Jaguar (software)

Jaguar is a computer software package used for ab initio quantum chemistry calculations for both gas and solution phases.[1] It is commercial software marketed by the company Schrödinger. The program was originated in research groups of Richard Friesner and William Goddard and was initially called PS-GVB (referring to the so-called pseudospectral generalized valence bond method that the program featured).

Developer(s)Schrödinger Inc.
Operating systemLinux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
TypeComputational Chemistry

Jaguar is a component of two other Schrödinger products: Maestro, which provides the graphical user interface to Jaguar, and a QM/MM program QSite, which uses Jaguar as its quantum-chemical engine. The current version is Jaguar 10.4 (2020).


A distinctive feature of Jaguar is its use of the pseudospectral approximation.[2] This approximation can be applied to computationally expensive integral operations present in most quantum chemical calculations. As a result, calculations are faster with little loss in accuracy.[3][4][5]

The current version includes the following functionality:

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