Jin; Jin Zhangwei, inferred, first disc: (263906), (bio-it) Z.-W. Jin; Z. Jin
Ernest Leonard Johnson 18 18xx–1977 E. L. Johnson; E. L. Johnson
Michael L. Johnson 2 n.a. M. L. Johnson; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) M. L. Johnson
Gilbert R. Jones 5 n.a. G. R. Jones; inferred, disc: MPC G. R. Jones
Richard E. Jones 2 n.a. R. E. Jones; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) R. E. Jones
Amy B. Jordan (astronomer) 3 n.a. A. B. Jordan; A. B. Jordan
Charles W. Juels 475 1944–2009 C. W. Juels; amateur C. W. Juels (20135)
Mario Jurić 125 1979–pres. M. Jurić; M. Juric
Anlaug Amanda Kaas 1 n.a. A. A. Kaas; A. A. Kaas
Tetsuo Kagawa 115 1969–pres. T. Kagawa; at Gekko Observatory T. Kagawa (6665)
Franz Kaiser 21 1891–1962 F. Kaiser; Heidelberg astronomer F. Kaiser (3183)
Watari Kakei 3 1947–pres. W. Kakei; (bio-fr) W. Kakei
Dušan Kalmančok 7 1945–pres. D. Kalmančok; D. Kalmancok (29824)
Lars Kamél 2 1960–pres. L. Kamél; disc: MPC and MPC L. Kamel (4254)
Karl Walter Kamper 3 1941–1998 K. W. Kamper; (bio-it) K. W. Kamper
Kiyotaka Kanai 1 1951–pres. K. Kanai; amateur K. Kanai (26168)
Ethan Kandler 3 n.a. E. Kandler; (bio-it) E. Kandler
Jens Kandler 25 1973–pres. J. Kandler; (bio-de) J. Kandler; J. Kander (8861)
Hiroshi Kaneda 705 1953–pres. H. Kaneda; orbit computer H. Kaneda (4677)
Lyudmila Karachkina 130 1948–pres. L. G. Karachkina; L. G. Karachkina (8019)
Stefan Karge 53 1963–pres. S. Karge; amateur S. Karge (378917)
Ádám Kárpáti 2 n.a. Á. Kárpáti; disc: MPC and MPC, unrelated to MPC A. Karpati
Galina Ričardovna Kastel' 9 n.a.
G. R. Kastel'; ITA astronomer, (bio-it) G. R. Kastel' (3982)
John J. Kavelaars 8 1966–pres. J. J. Kavelaars; J. J. Kavelaars (154660)
Kōyō Kawanishi 13 1959–pres. K. Kawanishi; K. Kawanishi (5591)
Nobuhiro Kawasato 105 n.a. N. Kawasato; N. Kawasato (4910)
James Edward Keeler 2 1857–1900 J. E. Keeler; J. E. Keeler (2261)
János Kelemen 2 n.a. J. Kelemen; disc: MPC and MPC, Src, Src J. Kelemen
Susan D. Kern 12 1977–pres. S. D. Kern; Susan D. Benecchi (née Kern), at Space Telescope Science Institute, (bio-it) S. D. Kern (21458)
James W. Kessel 26 n.a. J. W. Kessel; J. W. Kessel
B. Khafizov 1 n.a. B. Khafizov; B. Khafizov
Pamela M. Kilmartin 41 n.a. P. M. Kilmartin; P. M. Kilmartin (3907)
Seung-Lee Kim 1 n.a. S.-L. Kim; inferred S.-L. Kim
Randolph L. Kirk 1 n.a. R. Kirk; (bio-it) R. Kirk
Karsten Kirsch 3 n.a. K. Kirsch; co-disc: MPC, MPC and MPC, (bio-it) K. Kirsch
László L. Kiss 51 1972–pres. L. Kiss; (bio-it) L. Kiss (113202)
Minoru Kizawa 12 1947–pres. M. Kizawa; M. Kizawa
Marcel Klein 3 1984–pres. M. Klein; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC, Src[2] M. Klein
Arnold Richard Klemola 16 1931–2019 A. R. Klemola; (bio-de) A. R. Klemola (1723)
Jan T. Kleyna 8 n.a. J. Kleyna; (bio-it) J. Kleyna
Rainer Kling 79 1952–pres. R. Kling; amateur, (bio-de) R. Kling (185639)
Alain Klotz 7 1947–pres. A. Klotz; amateur, (bio-fr) A. Klotz (10222)
Mary Ellen Knewston 1 n.a. M. Knewtson; (vs. Knewston), inferred, amateur M. Knewtson
Zoran Knežević (astronomer) 1 1949–pres. Z. Knežević; Z. Knezevic (3900)
André Knöfel 16 1963–pres. A. Knöfel; amateur, (bio-de) A. Knofel (16438)
Viktor Knorre 4 1840–1919
V. Knorre; Victor Karlovich Knorre V. Knorre (14339)
Jurō Kobayashi 2 1949–pres. J. Kobayashi; amateur, (bio-it) J. Kobayashi (6022)
Takao Kobayashi 2479 1961–pres. T. Kobayashi; T. Kobayashi (3500)
Michal Kočer 9 n.a. M. Kočer; disc: MPC, (bio-it) M. Kocer
Bernd Koch 3 1955–pres. B. Koch; amateur, (bio-it) B. Koch (191494)
Peter Kocher 94 1939–pres. P. Kocher; amateur, (bio-fr), HP P. Kocher (115950)
Michael König 2 1966–pres. M. König; amateur, disc: MPC, Src[2] M. Koenig
Luboš Kohoutek 76 1935–pres. L. Kohoutek; L. Kohoutek (1850)
Masahiro Koishikawa 19 1952–pres. M. Koishikawa; M. Koishikawa (6097)
Takuo Kojima 45 1955–pres. T. Kojima; amateur, (bio-it) T. Kojima (3644)
Ales Kolář 2 n.a. A. Kolář; disc: MPC and MPC, (differs from Jan Kolář MPC, MPC) A. Kolar
Eberhard Koldewey 2 1937–pres. E. Koldewey; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) E. Koldewey (11352)
Peter Kolény 35 n.a. P. Kolény; P. Koleny
Arthur König (astronomer) 1 1895–1969 A. König; son of Arthur Peter König, (bio-it) A. Konig (3815)
August Kopff 68 1882–1960 A. Kopff; A. Kopff (1631)
Korado Korlević 1295 1958–pres. K. Korlević; amateur K. Korlevic (10201)
Leonard Kornoš 37 1956–pres. L. Kornoš; (bio-it) L. Kornos (23899)
Stanislav Alexandrovich Korotkiy 2 1983–pres. S. Korotkiy; amateur, (bio-it) S. Korotkiy (231649)
Hiroki Kosai 93 1933–pres. H. Kosai; at Tokyo Astronomical Observatory H. Kosai (3370)
Alexander Kostin 1 n.a. A. Kostin; (Houston, TX, U.S.A.), comets A. Kostin
Georgiy U. Koval'chuk 2 n.a. G. Koval'chuk; disc: MPC and MPC G. Kovalchuk
Charles T. Kowal 22 1940–2011 C. T. Kowal; Charles Thomas Kowal C. T. Kowal
Richard Kowalski 11 1963–pres. R. A. Kowalski; disc: MPC R. A. Kowalski (7392)
Rainer Kracht 3 1948–pres. R. Kracht; amateur, HP, (bio-it) R. Kracht (234761)
Thilo Kranz 1 n.a. T. Kranz; Src T. Kranz
Rainer Kresken 13 n.a R. Kresken; disc: MPC R. Kresken
Mike Kretlow 8 1967–pres. M. Kretlow; (bio-it)[2] M. Kretlow (9938)
Charles J. Krieger 1 1898–pres. C. J. Krieger; Charles John Krieger, (bio-it) C. J. Krieger
A. Kriete 1 n.a. A. Kriete; inferred A. Kriete
Timur Valer'evič Krjačko 68 1970–pres. T. V. Kryachko; amateur, (bio-it) T. V. Kryachko; T. Kryachko (269589)
Marcin Kubiak 1 n.a. M. Kubiak; M. Kubiak
Jeremy Martin Kubica 22 n.a. J. Kubica; disc: MPC J. Kubica
Kazuo Kubokawa 1 1903–1943 K. Kubokawa; K. Kubokawa (6140)
François Kugel 367 1959–pres. F. Kugel; Observatoire Chante-Perdrix (A77) F. Kugel; C. R. F. Kugel (120375)
Zoltán Kuli 68 n.a. Z. Kuli; inferred, Src Z. Kuli
György Kulin 21 1905–1989 G. Kulin; G. Kulin (3019)
Pratibha Kumar 3 n.a. P. Kumar; wife of V. Reddy, disc: MPC, MPC and MPC, Src, Src P. Kumar
Nikolaj Efimovič Kuročkin 2 1923–2003 N. E. Kuročkin; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) N. E. Kurochkin
Hirohisa Kurosaki 2 1970–pres. H. Kurosaki; H. Kurosaki (23938)
Stefan Kürti 7 1960–pres. S. Kürti; amateur, Src S. Kurti (132798)
Lothar Kurtze 1 1972–pres. L. Kurtze; amateur,[2] L. Kurtze
Reiki Kushida 1 n.a. R. Kushida; amateur, wife of Y. Kushida, disc: MPC R. Kushida (5239)
Yoshio Kushida 56 1957–pres. Y. Kushida; amateur, husband of R. Kushida Y. Kushida (5605)
Michał Kusiak 8 1986–pres. M. Kusiak; Src M. Kusiak (376574)
Peter Kušnirák 292 1974–pres. P. Kušnirák; P. Kusnirak (17260)
Jaroslav Květoň 2 n.a.
