Gull Petroleum

Gull Petroleum is a Perth, Western Australian based petroleum company, which retails fuel in Western Australia and New Zealand.

Gull Petroleum
HeadquartersPerth, Western Australia, Australia
Key people
Mr Neil Rae (Chairman)
OwnerPuma Energy


Gull Petroleum was founded by Fred Rae.[1] In December 2010, Rae sold the 98 Gull service station network in Western Australia to Archer Capital which was then rolled into Archer's Ausfuel business which also includes Choice Petroleum and Peak Petroleum.[1] Rae continued to own Gull's New Zealand operations. In March 2013, Ausfuel was acquired by Puma Energy.[2][3] The sale included 110 Gull, Choice and Peak service stations and 11 depots.[2]

In July 2017, Rae finally sold Gull's New Zealand operations, Gull New Zealand, to Caltex Australia for NZ$340 million (approximately A$325 million).[4][5][6]


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