Ezmol, stylized EzMol, is a web server for molecular modelling.

EzMol logo.png
Original author(s)Dr. Christopher Reynolds
Developer(s)Imperial College London
Initial releaseJanuary 2018; 3 years ago (2018-01)
Stable release
1.20 / March 2018; 3 years ago (2018-03)
Written inPerl, JavaScript
Operating systemWindows XP+, Linux, Mac OS X
Available inEnglish
TypeComputational chemistry
LicenseProprietary commercial software


Ezmol is a molecular modeling web server for the visualisation of protein molecules. It has a limited selection of visualisation options for the most common requirements of molecular visualisation, enabling the rapid production of images through a wizard-style interface, without the use of command-line syntax. It is developed and maintained by Professor Michael Sternberg's group at The Centre for Integrative Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, Imperial College London and was published in the Journal of Molecular Biology in 2018.[1]


  1. ^ Reynolds CR, Islam SA, Sternberg MJ (2018). "EzMol: A web server wizard for the rapid visualisation and image production of protein and nucleic acid structures". J Mol Biol. 430: 2244–2248. doi:10.1016/j.jmb.2018.01.013. PMC 5961936. PMID 29391170.

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