J. Květoň; disc: MPC, (bio-it) J. Kveton
Andrzej Kwiek 1 n.a. A. Kwiek; disc: MPC, (bio-fr) A. Kwiek
Peter Kyrylenko 4 1987–pres. P. Kyrylenko; at Andrushivka Astronomical Observatory P. Kyrylenko (281459)
Juan Lacruz 61 n.a. J. Lacruz; (bio-it) J. Lacruz
Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist 146 1944–pres. C.-I. Lagerkvist; at Uppsala Astronomical Observatory C.-I. Lagerkvist; C. Lagerkvist (2875)
Joanny-Philippe Lagrula 1 1870–1941 J. Lagrula; disc: MPC J. Lagrula (1412)
Luciano Lai 13 1948–pres. L. Lai; (bio-it) L. Lai (11100)
Carl Otto Lampland 1 1873–1951 C. O. Lampland; disc: MPC C. O. Lampland (1767)
Werner Landgraf 7 1959–pres. W. Landgraf; W. Landgraf (3132)
Jeffrey A. Larsen 2 1967–pres. J. A. Larsen; (bio-fr) J. A. Larsen (7657)
Stephen M. Larson 2 n.a. S. M. Larson; (bio-fr) S. M. Larson (3690)
Tod Richard Lauer 1 1957–pres. T. Lauer; T. Lauer (3135)
Vygandas Laugalys 1 n.a. V. Laugalys; (bio-it) V. Laugalys
Marguerite Laugier 21 1896–1976 M. Laugier; M. Laugier (1597)
Joseph Jean Pierre Laurent 1 18XX–1900 J. J. P. Laurent; "J.J.P." vs "J.", disc: MPC, (bio-fr) J. J. P. Laurent (162)
Stephen P. Laurie 50 n.a. S. P. Laurie; amateur S. P. Laurie
Kenneth J. Lawrence 33 1964–pres. K. J. Lawrence; of Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey K. J. Lawrence (4969)
Susannah Lazar 1 1982–pres. S. Lazar; amateur, (bio-it) S. Lazar
Charles le Morvan 1 1865–1933 C. le Morvan; disc: MPC, (bio-fr) C. le Morvan
Carlos Leal (astronomer) 9 n.a. C. Leal; unrelated to 19426, (bio-fr) C. Leal
Byung-Chol Lee 37 n.a. B.-C. Lee; (bio-it) B.-C. Lee
L. Lee 1 n.a. L. Lee; inferred L. Lee
Tae-Hyung Lee 1 1964–pres. T. H. Lee; (bio-it) T. H. Lee
Jonathan P. Leech 1 n.a. J. P. Leech; inferred J. P. Leech
Gerhard Lehmann 22 1960–pres. G. Lehmann; amateur, (bio-de) G. Lehmann (8853)
Gregory J. Leonard 11 n.a. G. J. Leonard; (bio-it) G. J. Leonard
Otto Lesser 1 1830–1887 O. Lesser; disc: MPC O. Lesser
Ken Levin 5 1953–pres. K. Levin; physicist and amateur at BlackBird Obs. (H08) K. Levin (99862)
Stephen Levine (astronomer) 1 1965–pres. S. Levine; Stephen E. Levine S. Levine (19123)
David H. Levy 63 1948–pres. D. H. Levy; D. H. Levy; D. Levy (3673)
Wendee Levy 4 1948–pres. W. Levy; Wendee Esther Wallach Levy, wife of D. H. Levy, (bio-it) W. Levy (6485)
William Liller 2 1927–pres. W. Liller; W. Liller (3222)
Lin Qisheng (astronomer) 65 1964–pres. C.-S. Lin; a.k.a. Lin Chi-Sheng, (bio-it) C.-S. Lin; C. S. Lin (175451)
Hung-Chin Lin 82 n.a. H.-C. Lin; (林宏欽), H.-C. Lin
Robert Linderholm 26 1933–2013 R. Linderholm; R. Linderholm
Tim Lister (astronomer) 1 n.a. T. Lister; (544116); Las Cumbres Obs.; Src T. Lister
Karl Lohnert 4 1885–1944 K. Lohnert; Karl Julius Lohnert, (bio-it) K. Lohnert (11434)
A. Lokalov 1 n.a. A. Lokalov; disc: MPC A. Lokalov
Vladimir O. Lokot' 2 n.a. V. Lokot'; disc: MPC and MPC V. Lokot
Álvaro López-García 12 1941–pres. Á. López-G.; (bio-it) A. Lopez (4657)
Ángel López Jiménez 58 1955–pres. Á. López J.; (bio-it) A. Lopez
Jean-Marie Lopez 4 n.a. J.-M. Lopez; amateur J.-M. Lopez; J. M. Lopez
Joachim Lorenz 6 1955–pres. J. Lorenz; amateur, disc: MPC,[2] J. Lorenz
Wilhelm Lorenz (astronomer) 4 1886–1918 W. Lorenz; Karl Wilhelm Lorenz, (bio-it), (bio-de) W. Lorenz
Miklós Lovas 2 1931–pres. M. Lovas; at Konkoly Observatory, (bio-it) M. Lovas (73511)
Jessica Lovering 3 n.a. J. R. Lovering; Jessica R. Lovering, co-disc.: (542277) and (542433), CV J. R. Lovering
Andrew Lowe 508 1959–pres. A. Lowe; amateur, orbit computer, (bio-it), HP A. Lowe (4091)
Percival Lowell 1 1855–1916 P. Lowell; disc: MPC P. Lowell (1886)
Paul Luckas 2 1962–pres. P. Luckas; amateur, (bio-it) P. Luckas (131186)
Christian B. Luginbuhl 3 1955–pres. C. B. Luginbuhl; (bio-it) C. B. Luginbuhl (7393)
Kjell Lundgren 2 1950–pres. K. Lundgren; at Uppsala Astronomical Observatory K. Lundgren (11934)
Federica Luppi 1 n.a. F. Luppi; F. Luppi
Robert Luther 24 1822–1900 R. Luther; R. Luther (1303)
Jane Luu 39 1963–pres. J. X. Luu; J. X. Luu (5430)
Lucas M. Macri 1 1972–pres.
L. Macri; (bio-it) L. Macri
Hiroshi Maeno 7 n.a. H. Maeno; (bio-it) H. Maeno
John Mahony (astronomer) 9 n.a. J. Mahony; amateur, Src J. Mahony
Marie Mahrová 4 1947–pres.
M. Mahrová; (bio-it) M. Mahrova
Renu Malhotra 1 1961–pres.
R. Malhotra; R. Malhotra (6698)
Franco Mallia 15 1961–pres. F. Mallia; amateur, (bio-it) F. Mallia (21685)
Francesco Manca 26 1966–pres. F. Manca; amateur F. Manca (15460)
Jan Karel Mánek 1 1961–pres. J. Manek; amateur J. Manek (22697)
Brian G. W. Manning 19 1926–2011 B. G. W. Manning; amateur B. G. W. Manning (3698)
Massimiliano Mannucci 1 1970–pres. M. Mannucci; amateur, unrelated to MPC; (bio-it) M. Mannucci
José Manteca 13 n.a. J. Manteca; Pepe Manteca, (bio-it) J. Manteca
Ilan Manulis 1 1947–pres. I. Manulis; inferred I. Manulis (13615)
Frédéric Maréchal 2 1952–pres. F. Maréchal; amateur, (bio-it) F. Marechal
Wladimiro Marinello 3 n.a. W. Marinello; amateur, (bio-it) W. Marinello (229836)
Mark Scott Marley 1 n.a. M. S. Marley; (bio-it) M. S. Marley
Brian G. Marsden 1 1937–2010 B. G. Marsden; B. G. Marsden (1877)
Albert Marth 1 1828–1897 A. Marth; disc: MPC A. Marth
Axel Martin 3 1968–pres. A. Martin; amateur, (bio-it) A. Martin (15924)
Terry Martin (astronomer) 1 n.a. T. Martin; Src T. Martin
Carlos T. Martinez 5 n.a. C. T. Martinez; Src C. T. Martinez
Gianluca Masi 26 1972–pres. G. Masi; discoverer of variable stars G. Masi (21795)
Joseph Masiero 54 1982–pres. J. Masiero; J. Masiero (8255)
Egisto Masotti 3 1947–pres. E. Masotti; amateur, (bio-it) E. Masotti (22401)
Adam Massinger 7 1888–1914 A. Massinger; (bio-de) A. Massinger (760)
Giuseppe Massone 1 n.a. G. Massone; inferred G. Massone
Mary Alice Mathison 1 n.a. M. A. Mathison; inferred, (bio-it) M. A. Mathison
Stanislav Matičič 3 n.a. S. Matičič; inferred S. Maticic
Damir Matković 2 n.a. D. Matković; (bio-it) D. Matkovic
Robert D. Matson 188 1962–pres. R. Matson; Robert Matson, Rob Matson, (bio-it) R. Matson (73491)
Masanori Matsuyama 19 1950–pres. M. Matsuyama; amateur, Japanese: 松山正則, (bio-de) M. Matsuyama (4844)
Daniel Matter 5 1957–pres. D. Matter; amateur, (bio-it) D. Matter (59833)
Alain Maury 9 1958–pres. A. Maury; A. Maury (3780)
D. Mayes 1 n.a. D. Mayes; inferred D. Mayes
Emiliano Mazzoni 2 1953–pres. E. Mazzoni; amateur, (bio-it) E. Mazzoni (49469)
Michele Mazzucato 6 1962–pres. M. Mazzucato; Michele T. Mazzucato, (bio-it) M. Mazzucato (35461)
John V. McClusky 157 n.a. J. V. McClusky; J. V. McClusky
Billy D. McCormack 1 n.a. B. D. McCormack; B. D. McCormack
Jennie McCormick 1 n.a. J. McCormick; J. McCormick
Alric D. McDermott 1 n.a. A. D. McDermott; A. D. McDermott
David McDonald (astronomer) 2 1964–pres. D. McDonald; Dave McDonald, amateur D. McDonald (21782)
Stephen W. McDonald 1 n.a. S. McDonald; S. McDonald
James E. McGaha 6 1946–pres. J. McGaha; amateur, (bio-it) J. McGaha (10036)
P. McKenzie 1 n.a. P. McKenzie; inferred P. McKenzie
David McLeish (astronomer) 1 n.a. D. McLeish; (bio-it) D. McLeish
Robert H. McNaught 483 1956–pres.

R. H. McNaught; R. H. McNaught (3173)
Jeffrey S. Medkeff 10 1968–2008 J. Medkeff; J. Medkeff (41450)
Karen Jean Meech 3 1959–pres. K. J. Meech; K. J. Meech (4367)
Carol Neese 1 1958–pres. C. Neese; Carol Lynn Neese, MPC-typo: Meese C. Meese (9211)
Sven Melchert 2 1968–pres. S. Melchert; amateur,[2] Guidestar (A17), disc: MPC and MPC with Mark Emmerich S. Melchert
Philibert Jacques Melotte 1 1880–1961 P. Melotte; disc: MPC P. Melotte
J. Dave Mendenhall 1 n.a. J. D. Mendenhall; (bio-it) J. D. Mendenhall
Jean-Claude Merlin 66 1954–pres. J.-C. Merlin; (bio-fr) J.-C. Merlin (57658)
Szabolcs Mészáros 5 1981–pres. S. Mészáros; (bio-it) S. Meszaros
Joel Hastings Metcalf 41 1866–1925 J. H. Metcalf; J. H. Metcalf (726), (792)
Natal'ja Vital'evna Metlova 1 n.a. N. V. Metlova; (bio-it) N. V. Metlova
Michel Meunier 1 n.a. M. Meunier; amateur, (bio-it) M. Meunier
Erich Meyer 22 1951–pres. E. Meyer; amateur E. Meyer (7940)
Maik Meyer 16 1970–pres. M. Meyer; amateur, (bio-de), Src M. Meyer (52005)
J. Michaud 1 n.a. J. Michaud; inferred J. Michaud
Marco Micheli 14 1983–pres. M. Micheli; ESA/Pan-STARRS1 (news-it), (bio-it) M. Micheli (10277)
René Michelsen 5 n.a. R. Michelsen; R. Michelsen (10285)
Celina Mikolajczak 4 n.a. C. Mikolajczak; (bio-it) C. Mikolajczak
Blaž Mikuž 1 n.a. B. Mikuž; at Črni Vrh B. Mikuz
Herman Mikuž 23 n.a. H. Mikuž; at Črni Vrh, (bio-it) H. Mikuz
R. Miles 1 n.a. R. Miles; inferred R. Miles
Robert L. Millis 14 n.a. R. Millis; occultation, at Lowell Observatory, (bio-it), (bio-fr) R. Millis; R. L. Millis (2659)
Elia Millosevich 2 1848–1919 E. Millosevich; E. Millosevich (69961)
Matt Mills (astronomer) 1 n.a. M. Mills; inferred M. Mills
Rudolph Minkowski 1 1895–1976 R. Minkowski; R. Minkowski (11770)
Tetsuyasu Mitani 1 1927–2004 T. Mitani; disc: MPC, (bio-it) T. Mitani (3289)
Seidai Miyasaka 4 1955–pres. S. Miyasaka; S. Miyasaka (3555)
Takashi Mizuno (astronomer) 1 1955–pres. T. Mizuno; amateur, (bio-it) T. Mizuno (6392)
Yoshikane Mizuno 52 1954–pres. Y. Mizuno; at Kani Observatory Y. Mizuno (4541)
Marko Moilanen 1 n.a. M. Moilanen; (bio-it) M. Moilanen
Lawrence Alan Molnar 73 1959–pres. L. A. Molnar; (bio-it) L. A. Molnar (8245)
Jean Montanne 1 n.a. J. Montanne; (bio-it) J. Montanne
Nico Montigiani 1 n.a. N. Montigiani; (bio-it) N. Montigiani
Didier Morata 1 1954–pres. D. Morata; amateur, (bio-it) D. Morata (14643)
Stéphane Morata 1 1977–pres. S. Morata; amateur, (bio-it) S. Morata (14643)
Zdeněk Moravec 94 1968–pres. Z. Moravec; Z. Moravec
Hiroshi Mori (astronomer) 45 1958–pres. H. Mori; amateur, (bio-it) H. Mori (19190)
Nicholas Moskovitz 1 1981–pres. N. Moskovitz; N. Moskovitz (8254)
Patrick M. Motl 9 n.a. P. M. Motl; disc: MPC, (bio-it) P. M. Motl
Stefano Mottola 6 n.a. S. Mottola; (bio-it) S. Mottola; S. Motolla (5388)
Antonín Mrkos 274 1918–1996 A. Mrkos; at Kleť Observatory A. Mrkos (1832)
Jean Mueller 13 1950–pres. J. E. Mueller; at Second Palomar Sky Survey J. E. Mueller (4031)
Masaru Mukai 13 1949–pres. M. Mukai; unrelated to 4750 M. Mukai
Gustavo Muler 23 1967–pres.
