Criterion Capital Partners

Criterion Capital Partners LLC, also known as simply Criterion, is a private equity fund based in Los Angeles, California.[2] It is best known for being the owner of Bebo, from 2010-2013.

Criterion Capital Partners LLC.
Area served
United States
United Kingdom
Key people
Christopher Lord

David Riley
Tomoko Fortune
Louis Chang
Matt Perona
(director of finance)

Jeffrey Pisani
(director of operations)

Sara Parr
(director of investor relations)

Adam Levin (Bebo)

Number of employees
3 (2010)


Christopher Lord co-founded the company in 2002.[3][4] Criterion acquired social networking service Bebo in 2010. Bebo was previously owned by AOL, who originally purchased the service for $850 million in 2008.[5] The acquisition had failed as Bebo's business was declining. AOL sold the company for less than $10 million to Criterion.[6][7] Following the acquisition, Bebo's business did not improve. In April 2012, the minority shareholders filed a $5 million suit against Criterion for “destroying the site". Then in May, TechCrunch reported that Bebo filed for voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy.[8][9]


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