LEDA 89996

LEDA 89996, also known by its 2MASS designation 2MASS J04542829-6625280, is a spiral galaxy. It is located within the Dorado constellation and appears very close to the Large Magellanic Cloud.[3]

LEDA 89996
The spiral galaxy LEDA 89996, taken by Hubble
Credit: NASA/ESA
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension04h 54m 28.29s[1]
Declination−66° 25 28.06[1]
Other designations
2MASS J04542829-6625280, 2MASX J04542820-6625275

The galaxy was observed by the Hubble Telescope in 6 July 2015[4] and is similar in appearance to the Milky Way being spiral shaped with winding spiral arms. The darker patches between the arms is dust and gas. Many new stars form in this area making the spirals appear very bright.[3]


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