G. Muler; G. Muler (458063)
John-Derral Mulholland 1 1934–2008 J.-D. Mulholland; (bio-it) J. D. Mulholland
Ulisse Munari 49 1960–pres. U. Munari; at the Astronomical Observatories of Padua and Asiago U. Munari (7599)
J. Muñoz 1 n.a. J. Muñoz; inferred, (Manteca-it) J. Munoz
Osamu Muramatsu 73 1949–pres. O. Muramatsu; O. Muramatsu (5606)
Juan Carlos Muzzio 2 1946–pres. J. C. Muzzio; at La Plata Institute of Astrophysics, (bio-it) J. C. Muzzio (6505)
Atsushi Nakajima (astronomer) 4 n.a. A. Nakajima; disc: MPC A. Nakajima
Akimasa Nakamura 112 1961–pres. A. Nakamura; at the Kuma Kogen Astronomical Observatory A. Nakamura (10633)
Tsuko Nakamura 3 1943–pres. T. Nakamura; (bio-it) T. Nakamura (6599)
Akio Nakanishi 2 1964–pres. A. Nakanishi; amateur A. Nakanishi (8702)
Orlando A. Naranjo 38 1951–pres. O. A. Naranjo; (bio-it) O. A. Naranjo
Michael Nassir 1 n.a. M. Nassir; M. Nassir
Akira Natori 32 1956–pres. A. Natori; at Nihondaira Observatory, (bio-it) A. Natori (5520)
Edgar Rangel Netto 8 n.a. E. R. Netto; at Valongo Observatory, (bio-de) E. R. Netto (3175)
Grigory Neujmin 74 1885–1946
G. N. Neujmin; G. N. Neujmin (1129)
Vitaly Nevsky 8 n.a. V. Nevski; Vitalij Nevskij, Vitaliy Nevskiy, amateur, (B42), image, Comet ISON V. Nevski
Phil Nicholson 1 n.a. P. Nicholson; P. Nicholson
Seth Barnes Nicholson 2 1891–1963 S. B. Nicholson; disc: MPC and MPC S. B. Nicholson (1831)
Tsuneo Niijima 32 1955–pres. T. Niijima; amateur T. Niijima (5507)
Kota Nishiyama 1 n.a. K. Nishiyama; Bisei Spaceguard Center K. Nishiyama
V. L. Nixon 1 n.a. V. L. Nixon; V. L. Nixon
Michael C. Nolan 1 1963–pres. M. C. Nolan; at Arecibo Observatory, (bio-it) M. C. Nolan (9537)
Jaume Nomen 55 1960–pres.
J. Nomen; at Observatorio Astronomico de Mallorca J. Nomen (56561)
Toshiro Nomura 13 1954–pres. T. Nomura; T. Nomura (6559)
Hans Ulrik Nørgaard-Nielsen 2 n.a. H. U. Nørgaard-Nielsen; disc: MPC, (bio-it) H. U. Norgaard-Nielsen
Artyom Novichonok 22 1982–pres. A. Novichonok; Comet ISON, Src A. Novichonok; A. O. Novichonok
Andrew J. Noymer 7 1971–pres. A. J. Noymer; (bio-it) A. J. Noymer (4956)
Donal O'Ceallaigh 3 n.a. D. O'Ceallaigh; Src D. O'Ceallaigh
Erwin Obermair 7 1946–2017 E. Obermair; amateur E. Obermair (9236)
Eran O. Ofek 1 n.a. E. O. Ofek; HP E. O. Ofek
Warren B. Offutt 18 1928–2017 W. Offutt; W. Offutt (7639)
Youhei Ohba 3 n.a. Y. Ohba; at ISAS Y. Ohba
Okuro Oikawa 8 1896–1980 O. Oikawa; O. Oikawa (2667)
Gregory Wayne Ojakangas 2 n.a. G. Ojakangas; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) G. Ojakangas
Arto Oksanen 1 n.a. A. Oksanen; amateur A. Oksanen
Tomimaru Okuni 130 1931–pres. T. Okuni; amateur T. Okuni (7769)
Heinrich Wilhelm Matthias Olbers 2 1758–1840 H. W. Olbers; H. W. Olbers (1002)
R. M. Olivera 1 n.a.
R. M. Olivera; amateur, also see § J. M. Bosch R. M. Olivera
C. Michelle Olmstead 46 1969–pres. C. M. Olmstead; at Lowell Observatory C. M. Olmstead (3287)
Andrey Oreshko 12 n.a. A. Oreshko; (also see Timur Kryachko and 2012 YQ1 A. Oreshko
Csilla Orgel 2 n.a. C. Orgel; inferred C. Orgel
José Luis Ortiz Moreno 1 1967–pres. J. L. Ortiz; disc: MPC, unofficial discoverer Haumea J. L. Ortiz (4436)
Michel Ory 210 1966–pres. M. Ory; amateur M. Ory (67979)
Yoshiaki Oshima 61 1952–pres. Y. Oshima; at Gekko Observatory Y. Oshima (5592)
Liisi Oterma 54 1915–2001 L. Oterma; at Turku Observatory L. Oterma (1529)
Satoru Otomo 148 1957–pres. S. Otomo; amateur S. Otomo (3911)
Rafael Pacheco 57 1954–pres. R. Pacheco; amateur R. Pacheco (25001)
Deborah Lynne Padgett 1 n.a. D. Padgett; inferred D. Padgett
Johann Palisa 122 1848–1925 J. Palisa; J. Palisa (914)
Ernesto Palomba 2 1967–pres. E. Palomba; disc: MPC and MPC E. Palomba (95951)
Amanda Papadimos 4 n.a. A. Papadimos; inferred A. Papadimos
Sensi Pastor 1 n.a. S. Pastor; La Murta Observatory (J76) S. Pastor
Praskov'ja Georgievna Parchomenko 2 1886–1970
P. Parchomenko; Praskoviya Georgievna Parchomenko, (bio-it) P. Parchomenko (1857)
Yun-Ho Park 2 n.a. Y.-H. Park; (bio-it) Y.-H. Park
Joel W. Parker 2 1962–pres. J. W. Parker; at Southwest Research Institute, inferred J. W. Parker (13751)
Q. A. Parker 1 n.a. Q. A. Parker; at Siding Spring Q. A. Parker
Alois Paroubek 1 n.a. A. Paroubek; (bio-it) A. Paroubek
André Patry 9 1902–1967 A. Patry; at Nice Observatory A. Patry (1601)
Thierry Pauwels 147 1957–pres. T. Pauwels; at Uccle Observatory T. Pauwels (12761)
Thomas Payer 4 1978–pres. T. Payer; amateur,[2] T. Payer
Fernando Pedichini 1 n.a. F. Pedichini; F. Pedichini
Jean-Claude Pelle 10 1942–pres. J.-C. Pelle; Jean Claude George Pelle, amateur, (bio-fr) J. C. Pelle (84011)
Randy Pepper 2 n.a. R. Pepper; amateur, Fort Bend Astronomy Club, (bio-it) R. Pepper
Zenón M. Pereyra 1 n.a. Z. Pereyra; disc: MPC, (bio-it) Z. Pereyra
Henri Joseph Anastase Perrotin 6 1845–1904 J. Perrotin; J. Perrotin (1515)
Christian Heinrich Friedrich Peters 48 1813–1890
C. H. F. Peters; C. H. F. Peters (100007)
George Henry Peters 3 1863–1947 G. H. Peters; USNO-astronomer,Src G. H. Peters
Jean-Marc Petit 7 1961–pres. J.-M. Petit; (bio-fr) J.-M. Petit; J. Petit (7740)
Holly Phaneuf 2 n.a. H. Phaneuf; amateur, (bio-it) H. Phaneuf
Jeffrey L. Phinney 4 1957–pres. J. Phinney; disc: MPC, MPC, MPC and MPC J. Phinney (46793)
Giuseppe Piazzi 1 1746–1826 G. Piazzi; disc: Ceres G. Piazzi (1000)
Paolo Pietrapiana 2 n.a. P. Pietrapriana; amateur, disc: MPC, (bio-it) P. Pietrapiana
Michael Pietschnig 3 n.a. M. Pietschnig; amateur, Src M. Pietschnig
Jana Pittichová 5 1972–pres. J. Pittichová; inferred J. Pittichova (20187)
Guido Pizarro (astronomer) 8 n.a. G. Pizarro; brother of Oscar Pizarro, at La Silla, (bio-it) G. Pizarro (4609)
Oscar Pizarro 1 n.a. O. Pizarro; brother of Guido Pizarro, (bio-it) O. Pizarro (4609)
Gianpaolo Pizzetti 4 1961–pres. G. P. Pizzetti; amateur, (bio-it) G. P. Pizzetti; G. Pizzetti (233559)
John Platt (computer scientist) 2 1963–pres. J. Platt; J. Platt
C. E. Plunkett 1 n.a. C. E. Plunkett; inferred C. E. Plunkett
G. A. Plyugin 7 1925–pres. G. A. Plyugin; Gurij Antonovič Pljugin, (bio-it) G. A. Plyugin
Regina Podstanická 1 1928–2000 R. Podstanická; (bio-it) R. Podstanicka
Norman Pogson 8 1829–1891 N. R. Pogson; Norman Robert Pogson N. R. Pogson (1830)
