DeepDotWeb was a news site dedicated to events in and surrounding the dark web featuring interviews[1] and reviews about darknet markets,[2][3] Tor hidden services, privacy, bitcoin and related news. The website was seized on May 7, 2019 during an investigation into the owners' affiliate marketing model, in which they received money for posting links to certain darknet markets.[4]

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Coverage has included darknet market drug busts,[5] pedophile crowdfunding,[6] the details of hacking of darknet markets,[7] as well as the diversification of markets such as TheRealDeal selling software exploits.[1]

Site features include blacklisted markets,[8] comparisons and reviews.

In May 2015, McAfee covered a free ransomware-as-a-service called 'Tox' hosted somewhere on the dark web[9] whose developers gave an interview to DeepDotWeb.[10]

Domain seizure

Lock screen when opening the page

On May 7, 2019, the and its sister .onion domain were redirected to a Domain Seizure notice. The notice was presented by the FBI and prominently displayed the logos of EUROPOL and numerous affiliate law enforcement agencies, including the British National Crime Agency and the German Bundeskriminalamt. The Israeli police alleged that the owners of DeepDotWeb had been receiving Bitcoin in exchange for links to black market sites on the deep web.[4]

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