Into the Grizzly Maze

Into the Grizzly Maze (originally titled Red Machine, then changed to Endangered and later to Grizzly), is a 2015 American action horror-thriller film directed by David Hackl from a screenplay by Guy Moshe and Jack Reher.[1] It stars James Marsden, Thomas Jane, Piper Perabo, Scott Glenn, and Billy Bob Thornton. The plot follows two estranged brothers as they reunite at their childhood home in the Alaskan wilderness. The pair are then led to the Grizzly Maze, where they are stalked by a massive and bloodthirsty grizzly bear. The film was released on video on demand on May 19, 2015, before a limited release on June 26, 2015.[2]

Into the Grizzly Maze
The poster shows a group of people in the woods on the left and an enlarged image of a bear on the right.
Theatrical release poster
Directed byDavid Hackl
Screenplay by
  • Guy Moshe
  • Jack Reher
Story byJack Reher
Produced by
CinematographyJames Liston
Edited by
  • Michael N. Knue
  • Andrew Coutts
Music byMarcus Trumpp
Distributed byDestination Films
Release date
  • May 19, 2015 (2015-05-19) (VOD)
  • June 26, 2015 (2015-06-26) (United States)
Running time
94 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$10 million


Deep in the Alaskan wilderness, at the Grizzly Maze, brothers Beckett and Rowan Moore encounter a grizzly bear. Years later, the brothers have become estranged; Beckett has become a local deputy while Rowan is an ex-convict. Coming home to Alaska, Rowan meets up with old friend Mary Cadillac, who gives him supplies and asks him to find her husband Johnny. Meanwhile, three hunters are slaughtered by the same bear the brothers encountered years earlier.

At a bar, Rowan meets Amber, both of whom later go to a motel room together. However, Rowan kicks Amber out upon discovering that Amber is a prostitute. After leaving the room, Amber is assaulted by her boyfriend Franco, who gets into a fight with Rowan. Soon after, Rowan sees Beckett for the first time upon his release from prison; Beckett reveals he has married a deaf-mute wildlife photographer and conservationist named Michelle. When asked why he came back, Rowan lies and say he returned to go to the Grizzly Maze and pay respects to their father. Meanwhile, in the woods, two loggers and their dog are killed by the bear.

After the brothers visit their mother's grave, Beckett gets a radio call about the killed loggers. Following a map, Rowan comes across a car belonging to Johnny Cadillac. While Beckett investigates the logging incident, hunter and butcher Douglas arrives and tells them that the bear that killed the loggers is an intelligent specimen. While Douglas offers his help to track it, Beckett, who clearly hates Douglas, refuses. He, accompanied by Rowan’s ex-girlfriend Kaley, goes out to the Maze to find Rowan and Michelle, who had gone missing.

Michelle comes face to face with the bear, but in doing so, gets caught in a trap she set. Rowan arrives and scares off the bear. He recognizes Kaley, reveals who he is, and takes her with him. Sully visits Douglas, who once again informs him that this bear is exacting its wrath due to the poaching and logging rather than satisfying its hunger or establishing its territory. When Zoe, one of Sully's deputies, finds the abandoned car, she is killed by the bear. After Douglas agrees to hunt and kill the bear, Sully and Jerry investigate the car. While investigating the car Sully explains to Jerry why Beckett hates Douglas. Douglas and Beckett's and Rowan's dad used to be close. They treated Grizzly Maze as sacred ground and refused to work with poachers. Until one night Douglas was severely injured and almost killed by a grizzly before he managed to kill it. When he recovered, he was never the same. He no longer had any problem profiting off poachers. This caused him to become hated by the Moore family. While searching, Beckett and Kaley find the place where Rowan had saved Michelle. Realizing that Rowan must have taken Michelle to Dad's point, a special place for the Moore family, they head to that place. There they find Michelle and Rowan.

Michelle and Beckett look at a satellite of their tagged bears and hypothesize they are running away because of the larger bear. Beckett wants to return to town, but Rowan refuses to leave. When confronted, he admits that he's came to find Johnny. The only person who stood by his side. Beckett angrily tells Rowan that Johnny deserves whatever happens to him for bringing poachers into the maze. This enrages Rowan and he storms off to take first watch. During the night, Kaley is attacked by the bear and Rowan and Beckett try to shoot it, the bear runs off. As the bear continues to follow the group, Michelle falls into a dead moose carcass, only to find it is a kill zone full of dead moose. The group decides to make it through the Maze. Sully goes to get the group out by boat. The group encounters Douglas standing over one of Beckett and Michelle's collared bears. Initially believing he killed it, a video recording shows the collared bear was attacked by the larger bear.