Radosław Poleski 1 n.a. R. Poleski; R. Poleski
David Polishook 13 1976–pres. D. Polishook; David L. Polishook, MIT and Tel Aviv University, (bio-it) D. Polishook (8464)
Isidre Pòlit 1 1880–1958
I. Pòlit; Isidre Pòlit i Boixareu, (bio-it) I. Polit (1708)
Christian Pollas 26 1947–pres. C. Pollas; at Côte d'Azur Observatory, (bio-fr) C. Pollas (4892)
Hejno Iogannović Potter 1 1929–2007 H. Potter; Kheino Potter, disc: MPC, (bio-it) H. Potter (7320)
Valentino Pozzoli 3 n.a. V. Pozzoli; inferred V. Pozzoli
Alexander Pravda 52 1961–pres. A. Pravda; (bio-it) A. Pravda (60972)
Petr Pravec 351 1967–pres. P. Pravec; P. Pravec (4790)
Donald P. Pray 3 1949–pres. D. P. Pray; at Carbuncle Hill Obs.Src and Sugarloaf Obs. Src, (bio-it) D. P. Pray (35364)
Milorad B. Protić 7 1911–2001 M. B. Protić; M. B. Protitch (22278)
Andrew W. Puckett 22 1977–pres. A. W. Puckett; Andrew Wayne Puckett A. W. Puckett (184011)
Ulisse Quadri 1 1953–pres. U. Quadri; amateur, (bio-it) U. Quadri (10200)
Herbert Raab 1 1969–pres. H. Raab; amateur, Src H. Raab (3184)
David L. Rabinowitz 34 1960–pres. D. L. Rabinowitz; D. L. Rabinowitz; D. Rabinowitz (5040)
Petar Radovan 1 n.a. P. Radovan; (bio-it) P. Radovan
Rajgopalan Rajamohan 6 n.a. R. Rajamohan; (bio-it) R. Rajamohan
Vishnu Vardhan Reddy 23 1978–pres. V. Reddy; (bio-it) V. Reddy (8068)
Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth 395 1892–1979 K. Reinmuth; K. Reinmuth (1111)
Guy Reiss 5 1904–1964 G. Reiss; at Algiers Observatory and Nice G. Reiss (1577)
José Antonio Reyes (astronomer) 1 n.a. J. A. Reyes; La Murta Observatory (J76) J. A. Reyes
Tomáš Rezek (astronomer) 1 n.a. T. Rezek; inferred T. Rezek
Joseph Rheden 3 1873–1946 J. Rheden; J. Rheden
Hans Rickman 2 1949–pres. H. Rickman; at Uppsala Observatory, (bio-it) H. Rickman (3692)
Judit Györgyey Ries 2 n.a. J. G. Ries; Src J. G. Ries
Wolfgang Ries 158 1968–pres. W. Ries; amateur W. Ries (266887)
Jim Riffle 2 n.a. J. Riffle; inferred J. Riffle
Fernand Rigaux 8 1905–1962 F. Rigaux; at Uccle Observatory F. Rigaux (19911)
Claudine Rinner 76 1965–pres. C. Rinner; amateur, at Ottmarsheim Observatory C. Rinner (23999)
Keith Rivich 5 n.a. K. Rivich; amateur, (bio-it) K. Rivich
Irving Robbins (astronomer) 1 n.a. I. Robbins; Src and Src I. Robbins
Adrienne M. Robbins 1 n.a. A. Robbins; Adrienne Makita Robbins, (bio-it) A. Robbins
Larry Robinson (astronomer) 18 n.a. L. Robinson; amateur, at Sunflower Observatory, (bio-it) L. Robinson (18873)
Heiner Roclawski 1 1963–pres. H. Roclawski;[2] H. Roclawski
Greg Rodgers 1 n.a. G. Rodgers; G. Rodgers
Tim A. Rodriquez 1 n.a. T. Rodriquez; (bio-it) T. Rodriquez
Henry G. Roe 1 1975–pres. H. G. Roe; (bio-it) H. G. Roe (28803)
James M. Roe 102 1943–pres. J. M. Roe; (bio-it) J. M. Roe
Elizabeth Roemer 2 1929–2016 E. Roemer; E. Roemer (1657)
John E. Rogers 3 n.a. J. E. Rogers; (bio-it) J. E. Rogers
Brian P. Roman 11 n.a. B. Roman; B. Roman (4575)
E. S. Romas 1 n.a. E. S. Romas; first disc: (546732); at Kislovodsk Stn. (C20) E. S. Romas
Amy E. Rose 2 1987–pres. A. E. Rose; A. E. Rose (175563)
Perry Rose (astronomer) 4 1966–pres. P. Rose; Perry J. Rose, at Palomar Planet Crossing Asteroid Survey P. Rose (9637)
Emily Ross 1 n.a. E. Ross; inferred; with Tara Houlden E. Ross
René Roy (astronomer) 9 1938–pres. R. Roy; amateur, (bio-fr) R. Roy (14533)
Jiangao Ruan 1 n.a. J. Ruan; (阮建高), Ruan Jiangao; inferred, co-discovery with Gao Xing J. Ruan
Eric P. Rubenstein 1 n.a. E. P. Rubenstein; E. P. Rubenstein
A. Rudd 2 n.a. A. Rudd; disc: MPC and MPC A. Rudd
Marian Rudnyk 3 n.a.
M. Rudnyk; (bio-it) M. Rudnyk
Donald James Rudy 1 n.a. D. Rudy; (bio-it) D. Rudy
Jose Maria Ruiz 8 n.a. J. M. Ruiz; inferred, disc: MPC J. M. Ruiz
Kenneth S. Russell 2 n.a. K. S. Russell; (bio-it) K. S. Russell (3714)
John Ruthroff 1 n.a. J. Ruthroff; (bio-it) J. Ruthroff
William H. Ryan (astronomer) 27 1962–pres. W. H. Ryan; at MRO, (bio-it) W. H. Ryan (21821)
Eileen V. Ryan 1 n.a. E. V. Ryan; wife and collaborator of William Ryan at MRO; Src E. V. Ryan
John Sachs (astronomer) 2 n.a. J. Sachs; amateur, disc MPC and MPC, Src, Src, unrelated to MPC J. Sachs
Tsuyoshi Sakamoto 2 n.a. T. Sakamoto; Bisei Spaceguard Center, first disc: (542669) T. Sakamoto
Giuseppe A. Sala 2 n.a. G. A. Sala; disc: MPC and MPC G. A. Sala
Paolo Sala (astronomer) 3 1954–pres.
P. Sala; amateur, disc: MPC, MPC and MPC,[2] P. Sala
George C. Sallit 1 n.a. G. Sallit; (bio-it) G. Sallit
Stephen L. Salyards 1 n.a. S. L. Salyards; (bio-it) S. L. Salyards
A. G. Samuel 1 n.a. A. G. Samuel; (bio-it) A. G. Samuel
Salvador Sánchez (astronomer) 3 n.a. S. Sánchez; unrelated to MPC, (bio-it) S. Sanchez
Allan Sandage 1 1926–2010 A. R. Sandage; A. R. Sandage (9963)
Hans-Ullrich Sandig 1 1909–1979 H.-U. Sandig; (bio-de) H.-U. Sandig
Robert G. Sandness 6 n.a. R. G. Sandness; amateur, (bio-it) R. G. Sandness
Luigi Sannino 2 1981–pres. L. Sannino; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) L. Sannino
Matteo M. M. Santangelo 21 n.a. M. M. M. Santangelo; Matteo Santangelo, (bio-it) M. M. M. Santangelo
Krisztián Sárneczky 421 1974–pres. K. Sárneczky; K. Sarneczky (10258)
Lenka Kotková 259 1973–pres. L. Kotková; Lenka Šarounová (née), at Ondřejov Observatory L. Sarounova (10390)
Goro Sasaki 1 n.a. G. Sasaki; unrelated to MPC, (bio-it) G. Sasaki
Isao Satō (astronomer) 6 1963–pres. I. Satō; asteroid occultation, (bio-it) I. Sato (6338)
Naoto Satō 142 1953–pres. N. Satō; amateur N. Sato (6025)
Boris Satovski 7 n.a. B. Satovski; discovered (541508), different from (212929) B. Satovski
Paul Sava 1 n.a. P. Sava; at Needville P. Sava
Robert D. Schaldach 1 n.a. R. D. Schaldach; co-discovered 61P/Shajn–Schaldach; (bio-fr) R. D. Schaldach
Alexandre Schaumasse 2 1882–1958 A. Schaumasse; A. Schaumasse (1797)
Giovanni Schiaparelli 1 1835–1910 G. Schiaparelli; disc: MPC G. Schiaparelli (4062)
Christine J. Schiff 1 n.a. C. J. Schiff; amateur, wife of J. L. Schiff, (bio-it) C. J. Schiff
Joel L. Schiff 1 n.a. J. L. Schiff; amateur, husband of C. J. Schiff, unrelated to MPC, (bio-it) J. L. Schiff
Thomas Schildknecht 3 n.a. T. Schildknecht; (bio-it), Src T. Schildknecht
Frank Schiralli Jr. 1 n.a. F. Schiralli Jr.; Src F. Schiralli Jr.
