Equipment of Strategic Air Command

Strategic Air Command equipment includes weapon systems and ordnance (e.g., strategic weapons such as ICBMs), ground radars and computers (e.g., at SSN 1979-82), and other Cold War devices of the USAF major command.

Special Weapons Emergency Separation System

This system (SWESS), also known informally as the dead man's switch, was a nuclear bomb release system that the United States Air Force Strategic Air Command built into bombers such as the B-52 Stratofortress. The system's purpose was to ensure that an aircraft's payload of nuclear weapons would detonate in the event of the crew becoming debilitated by enemy defences such as missiles.[1] Once armed, the system would ensure that the onboard nuclear weapons detonated if the aircraft dropped below a predetermined altitude.

SAC Equipment

SAC Equipment
Type Model Start End
Combat aircraftB-1 Lancer19861992
Combat aircraftB-17 Flying Fortress (RB-17G)19461951
Combat aircraftA-26 Invader (RB-26)19491950
Combat aircraftB-29 Superfortress19461953
Combat aircraftB-36 Peacemaker19481958
Combat aircraftB-45 Tornado19501953
Combat aircraftB-47 Stratojet19511965
Combat aircraftB-50 Superfortress19481954
Combat aircraftB-52 Stratofortress19551992
Combat aircraftB-57 Canberra19561962
Combat aircraftB-58 Hustler19601969
Combat aircraftC-119 Flying Boxcar19561973
Combat aircraftDC-130 Hercules19661976
Combat aircraftEC-135 Looking Glass19631992
Combat aircraftF-2 Expeditor (F=Fotorecon; C-45)
Combat aircraftF-6 Mustang (F=Fotorecon; P-51)
Combat aircraftF-9 Flying Fortress (F=Fotorecon; B-17F/G)
Combat aircraftF-13 Superfortress (F=Fotorecon; B-29A)
Combat aircraftF-47 Thunderbolt (P-47)19461947
Combat aircraftF-51 Mustang (P-51)19461949
Combat aircraftF-82 Twin Mustang19471950
Combat aircraftF-80 Shooting Star19461948
Combat aircraftF-84 Thunderjet19481957
Combat aircraftF-86 Sabre19491950
Combat aircraftF-102 Delta Dagger19601976
Combat aircraftFB-111 Aardvark19691990
Combat aircraftKC-10 Extender19811992
Combat aircraftKB-2919491956
Combat aircraftKC-97 Stratofreighter SAC19511964
Combat aircraftKC-135 Stratotanker SAC19571991
Combat aircraftRC-45 Expeditor
Combat aircraftRC-135
Combat aircraftSR-71 Blackbird19661991
Combat aircraftU-2 Dragon Lady19621991
Combat aircraftTR-1 Dragon Lady19891991
Support aircraftUC-45 Expeditor
Support aircraftAT-11 Kansan
Support aircraftB-26 Invader19491950
Support aircraftC-45 Expeditor19461951
Support aircraftC-47 Skytrain19461947
Support aircraftC-54 Skymaster19461975
Support aircraftC-82 Packet19461947
Support aircraftC-97 Stratofreighter19491978
Support aircraftC-118 Liftmaster19571975
Support aircraftC-124 Globemaster II19591962
Support aircraftC-131 Samaritan
Support aircraftC-135 Stratolifter
Support aircraftCH-3 Sea King SAC c. 1960s
Support aircraftHU-16 Albatross SAC c. 1950s/1960s
Support aircraftL-4 Grasshopper19491950
Support aircraftL-5 Sentinel19491950
Support aircraftL-13 Grasshopper19491950
Support aircraftPBY Catalina
Support aircraftT-38 Talon19811991
Support aircraftUH-1 Huey19661992
MissileADM-20 Quail
MissileAGM-28 Hound Dog
MissileAGM-69 SRAM
MissileAGM-84 Harpoon
MissileAGM-86 Air Launched Cruise Missile
MissileAGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missile
MissileHGM-16 Atlas
MissileHGM-25A Titan I
MissileLGM-25 Titan II
MissileLGM-30A/B Minuteman I
MissileLGM-30F Minuteman II
MissileLGM-30G Minuteman III
MissileLGM-118A Peacekeeper
MissileSM-62 Snark
MissilePGM-17A Thor
MissilePGM-19A Jupiter
Ground systemAthena computer
Ground systemAN/MPS-9
Ground systemAN/MSQ-1
Ground systemAN/MSQ-2
Ground systemAN/MSQ-35
Ground systemAN/MSQ-771965
Ground systemAN/MSQ-81
Ground systemAN/MSQ-96
Ground systemAN/TLQ-11
Ground systemBMEWS19791982
Ground systemGWEN
Ground systemtrain: Big Star (ICBM)
Ground systemtrains: RBS Express (3)1961c.1971
Ground systemSACCCS

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