Going separate ways from Douglas, the group encounters the bear again. Afterward the group spots the butcher cabin, where they find the remains of the poachers. They then find Johnny dead in a tree. Beckett, seeing Rowan's devastated reaction, apologizes for his earlier statement. Just then Douglas reappears having tracked the bear's sent to the cabin. Looking at the body, he points out a gunshot wound. Noting that that is what killed Johnny. Douglas revealed that he had warned Johnny about the men as they had come to him earlier for the job. However, realizing what their true motives were, he turned them down. He then reveals to a shocked Beckett that Sully was in on it. Setting up camp, Rowan explains to Kaley, with Beckett listening in from outside the tent, during one night in the Maze, Rowan went to Johnny to sell drugs for money for his and Beckett's mother's treatment. Being a guide to Johnny and his drug dealer, Rowan took the two into the Maze. During a deal, Rowan and the two were hit by state troopers. Rowan almost got away with the money. However, as he was fleeing, he noticed a ranger was injured and was about to get killed by one of the smugglers. Rowan, without thinking, shot the smuggler and saved the trooper. Unfortunely this alerted the remaining troopers to his position and he was arrested. When Kaley asked why he didn't tell anyone the truth, Rowan replied that since he was already considered a troublemaker, he knew no one would believe him. Kaley tearfully tells him that she would have believed him. Shaken by what he heard and realizing he misjudged Rowan, Beckett goes to him to talk. The two brothers reconcile.

As Sully comes in on his boat, Douglas shoots the bear, but is injured while the bear gets away. While fleeing Rowan runs off to distract the bear while Beckett gets the girls to the boat. Rowan manages to make the bear chase him but goes over the cliff into the water seemingly to his death much to Beckett's and Kaley's anguish. Michelle becomes separated from the group in the fog and is corned by the bear. An injured Douglas appears and tries again to kill it, but he runs out of bullets just as the bear charges him, and kills him. Beckett and Kaley find Michelle and continue to run to the river.

The trio makes it to the boat and are encountered by Sully. Beckett, angry and grief stricken over losing Rowan, confronts Sully about the poachers. Sully admits to letting them in in exchange for money because he has nothing for his retirement, but insists that he didn't know that it would trigger the bear. The bear arrives and kills Sully. While Beckett tries to get the girls loaded onto the boat, an alive Rowan appears over the rocks. Rowan and Beckett work together to confuse the bear while they pour gasoline around the bear and set the circle on fire, hoping to trap it. However, just as they're pushing off, the bear runs through the flames and brings down the boat. Protecting the group, Rowan is dragged under water. Just as it looks like the bear has killed him, Rowan bursts through ramming the knife Beckett had earlier gifted him, through the Bear's throat, finally killing it. With the threat finally over, the exhausted and injured group leaves the Maze.



On January 19, 2012, James Marsden, Thomas Jane, and Billy Bob Thornton joined the cast of the thriller, then titled Red Machine.[3] Later that month, Piper Perabo also joined the film cast to play the role of Jane's fiancee.[4] According to Deadline Hollywood, filming began in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in February 2012.[5] The producers are Tai Duncan, Hadeel Reda, and Paul Schiff.[6][5]

On February 2, 2012, more cast members were added, including Scott Glenn, Adam Beach, Michaela McManus and Kelly Curran.[1] Animal actor Bart the Bear 2 was also hired to co-star.[6] On February 27, 2013, Open Road Films acquired the distribution rights of the film.[7] Open Road also changed the title of the film from Red Machine to Endangered.[8]


After Open Road Films acquired the distribution rights of the film,[7] the studio dropped the project and Vertical Entertainment and Destination Films acquired distribution rights instead and released the film on video on demand on May 19, 2015, before a limited release on June 26, 2015.[9]


On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 36% based on 11 reviews, with an average rating of 4.5/10.[10] The film has a score of 43% on Metacritic out of 4 reviews, indicating "mixed or average" reviews.[11]


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