Lutz D. Schmadel 245 1942–2016 L. D. Schmadel; ARI-astronomer L. D. Schmadel; L.D. Schmadel (2234)
Alfred Schmitt 4 1907–1973 A. Schmitt; at Algiers and Strasbourg observatories A. Schmitt (1617)
Hans Scholl (astronomer) 56 1942–pres. H. Scholl; ARI-astronomer H. Scholl (2959)
Richard Schorr 2 1867–1951 R. Schorr; R. Schorr (1235)
Joachim Schubart 2 1928–pres. J. Schubart; (bio-de), Src J. Schubart (1911)
Lipót Schulhof 1 1847–1921 L. Schulhof; L. Schulhof (2384)
Hans-Emil Schuster 25 1934–pres. H.-E. Schuster; at La Silla H.-E. Schuster (2018)
Erwin Schwab 88 1964–pres. E. Schwab; amateur E. Schwab (185638)
Megan Schwamb 16 1984–pres. M. E. Schwamb; (bio-fr) M. E. Schwamb; M. Schwamb (11814)
Michael B. Schwartz 52 1950–pres. M. Schwartz; amateur, at Tenagra Observatory, (bio-it) M. Schwartz (13820)
Friedrich Karl Arnold Schwassmann 22 1870–1964 A. Schwassmann; A. Schwassmann (989)
James V. Scotti 1 1960–pres. J. V. Scotti; at Spacewatch J. V. Scotti (3594)
George Mary Searle 1 1839–1918 G. Searle; disc: MPC G. Searle
William Lawrence Sebok 2 n.a. W. Sebok; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) W. Sebok
Bruce A. Segal 2 1959–pres. B. A. Segal; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) B. A. Segal (21683)
Sadao Sei 1 n.a. S. Sei; at Chirorin Observatory (383) S. Sei
Tsutomu Seki 225 1930–pres. T. Seki; T. Seki (3426)
Alexey V. Sergeyev 1 n.a. A. Sergeyev; inferred A. Sergeev
Carl Sexton 9 n.a. C. Sexton; inferred, amateur C. Sexton
Grigory Shajn 3 1892–1956
G. Shajn; G. Shajn (1648)
Pelageya Shajn 19 1894–1956
P. F. Shajn; P. F. Shajn (1190), (1648)
R. Shank 1 n.a. R. Shank; assumed R. Shank
Scott S. Sheppard 24 1977–pres. S. S. Sheppard; S. S. Sheppard; S. Sheppard (17898)
Edwin E. Sheridan 33 n.a. E. E. Sheridan; (bio-it) E. E. Sheridan; E. Sheridan; E. Sherdian
Jia You Shih 3 n.a. C.-Y. Shih; disc: MPC, MPC and MPC C.-Y. Shih
Yoshisada Shimizu 311 1943–pres. Y. Shimizu; amateur Y. Shimizu (7300)
Hitoshi Shiozawa 29 n.a. H. Shiozawa; amateur, (bio-it) H. Shiozawa
Seiji Shirai (astronomer) 3 n.a. S. Shirai; MPC, MPC, MPC S. Shirai
Vladimir Shkodrov 7 1930–2010 V. G. Shkodrov; at the Bulgarian National Observatory V. G. Shkodrov; V. Shkodrov (4364)
Carolyn S. Shoemaker 377 1929–pres. C. S. Shoemaker; C. S. Shoemaker (4446)
Eugene M. Shoemaker 183 1928–1997 E. M. Shoemaker; E. M. Shoemaker (2074)
Sergey E. Shurpakov 1 1966–pres. S. Shurpakov; Sergey Eduardovich Shurpakov, amateur S. Shurpakov (279274)
Piero Sicoli 43 1954–pres. P. Sicoli; amateur, at Sormano Observatory P. Sicoli (7866)
Stephen Singer-Brewster 6 1945–pres. S. Singer-Brewster; at Palomar Planet Crossing Asteroid Survey S. Singer-Brewster (10315)
Amanjot Singh 1 1988–pres. A. Singh; A. Singh (175562)
Russell Sipe 2 n.a. R. Sipe; inferred, disc: MPC and MPC R. Sipe
Brigitta Sipőcz 38 n.a. B. Sipőcz; B. Sipocz
Michael L. Sitko 1 n.a. M. L. Sitko; inferred M. L. Sitko
Brian A. Skiff 60 n.a. B. A. Skiff; at Lowell Observatory B. A. Skiff (2554)
David R. Skillman 13 1945–pres. D. R. Skillman; D. R. Skillman; D. Skillman (70720)
Jure Skvarč 10 1964–pres. J. Skvarč; (bio-it) J. Skvarc (89818)
Evgenij Fëdorovič Skvorcov 3 1882–1952
E. Skvorcov; Evgenij Skvortsov, (bio-it) E. Skvortsov (1854)
Tamara Smirnova 135 1935–2001 T. M. Smirnova; T. M. Smirnova (5540)
Suzanne Smrekar 1 n.a. S. Smrekar; Suzanne Elizabeth Smrekar; (bio-it) S. Smrekar
Bogdan Sobczuk 1 n.a. B. Sobczuk; Src B. Sobczuk
Andrea Soffiantini 1 n.a. A. Soffiantini; Carezza, Trentino (NASA) A. Soffiantini
Patrick Sogorb 5 1971–pres. P. Sogorb; amateur, (bio-fr) P. Sogorb
Vladimir Jakovlevič Solov'ëv 1 n.a. V. Y. Solovyov; (bio-it) V. Y. Solovyov
Y. Sorimachi (astronomer) 2 n.a. Y. Sorimachi; disc: MPC and MPC Y. Sorimachi
Giovanni Sostero 1 1964–2012 G. Sostero; amateur G. Sostero (9878)
Alfredo Sota 4 n.a. A. Sota; inferred, at Sierra Nevada Observatory (J86) A. Sota
Guy Soulié 2 1920–pres. G. Soulié; amateur, (bio-fr) G. Soulie (13226)
Timothy B. Spahr 58 1970–pres. T. B. Spahr; Timothy Bruce Spahr, at Bigelow Sky Survey T. B. Spahr (2975)
Stefano Sposetti 165 1958–pres. S. Sposetti; amateur S. Sposetti; Stefano Sposetti (22354)
Tom Stafford (astronomer) 40 n.a. T. Stafford; T. Stafford
Anton Staus 1 1872–1955 A. Staus; disc: MPC A. Staus
Duncan Steel 12 1955–pres.
D. I. Steel; D. I. Steel (4713)
W. A. Stein 1 n.a. W. A. Stein; inferred W. A. Stein
Édouard Stephan 2 1837–1923 É. Stephan; disc: MPC and MPC E. Stephan
Peter B. Stetson 1 1952–pres. P. B. Stetson; Peter Brailey Stetson, (bio-it) P. B. Stetson (255703)
Berton L. Stevens 55 1951–pres. B. L. Stevens; amateur, Desert Moon Observatory (448), (bio-it) B. L. Stevens (38540)
Janet A. Stevens 1 n.a. J. Stevens; amateur, wife of B. L. Stevens, (bio-it) J. Stevens
Carlton F. Stewart 1 n.a. C. F. Stewart; (bio-it) C. F. Stewart
DeLisle Stewart 1 1870–1941 D. Stewart; disc: MPC D. Stewart
Lacey Stewart 1 n.a. L. Stewart; Src L. Stewart
Jürgen Stock (astronomer) 3 1923–pres.
J. Stock; J. Stock (4388)
M. Stockmaster 1 n.a. M. Stockmaster; inferred M. Stockmaster
Reiner Michael Stoss 9 1975–pres. R. M. Stoss; amateur, at Starkenburg Observatory R. M. Stoss; R. Stoss (7689)
Luca Strabla 1 1963–pres. L. Strabla; Luca Pietro Strabla, amateur, (bio-it) L. Strabla (35326)
Louis-Gregory Strolger 1 n.a. L.-G. Strolger; inferred L.-G. Strolger
Gyula Strommer 1 1920–1995 G. Strommer; (bio-it) G. Strommer (254876)
Otto Struve 2 1897–1963 O. Struve; O. Struve (768)
Antonio Stucchi 1 n.a. A. Stucchi; inferred A. Stucchi
Jeffrey Sue 1 n.a. J. Sue; inferred, at RAS Observatory (H06), Src J. Sue
Uwe Süßenberger 4 n.a. U. Süßenberger; U. Suessenberger
Matsuo Sugano 4 1939–pres. M. Sugano; amateur M. Sugano (5872)
Atsushi Sugie 122 n.a. A. Sugie; at Dynic Astronomical Observatory A. Sugie (3957)
G. Sun (astronomer) 1 n.a. G. Sun; disc: (546049), obscode:C42 G. Sun
Rafael Suvanto 1 1909–1940 R. Suvanto; (bio-it) R. Suvanto (1927)
Kenzo Suzuki (astronomer) 42 1950–pres. K. Suzuki; amateur K. Suzuki (5526)
Shōhei Suzuki 52 n.a. S. Suzuki; S. Suzuki
Steven Roger Swanson 2 n.a. S. R. Swanson; inferred, disc: MPC and MPC S. R. Swanson
Frédéric Sy 2 1861–19xx F. Sy; at Algiers and Paris observatories; disc: MPC and MPC F. Sy (1714)
Gyula M. Szabó 8 1979–pres. G. Szabó; (bio-fr) G. Szabo (113203)
Tamás Szalai (astronomer) 2 n.a. T. Szalai; inferred, disc: MPC and MPC T. Szalai
Dorottya Szám 1 n.a. D. Szám; amateur, (bio-it) D. Szam
Péter Székely (astronomer) 2 n.a. P. Székely; Piszkéstető Station P. Szekely
Attila Szing 2 n.a. A. Szing; inferred A. Szing
D. Taeymans 1 n.a. D. Taeymans; inferred D. Taeymans
Laurence G. Taff 10 1947–pres. L. G. Taff; (bio-fr) L. G. Taff
Ugo Tagliaferri 2 n.a. U. Tagliaferri; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) U. Tagliaferri
Atsushi Takahashi 22 1965–pres. A. Takahashi; amateur, at Kitami Observatory A. Takahashi (4842)
Masanori Takeishi 13 1950–pres. M. Takeishi; amateur, (bio-de) M. Takeishi (7776)
A. W. Taylor (astronomer) 1 n.a. A. W. Taylor; (545546), Cordell-Lorenz Obs. (see D. T. Durig) A. W. Taylor
D. Team (astronomer) 1 n.a. D. Team; (545774), Kitt Peak D. Team
Noéline Teamo 234 n.a. N. Teamo; amateur, Hibiscus Observatory (F84) N. Teamo
Wilhelm Tempel 5 1821–1889 E. W. Tempel; E. W. Tempel (3808)
Luciano Tesi 192 1931–pres. L. Tesi; amateur L. Tesi; L. esi (15817)
Augusto Testa 31 1950–pres. A. Testa; amateur A. Testa (11667)
Holger Thiele 4 1878–1946 H. Thiele; son of Thorvald N. Thiele H. Thiele (1586)
Bernd Thinius 2 1959–pres. B. Thinius; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC,[2] B. Thinius
David J. Tholen 66 1955–pres. D. J. Tholen; D. J. Tholen; D. C. Tholen (3255)
Norman G. Thomas 55 1930–pres. N. G. Thomas; N. G. Thomas (2555)
William Thuillot 1 1951–pres. W. Thuillot; inferred W. Thuillot (18568)
Dan Tibbets 3 n.a. D. Tibbets; inferred, disc: MPC and MPC D. Tibbets
Jana Tichá 112 1965–pres. J. Tichá; J. Ticha (5757)
Miloš Tichý 232 1966–pres. M. Tichý; M. Tichy (3337)
Jürgen Tiedtke 1 1966–pres. J. Tiedtke; amateur, co-disc. with M. Klein, FB J. Tiedtke
Friedrich Tietjen 1 1832–1895 F. Tietjen; ARI-astronomer, disc: MPC F. Tietjen (2158)
Michael Todd (astronomer) 4 n.a. M. Todd; inferred M. Todd
Clyde Tombaugh 15 1906–1997 C. W. Tombaugh; C. W. Tombaugh (1604)
Maura Tombelli 197 1952–pres. M. Tombelli; amateur M. Tombelli (9904)
Kōichirō Tomita 9 1925–2006 K. Tomita; at the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory K. Tomita (2391)
Mario Tonincelli 5 n.a. M. Tonincelli; inferred M. Tonincelli
John L. Tonry 2 1953–pres. J. L. Tonry; University of Hawaii, disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-de) J. L. Tonry (40919)
Carlos Torres (astronomer) 37 1929–2011 C. Torres; Carlos Torres R. (not Carlos Guillermo Torres), Src C. Torres (1769)
Y. Torres 1 n.a. Y. Torres; inferred Y. Torres
Juraj Tóth 16 1975–pres. J. Tóth; at Comenius University J. Toth (24976)
Suzanne W. Tourtellotte 15 1945–2013 S. Tourtellotte; inferred S. Tourtellotte
Fabrizio Tozzi 153 1970–pres. F. Tozzi; amateur, (bio-it) F. Tozzi
Richard Trentman 2 1939–pres. R. Trentman; amateur, Powell Observatory Near-Earth-Object program; disc: MPC and MPC R. Trentman (41279)
David E. Trilling 7 1972–pres. D. E. Trilling; disc: MPC and MPC D. E. Trilling (20362)
Paul J. Tristram 1 n.a. P. J. Tristram; MJUO, Src P. J. Tristram
Chad Trujillo 62 1973–pres. C. Trujillo; C. A. Trujillo; C. Trujillo; C. W. Trujillo (12101)
Yuan-Sheng Tsai (astronomer) 3 n.a. Y.-S. Tsai; inferred Y.-S. Tsai
Akira Tsuchikawa 4 n.a. A. Tsuchikawa; (bio-it) A. Tsuchikawa
Roy A. Tucker 713 1951–pres. R. A. Tucker; R. A. Tucker; R. Tucker (10914)
D. Tuma 1 n.a. D. Tuma; inferred D. Tuma
Horace Parnell Tuttle 2 1837–1923 H. P. Tuttle; H. P. Tuttle (5036)
Andrzej Udalski 2 1957–pres. A. Udalski; disc: MPC and MPC A. Udalski
Seiji Ueda 705 1952–pres. S. Ueda; amateur S. Ueda (4676)
Takeshi Urata 642 1947–1912 T. Urata; amateur T. Urata (3722)
Fumiaki Uto 22 n.a. F. Uto; F. Uto; T. Uto
Antonio Vagnozzi 46 1950–pres. A. Vagnozzi; amateur A. Vagnozzi (7529)
Marja Väisälä 2 1916–2011 M. Väisälä; Marja Ilmatar Väisälä, daughter of Y. Väisälä, disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) M. Vaisala
Yrjö Väisälä 128 1891–1971 Y. Väisälä; at Turku Observatory Y. Vaisala (1573), (2804)
Mallory Vale 3 1986–pres. M. Vale; M. Vale (158899)
Jan Vales 1 n.a. J. Vales; at Črni Vrh, J. Vales
George Van Biesbroeck 16 1880–1974
G. Van Biesbroeck; G. Van Biesbroeck (1781)
Hendrik van Gent 39 1899–1947 H. van Gent; H. van Gent (1666)
Cornelis Johannes van Houten 4643 1920–2002 C. J. van Houten; C. J. van Houten (1673)
Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld 4644 1921–2015 I. van Houten-Groeneveld; I. van Houten-Groeneveld; I. Groeneveld (1674)
Andre van Staden 1 n.a. A. van Staden; inferred A. van Staden
Andrew Vanden Heuvel 1 n.a. A. Vanden Heuvel; (bio-it) A. Vanden Heuvel
Luděk Vašta 1 n.a. L. Vašta; inferred L. Vasta
Zdeňka Vávrová 115 1945–pres. Z. Vávrová; Z. Vavrova (3364)
Christian Veillet 145 1954–pres. C. Veillet; C. Veillet (16984)
Graziano Ventre 4 1954–pres. G. Ventre; amateur, (bio-it) G. Ventre (22500)
Antoni Vidal 1 n.a. A. Vidal; amateur, (bio-it) A. Vidal
Ester Vigil 1 n.a. E. Vigil; amateur, (bio-it) E. Vigil
Jozef Világi 10 n.a. J. Világi; inferred J. Vilagi
Walter Augustin Villiger 1 1872–1938 W. Villiger; W. Villiger (1310)
George R. Viscome 33 1956–pres. G. R. Viscome; G. R. Viscome (6183)
David Voglsam 1 n.a. D. Voglsam; Src D. Voglsam
Heinrich Vogt (astronomer) 1 1890–1968 H. Vogt; disc: MPC H. Vogt (1439)
Luigi Volta 5 1876–1952 L. Volta; (bio-it) L. Volta
Tomáš Vorobjov 8 1984–pres. T. Vorobjov; amateur T. Vorobjov (4858)
Christel Vuissoz 3 n.a. C. Vuissoz; inferred, disc: MPC C. Vuissoz
Libor Vyskočil 1 n.a. L. Vyskočil; inferred L. Vyskocil
Arno Arthur Wachmann 3 1902–1990 A. Wachmann; A. Wachmann (1704)
Sahil Wadhwa 1 n.a. S. Wadhwa; S. Wadhwa
Joe Wagner (astronomer) 6 1964-pres. J. Wagner; (bio-it) J. Wagner
Duncan Waldron 2 n.a.
