Genocide (1981 film)

Genocide is a 1981 American documentary by Arnold Schwartzman[6][7]

Directed byArnold Schwartzman
Written byMartin Gilbert
Marvin Hier
Arnold Schwartzman[1]
Produced byRabbi Marvin Hier
Arnold Schwartzman[2]
Narrated byElizabeth Taylor
Orson Welles[3]
CinematographyPeter Shillingford
Edited byBob Jenkis
Music byElmer Bernstein[4][5]
Distributed byMoriah Films
Release date
Running time
90 minutes
CountryUnited States


The film documents the history of the Holocaust and the reminiscences of those who survived it in support of the fact that, as one of the survivors stated, it can happen again with the rise of anti-Semitism.[8][9][10]


It won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature,[11] the first Holocaust film to win such an honor.[12]


Michael Berenbaum, project director of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum described the movie as "a substantive piece of work" but "watching it is like sitting in a dentist's chair where the drill begins at the first moment and doesn't let up till the end of the two hours. If it had, it might have been more effective. In a real sense, that is Marvin Hier."[13]

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