Freesat+ is a consumer brand introduced to raise consumer awareness and promote sales of Freesat-capable digital TV recorders, otherwise known as personal video recorders. Freesat+ affords users similar features that are available with competitor services such as Sky+ and Freeview+.[1]

TypeFree-to-air channels digital TV recorders brand
ProductsDigital TV recorder


Freesat+ offers a PVR functionality for Freesat, which offers a greater choice of channels compared to Freeview, including a greater number of HD channels, without the subscriptions of Sky or Virgin Media. Freesat also offers higher rates of coverage than Freeview.[2][3]


Freesat do not manufacture the units itself, but will award the Freesat+ label to manufacturers that are able to meet a series of specifications that have been drawn up by the UK’s Digital TV Group.

Many manufacturers provide Freesat+ set-top boxes such as: Humax, Manhattan, Bush, Sagemcom, Goodmans and others.[4]

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