J. D. Waldron; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) J. D. Waldron
Jasper V. Wall 1 n.a. J. V. Wall; (bio-it) J. V. Wall
Åke Wallenquist 1 1904–1994 Å. A. E. Wallenquist; at Kvistaberg Station A. A. E. Wallenquist (2114)
Brian D. Warner 3 1952–pres. B. D. Warner; photometrist, (bio-it), Src B. D. Warner (8734)
Archibald Warnock 7 n.a. A. Warnock; (bio-it) A. Warnock
Lawrence H. Wasserman 54 n.a. L. H. Wasserman; occultation, (bio-it) L. H. Wasserman (2660)
Kazuro Watanabe 671 1955–pres. K. Watanabe; amateur K. Watanabe (4155)
James Craig Watson 22 1838–1880
J. C. Watson; J. C. Watson (729)
Martin Watt 4 n.a. M. Watt; (bio-it) M. Watt
J. Scott Weaver 2 1940–2008 J. S. Weaver; (bio-it) J. S. Weaver; S. Weaver (96344)
Robert Weber (astronomer) 8 1926–2008 R. Weber; R. Weber (6181)
Katrina Wefel 2 n.a. K. Wefel; at Baton Rouge, disc: MPC and MPC K. Wefel
Don J. Wells 20 1965–pres. D. Wells; amateur, (bio-it) D. Wells (99891)
Lisa Wells (astronomer) 1 n.a. L. Wells; inferred; remote observer for CFHT; co-discoverer #M. Micheli: Src L. Wells
Jim Wentworth 1 n.a. J. Wentworth; inferred J. Wentworth
Wolfgang Wenzel (astronomer) 1 1929–pres. W. Wenzel; (bio-de) W. Wenzel (58607)
Richard Martin West 40 1941–pres. R. M. West; R. M. West (2022)
Fred Lawrence Whipple 1 1906–2004 F. L. Whipple; F. L. Whipple (1940)
Minor White (astronomer) 44 n.a. M. White; (bio-it) M. White
Robert J. Whiteley 12 1971–pres. R. J. Whiteley; (bio-it) R. J. Whiteley (20460)
Paul Wiegert 85 1967–pres. P. A. Wiegert; P. A. Wiegert (15068)
Patrick Wiggins (astronomer) 5 1949–pres. P. Wiggins; amateur, (bio-it) P. Wiggins (4099)
Paul Wild (Swiss astronomer) 94 1925–2014 P. Wild; P. Wild (1941)
Peter D. Wilder 1 n.a. P. D. Wilder; (bio-it) P. D. Wilder
Iwan P. Williams 7 n.a. I. P. Williams; (bio-it) I. P. Williams (3634)
James G. Williams 1 n.a. J. G. Williams; Src J. G. Williams (2335)
Kenneth A. Williams 14 1956–pres. K. A. Williams; (824) Lake Clear N.Y.; astrophotographer K. A. Williams (14075)
Ryan M. Williams 1 n.a. R. M. Williams; (bio-it) R. M. Williams
John E. Willis 1 n.a. J. Willis; USNO-astronomer, Src (bio-it) J. Willis
Albert George Wilson 5 1918–2012 A. G. Wilson; A. G. Wilson (4015)
Carl A. Wirtanen 8 1910–1990 C. A. Wirtanen; C. A. Wirtanen (2044)
Edith Wirtanen 1 n.a. E. Wirtanen; Edith Rand Wirtanen, wife of Carl Wirtanen, (bio-it) E. Wirtanen (6029)
Carl Gustav Witt 2 1866–1946 G. Witt; G. Witt (2732)
Christian Wolf (astronomer) 1 n.a. C. Wolf; assumed C. Wolf
Marek Wolf 19 1957–pres. M. Wolf; M. Wolf
Max Wolf 248 1863–1932 M. F. Wolf; M. F. Wolf (827)
Chris Wolfe 29 n.a. C. Wolfe; (bio-it) C. Wolfe
Ulrich Wolff 2 1964–pres. U. Wolff; amateur, Berlin, Src U. Wolff
Harry Edwin Wood 12 1881–1946 H. E. Wood; H. E. Wood (1660)
Gao Xing 7 1974–pres. X. Gao; first disc: (546049), obscode:C42 X. Gao
Z. Xu 4 n.a. Z. Xu; first discovery (546756), inferred, co-discoveries with Gao Xing Z. Xu
Naotaka Yamamoto 1 n.a. N. Yamamoto; (bio-it) N. Yamamoto
Masayuki Yanai 27 1959–pres. M. Yanai; M. Yanai (4260)
Yang Tingzhang 12 n.a. T.-C. Yang; (bio-it) T.-C. Yang
Ye Quan-Zhi 203 1988–pres. Q.-z. Ye; also: Quan-Zhi Ye, (bio-it), Src Q.-z. Ye; Q.-Z. Ye; Q. Ye (10280)
William Kwong Yu Yeung 2031 1960–pres. W. K. Y. Yeung; amateur, (bio-it) W. K. Y. Yeung; W. K. Yeung (40776)
M. Yoshimi 1 n.a. M. Yoshimi; M. Yoshimi
James Whitney Young 258 1941–pres. J. W. Young J. W. Young; J. Young (2874)
Jure Zakrajšek 3 n.a. J. Zakrajšek; Src J. Zakrajsek
Fulvio Zanardini 2 n.a. F. Zanardini; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) F. Zanardini
Vincenzo Zappalà 9 1945–pres. V. Zappalà; at Pino Torinese Observatory V. Zappala (2813)
Justas Zdanavičius 90 n.a. J. Zdanavičius; (bio-it) J. Zdanavicius
Kazimieras Zdanavičius 1 1938–pres. K. Zdanavičius; (bio-it) K. Zdanavicius (203823)
Kenneth W. Zeigler 3 n.a. K. W. Zeigler; disc: MPC, (bio-it) K. W. Zeigler
David S. Zelinsky 1 n.a. D. Zelinsky; inferred D. Zelinsky (3042)
Lyudmila Zhuravleva 213 1946–pres.
L. V. Zhuravleva; Lyudmila Vasil'evna Zhuravleva; ITA-astronomer L. V. Zhuravleva (26087)
Massimo Ziboli 4 n.a. M. Ziboli; amateur, disc: MPC, (bio-it) M. Ziboli
Pavel Zigo 1 n.a. P. Zigo; inferred P. Zigo
Ute Zimmer 21 1964–pres. U. Zimmer; amateur,[2] U. Zimmer
Michał Żołnowski 8 1975–pres. M. Żołnowski; amateur, Rantiga Osservatorio M. Zolnowski (384815)
Frank B. Zoltowski 229 1957–pres. F. B. Zoltowski; amateur F. B. Zoltowski (18292)
Giovanni Zonaro 1 n.a. G. Zonaro; amateur, (bio-it) G. Zonaro
Cristina Zurita 1 n.a. C. Zurita; inferred C. Zurita
Anna N. Żytkow 7 1947–pres. A. Żytkow; A. Zytkow

Discovering dedicated institutions

Institution Discoveries Obs. code Country Link-label; info, links, and notes Name(s) at MPC
Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing observatory 85 608, 605 AMOS; AMOS
Altschwendt Observatory 11 A44 Altschwendt Obs.; Altschwendt
Ametlla de Mar Observatory 12 946
Ametlla de Mar Obs.; Ametlla de Mar
Andrushivka Astronomical Observatory 123 A50 Andrushivka Obs.; Andrushivka
Apache Point Observatory 9 645 Apache Point Obs.; Apache Point
Asiago Observatory 4 098 Asiago Obs.; Cima Ekar
Asiago-DLR Asteroid Survey 219 209
ADAS; Asiago-DLR Asteroid Survey; ADAS
Astronomical Research Observatory 96 H55, H21 ARO; Astronomical Research Observatory moved from Charleston (H55) to Westfield (H21) in 2009. Src Astronomical Research Observatory; Charleston; Westfield
Astrovirtel 2 I03 Astrovirtel; ASTROVIRTEL
Sierra Remote Observatories 3 G53, G80 Sierra Remote Obs.; Auberry
Stardome Observatory 1 466, 467 Stardome Obs.; Auckland
Bisei Asteroid Tracking Telescope for Rapid Survey 440 300 BATTeRS; BATTeRS
Badlands Observatory 8 918 Badlands Obs.; Badlands
Jonathan B. Postel Observatory 9 201 Jonathan B. Postel Obs.; Bareggio
Bassano Bresciano Observatory 3 565 Bassano Bresciano Obs.; aka Osservatorio Astronomico (di) Bassano Bresciano, private, it:wiki Bassano Bresciano
Bastia Observatory 1 197 Bastia Obs.; Bastia
Highland Road Park Observatory 1 747 Highland Road Park Obs.; Baton Rouge
Observatoire de Bédoin 1 132 Bédoin Obs.; Bedoin
Begues Observatory 2 170
Begues Obs.; (Catalan: Observatori Astronòmic de Begues) Begues
Beijing Schmidt CCD Asteroid Program 1304 327 SCAP; Beijing Schmidt CCD Asteroid Program; NAOC Schmidt CCD Asteroid Program
Bergen-Enkheim Observatory 1 A74 Bergen-Enkheim Obs.; Bergen-Enkheim
Bergisch Gladbach Observatory 11 621 Bergisch Gladbach Obs.; Bergisch Gladbach
Bohyunsan Optical Astronomy Observatory 28 344 Bohyunsan Obs.; Bohyunsan
Boyden Observatory 4 074 Boyden Obs.; Boyden Observatory
Bulgarian National Observatory 10 071 Bulgarian National Obs.; Bulgarian National Observatory
CBA-East Observatory 1 H86 CBA-East Obs.; CBA-East
CERGA Observatory 24 010 CERGA; Centre de recherches en géodynamique et astrométrie CERGA
Catalina Sky Survey 28727 703 CSS; CSS
Calar Alto Observatory 7 493 Calar Alto Obs.; Calar Alto
Calvin–Rehoboth Observatory 114 G98 Calvin–Rehoboth Obs.; in NM, cite: MPC, disc: MPC to Prairie School, all others to Calvin College Calvin College; Prairie School
Observatório de Campinas 1 870 Campinas Obs.; Campinas
Osservatorio Astronomico Campo Catino 5 468 Campo Catino Obs.; Campo Catino
Campo Catino Austral Observatory Survey 5 I10 CAOS; Campo Catino Austral Observatory Survey
Campo Imperatore Near Earth Object Survey 1690 599 CINEOS; CINEOS; Campo Imperatore; Campo Imperatore Near Earth Object Survey
Canada–France Ecliptic Plane Survey 2 568
CFEPS; Src, presumably conducted at CFHT, using generic Mauna Kea obs. code (568) Canada-France Ecliptic Plane Survey
Catalina Station 1 693 Catalina Stn.; Catalina Station
Cavezzo Observatory 7 107 Cavezzo Obs.; Cavezzo
Osservatorio Cavriana 2 571 Cavriana Obs.; Cavriana
Alianza S4 Observatory 94 I08 Alianza S4 Obs.; Cerro Burek
Cerro El Roble Observatory 1 805 Cerro El Roble Stn.; Cerro El Roble
Paranal Observatory 5 309 Paranal Obs.; Cerro Paranal
Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory 39 807 Cerro Tololo Obs.; Cerro Tololo
Chante-Perdrix Observatory 162 A77 Chante-Perdrix Obs.; Observatoire Chante-Perdrix Chante-Perdrix
Cielo Profundo Observatory 1 J01 Cielo Profundo Obs.; (541487) Observatorio Cielo
Osservatorio Colleverde di Guidonia 2 596 Colleverde Obs.; Colleverde
Observatori Astronòmic de Consell 1 176 Consell Obs.; Consell
Copenhagen University Observatory 8 035 Copenhagen Obs.; Copenhagen Observatory
Cordell–Lorenz Observatory 28 850 Cordell–Lorenz Obs.; Cordell-Lorenz
Crimean Astrophysical Observatory 14 095 Crimean Astrophysical Obs.; Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
Črni Vrh Observatory 427 106 Črni Vrh; Crni Vrh
Dark Energy Camera 4 W84 CTIO-DECam; DECam
Dark Energy Survey 6 W84 CTIO-DES; Dark Energy Survey
Observatoire de Dax 8 958 Dax Obs.; Dax
Deep Ecliptic Survey 9 695 DES; Deep Ecliptic Survey
Deep Lens Survey 80 807
DLS; Deep Lens Survey
Drebach Observatory 15 113 Drebach Obs. Drebach; Volkssternwarte Drebach
Doc Greiner Research Observatory 1 G48 Greiner Obs.; Doc Greiner Research Observatory
European Near Earth Asteroids Research 9 809 EURONEAR; EURONEAR
Desert Wanderer Observatory 2 G78 Desert Wanderer Obs.; El Centro
Farpoint Observatory 137 734 Farpoint Obs.; cite: MPC, NEKAAL, Kansas Farpoint; Eskridge
Walter Hohmann Observatory 11 636 Walter Hohmann Obs.; Essen
European Southern Observatory 2 809 ESO; European Southern Observatory
Everstar Observatory 3 849 Everstar Obs.; Everstar
Eygalayes Observatory 1 B44 Eygalayes Obs.; Eygalayes
Farra d'Isonzo Observatory 223 595 Farra d'Isonzo; Farra d'Isonzo
Faulkes Telescope Educational Project 3 608 Faulkes Project; Faulkes Telescope Educational Project
Faulkes Telescope North 2 F65 Haleakala-Faulkes; Haleakala-Faulkes Telescope North
Félix Aguilar Observatory 63 808 Félix Aguilar Obs.; Felix Aguilar Observatory
Fountain Hills Observatory 35 678 Fountain Hills Obs.; Fountain Hills
Frasso Sabino Observatory 2 157 Frasso Sabino Obs.; Osservatorio di Frasso Sabino Frasso Sabino
Goodricke-Pigott Observatory 75 683 Goodricke-Pigott Obs.; Goodricke-Pigott
Great Shefford Observatory 10 J95 Great Shefford Obs.; Great Shefford
Harvard College Observatory 55 800, 802 Harvard Obs.; Harvard Observatory
Haute-Provence Observatory 5 511 Haute-Provence Obs.; Haute Provence; Institute d'Astrophysics
Hawkeye Observatory 1 H52 Hawkeye Obs.; Hawkeye
Herrenberg Observatory 1 240 Herrenberg Obs.; Herrenberg
Hibiscus Observatory 3 F84 Hibiscus Obs.; Hibiscus
Hormersdorf Observatory 6 A35 Hormersdorf Obs.; Hormersdorf
Hunters Hill Observatory 1 E14 Hunters Hill Obs.; Hunters Hill
IAA-AI Atacama 2 I16 IAA-AI; IAA-AI
International Near-Earth Asteroid Survey 8 675 INAS; INAS
Infrared Astronomical Satellite 4 500 IRAS; IRAS
International Scientific Optical Network 10 H15 ISON; ISON
ISON-Kislovodsk Observatory 1 D00 ISON; ISON-Kislovodsk Observatory
Indiana Asteroid Program 119 760 Indiana University; Indiana University
Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory 2 D44 Ishigakijima Obs.; disc: MPC and MPC Ishigakijima
JATE Asteroid Survey 1 461 JATE Asteroid Survey; JATE Asteroid Survey
Japan Spaceguard Association 1 381 JSGA; Japan Spaceguard Association
Jarnac Observatory 150 G92 Jarnac Obs.; Jarnac
John J. McCarthy Observatory 1 932 John J. McCarthy Obs.; John J. McCarthy
Jonathan B. Postel Observatory 1 201 Jonathan B. Postel Obs.; Jonathan B. Postel
Junk Bond Observatory 53 701 Junk Bond Obs.; Junk Bond
Jura Observatory 6 185 Jura Obs.; (42113) Vicques
Kepler (spacecraft) 1 C55 Kepler; KEPLER
Klet Observatory near Earth and other unusual objects observations team and telescope 32 246 KLENOT; KLENOT
Kachina Observatory 5 G89 Kachina Obs.; Kachina
Kambah Observatory 1 415 Kambah Obs.; Kambah
Kiso Observatory 3 381 Kiso Obs.; Kiso
Kitt Peak National Observatory 18 695 Kitt Peak Obs.; Kitt Peak
Kleť Observatory 307 046 Kleť Obs.; Klet
Kvistaberg Observatory 1 049 Kvistaberg Obs.; Kvistaberg
Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research 149799 704 LINEAR; LINEAR
Lowell Observatory Near-Earth-Object Search 22535 688 LONEOS; LONEOS; Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Asteroid Survey
Lulin Sky Survey 235 D35 LUSS; LUSS
Observatorio de La Cañada 1 J87 La Cañada Obs.; La Canada
Roque de los Muchachos Observatory 24 950 La Palma Obs.; La Palma
La Plata Observatory 5 839 La Plata Obs.; La Plata
La Silla Observatory 17 I05 La Silla Obs.; La Silla
Mount John University Observatory 5 474 Mount John Obs.; Lake Tekapo
Las Campanas Observatory 1 304 Las Campanas Obs.; Las Campanas
Les Engarouines Observatory 3 A14 Les Engarouines Obs.; Observatoire des Engarouines, Laurent Bernasconi, (541609) Les Engarouines
Lick Observatory 1 662 Lick Obs.; Lick Observatory
LightBuckets Observatory 4 B10, H11
LightBuckets Obs.; LightBuckets
Lincoln Laboratory's Experimental Test Site 8 704 Lincoln Lab ETS; Lincoln Laboratory ETS; Socorro
Linz Observatory 5 540 Linz Obs.; Linz
Osservatorio Astronomico di Loiano 1 598 Loiano Obs.; Loiano
Los Molinos Observatory 2 844 Los Molinos Obs.; Los Molinos
Lowell Observatory 3 690 Lowell Obs.; Lowell Observatory
Lulin Observatory 24 D35 Lulin Obs.; Lulin
OGS Telescope 60 J04 ESA OGS; ESA OGS
Osservatorio Astronomico Serafino Zani 1 130 Lumezzane Obs.; Lumezzane
Osservatorio Madonna di Dossobuono 7 560 Madonna di Dossobuono; #R IAU codes Madonna di Dossobuono
Majdanak Observatory 3 188 Majdanak Obs.; Majdanak
Málaga Observatory 1 J40 Málaga Obs.; Malaga
Consell Observatory 1 176 Consell Obs.; Mallorca
Observatori Astronòmic Marxuquera 1 952 Marxuquera Obs.; Marxuquera
Mauna Kea Observatories 89 568 Mauna Kea Obs.; Mauna Kea
iTelescope Observatory 45 H06, H10 iTelescope Obs.; Mayhill
McDonald Observatory 2 711, V37 McDonald Obs.; McDonald Observatory
Llano del Hato National Astronomical Observatory 1 303 Llano del Hato Obs.; Merida
Mirasteilas Observatory 1 B67 Mirasteilas Obs.; (541318) Falera
Modra Observatory 14 118 Modra Obs.; Modra
Molėtai Astronomical Observatory 50 152 Molėtai Obs.; Moletai
Osservatorio Monte Viseggi 5 126 Monte Viseggi Obs.; Monte Viseggi
Moriyama Observatory 1 900 Moriyama Obs.; Moriyama
Mount Lemmon Survey 69630 G96 Mount Lemmon Survey; Mt. Lemmon Survey; Mount Lemmon Survey
Mount Lemmon Sky Center 1 G84 Mount Lemmon Sky Center; lowest (542072) Mount Lemmon SkyCenter
Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking 41659 566, 644 NEAT; NEAT
Nachi-Katsuura Observatory 1 905 Nachi-Katsuura Obs.; Nachi-Katsuura
SFA Observatory 4 740 SFA Obs.; Nacogdoches
Nakagawa Observatory 1 D74 Nakagawa Obs.; Nakagawa
Nanchuan Observatory 1 D14 Nanchuan Obs.; Nanchuan
George Observatory 216 735 Needville Obs.; Needville
John J. McCarthy Observatory 3 932 John J. McCarthy Obs.; New Milford
Nyrölän observatorio 1 174 Nyrölä; Nyrola
Mount Nyukasa Station 116 408 Mount Nyukasa Stn.; Nyukasa
Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca 2741 620 Mallorca Obs.; OAM; OAM Observatory
Orange County Astronomers - Anza 1 643 OCA-Anza; OCA-Anza
OCA-DLR Asteroid Survey 1086 910 ODAS; ODAS
Oak Ridge Observatory 38 801 Oak Ridge Observatory; Oak Ridge Observatory
Oakley Observatory 3 916, E09
Oakley Obs.; Oakley
Observatory Naef Épendes 24 A13 Naef Obs.; Observatoire Naef
Observatorio Montcabre 1 213 Montcabre Obs.; Observatorio Montcabre
Sunflower Observatory 10 739, 849 Olathe; Olathe
Ondřejov Observatory 23 557 Ondřejov Obs.; (Observatoř Ondřejov), cite MPC Ondrejov
Nihondaira Observatory Oohira Station 6 385 Oohira Stn.; Oohira
Osservatorio Cima Rest 1 B11 Cima Rest Obs.; Osservatorio Cima Rest
Osservatorio Polino 2 609 Polino Obs.; Osservatorio Polino
San Vittore Observatory 99 552 San Vittore Obs.; Osservatorio San Vittore Osservatorio San Vittore
Observatoire d'Ottmarsheim 15 224 Ottmarsheim Obs.; Ottmarsheim
Outer Solar System Origins Survey 40 568 OSSOS; lowest numbered discovery: (496315) Outer Solar System Origins Survey
Oukaïmeden Observatory 1 J43 Oukaïmeden Obs.; (541778) Oukaimeden
Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey 20 675 PCAS; PCAS
PMO NEO Survey Program 683 330 PMO NEO; PMO NEO Survey Program; PMO Neo Survey Program
Palomar Observatory 58 675 Palomar Obs.; Palomar
Palomar Transient Factory 25 I41 PTF; Palomar Transient Factory
Pan-STARRS 10165 F51 Pan-STARRS; Pan-STARRS 1; Pan-STARRS1
Pan-STARRS 2 1 F52 Pan-STARRS 2; first discovery 515767 Pan-STARRS 2
Beijing Astronomical Observatory 1 324, 327 Peking Obs.; Peking Observatory
Perth Observatory 29 319, 322 Perth Obs.; Perth Observatory
Pic du Midi Observatory 9 586 Pic du Midi Obs.; French: Observatoire du Pic du Midi, cite: MPC Pic du Midi
Pises Observatory 42 122 Pises Obs.; Observatoire des Pises Pises
Piszkéstető Station 30 461, 561 Piszkéstető Stn.; Piszkesteto
Observatorio Astronomico Pla D'Arguines 43 941 Pla D'Arguines Obs.; Pla D'Arguines
Pleiade Observatory 1 H96 Pleiade Obs.; Pleiade
Powell Observatory 22 649 Powell Obs.; Powell
Prairie Grass Observatory 2 H59 Prairie Grass Obs.; Prairie Grass
Puckett Observatory 1 752, 764 Puckett Obs.; Puckett
Purple Mountain Observatory 150 330 Purple Mountain Obs.; Purple Mountain Observatory
Reedy Creek Observatory 1 428 Reedy Creek Obs.; (541609) Reedy Creek
Remanzacco Observatory 9 473 Remanzacco Obs.; Remanzacco
Royal Observatory Edinburgh 7 277
Edinburgh Obs.; Royal Observatory Edinburgh
Santa Lucia Stroncone Astronomical Observatory 55 589 Santa Lucia Obs.; Stroncone
Santa Maria de Montmagastrell Observatory 3 B74 Montmagastrell Obs.; Observatory Santa Maria de Montmagastrell SM Montmagastrell
Saint-Sulpice Observatory 19 947 Saint-Sulpice Obs.; Saint-Sulpice
Saji Observatory 22 867 Saji Obs.; Saji
Pistoia Mountains Astronomical Observatory 32 104 Pistoia Mountains Obs.; Italian: Osservatorio Astronomico della Montagna Pistoiese San Marcello
National Astronomical Observatory (Mexico) 1 679 OAN Mexico; San Pedro Martir
Sandlot Observatory 6 H36 Sandlot Obs.; Sandlot
Schiaparelli Observatory 9 204 Schiaparelli Obs.; Schiaparelli
SDSS Collaboration 1 n.a. SDSS Collaboration; (544266); this is an assumption S Collaboration; S. Collaboration
Shandong University 15 D39 Shandong University; Shandong University
Shishikui 1 342 Shishikui; Shishikui
Siding Spring Observatory 4 413 Siding Spring Obs.; Siding Spring
Siding Spring Survey 3177 E12 SSS; Siding Spring Survey
Sierra Nevada Observatory 4 J86 Sierra Nevada Obs.; Sierra Nevada
Sierra Stars Observatory 9 G68 Sierra Stars Obs.; Sierra Stars
Silver Spring Observatory 2 H85 Silver Spring Obs.; Silver Spring
Simeiz Observatory 1 094 Simeiz Obs.; Simeis
Skylive Observatory 1 B40 Skylive Obs.; Skylive
Sloan Digital Sky Survey 1849 645 SDSS; Sloan Digital Sky Survey; Sloan Digital Sky Survey Linked Object Catalog team
Sormano Astronomical Observatory 1 587 Sormano Obs.; Sormano
Spacewatch 154777 691 Spacewatch; Spacewatch
Space Surveillance Telescope 1 G45 Space Surveillance Telescope; lowest numbered discovery MPC: 512234 Space Surveillance Telescope
Observatory of Saint-Veran 40 615 Saint-Véran Obs.; St. Veran
Saint Pardon de Conques Observatory 1 I93 St Pardon de Conques Obs.; St Pardon de Conques
Starkenburg Observatory 53 611 Starkenburg Obs.; Starkenburg; Heppenheim
Steward Observatory 1 692 Steward Obs.; if code 691, its Kitt-Peak Spacewatch Steward
Stony Ridge Observatory 2 671 Stony Ridge Obs.; Stony Ridge
Sub-Kilometer Asteroid Diameter Survey 21 695 SKADS; HP SKADS
Suno Observatory 4 147 Suno Obs.; Suno; Osservatorio Astronomico di Suno
Table Mountain Observatory 2 673, 673 Table Mountain Obs.; Wrightwood
Taunus Observatory 1 B01 Taunus Obs.; Taunus
Teide Observatory 6 954 Teide Obs.; Teide
Tenagra Observatory 6 848 Tenagra Obs.; Tenagra; Cottage Grove
Tenagra II Observatory 115 926 Tenagra II Obs.; Tenagra II
Oakley Observatory 1 H22 Oakley Obs.; Terre Haute
Terskol Observatory 3 B18 Terskol Obs.; Terskol
Three Buttes Observatory 2 G90 Three Buttes Obs.; Three Buttes
Tiki Observatory 2 F85 Tiki Obs.; Puna'auia (202773) (541566) Tiki
Observatoire du Cégep de Trois-Rivières 1 924 Cégep de Trois-Rivières Obs.; Trois-Rivieres
Turtle Star Observatory 2 628 Turtle Star Obs.; cite: MPC, disc: MPC, MPC Turtle Star; Mulheim-Ruhr
Tzec Maun Observatory 18 D25, H10
Tzec Maun Obs.; Tzec Maun
Uppsala–ESO Survey of Asteroids and Comets 1123 809 UESAC; MPC UESAC; UESAC, Comets
Royal Observatory of Belgium 13 012 Uccle Obs.; Uccle
Uenohara Observatory 2 376 Uenohara Obs.; Uenohara
National Astronomical Observatory (Chile) 3 805 University of Chile; University of Chile
Uppsala–DLR Asteroid Survey 262 049
UDAS; Uppsala-DLR Asteroid Survey
Uppsala–DLR Trojan Survey 62 809
UDTS; Uppsala-DLR Trojan Survey
Valinhos Observatory 2 860 Valinhos Obs.; Valinhos
Osservatorio Astronomico Vallemare di Borbona 2 A55 Vallemare di Borbona Obs.; Vallemare Borbona
Valmeca Observatory 6 184 Valmeca Obs.; Valmeca
Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope 7 290, G83 VATT; code 290, prolematic Mt. Gramham also for LBT (G83) Mount Graham
Village-Neuf Observatory 2 138 Village-Neuf Obs.; Village-Neuf
Višnjan Observatory 108 120 Višnjan Obs.; Visnjan
Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer 4615 C51 WISE; WISE
Wildberg Observatory 1 198 Wildberg Obs.; (541268) Wildberg
Wise Observatory 18 097 Wise Obs.; Wise
Xinglong Station (NAOC) 3 327 Xinglong Stn.; Xinglong
Yamagata Astronomical Observatory 2 D89 Yamagata Obs.; Yamagata
Zelenchukskaya Station 6 114 Zelenchukskaya Stn.; Zelenchukskaya Stn
Zvezdno Obshtestvo Observatory 2 A79 Zvezdno Obshtestvo Obs.; Zvezdno Obshtestvo
7300 Observatory 4 H07 7300 Obs.; 7300


The discovery table consist of the following fields:

  • Astronomers and Institutions: links to the corresponding article about the discovering astronomer or institution on Wikipedia. If not linked, the displayed name should be a redirect to this list. For example, the page Masanao Abe forwards to the anchored table row List of minor planet discoverers § M. Abe using the astronomer's MPC-name as ID.
  • Discoveries: displays the total number of discovered and co-discovered minor planets made by the discoverer (numbered bodies only). It links to the corresponding "Discovery by..." category, which are subcategories of Category:Discoveries by astronomer and Category:Astronomical discoveries by institution, respectively. Note that these categories do not contain discoveries for which no page on Wikipedia exists. Astronomers with only a few discoveries often do not have their own discovery-category (redlinks). For those who have discovered only one single minor planet, the link in the discovery column directly points to the corresponding entry in the list of minor planets. There are typically no linked categories for astronomers with an unknown first name.
  • DOB–DOD and Observatory code: displays the date of birth and death for astronomers, and alphanumeric IAU code(s) for institutions, respectively.
  • Country: nationality of the astronomer or location of the discovering dedicated institution, respectively. Some discoverers have assigned two flags, with the first being the most appropriate to allow for a sensible sorting by country.
  • Link-label; info, links and, notes: The link-label is used for piped discoverer links, intended for a consistent usage in minor-planet object articles and in the List of minor planets (see index). After the link-label, additional information is given: this includes links to external sources (Src), links to the MPC database (see here) for objects discovered or co-discovered by the astronomer, and trans-wiki links to existing articles on French, German and Italian Wikipedia. (Note that the link-label should be separated by a semi-colon from all other information).
  • Name(s) at MPC: displays the name of the discoverer as used by the MPC (non-diacritical version; where the abbreviated first name is written before the family name). Some discoverers have multiple names due to inconsistencies and typos.
  • Cite: minor-planet discoverers are often honored with the naming of (one or several) asteroids by their colleges. The associated citation typically gives the discoverer's full name, his or her date of birth and additional biographical information.


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