Courage Foundation

The Courage Foundation is a trust for fundraising the legal defence of individuals such as whistleblowers and journalists.

Founded on August 9, 2013, as the Journalistic Source Protection Defence Fund by WikiLeaks,[1] the site later rebranded in June 2014.[2]

Individuals supported are:

The trust advisers include Pentagon Papers military analyst Daniel Ellsberg, former NSA executive Thomas Drake, former MI5 British intelligence officer and whistleblower Annie Machon, member of the Chaos Computer Club Andy Müller-Maguhn, Guatemala human rights lawyer Renata Ávila, and Pussy Riot.[4]

The Courage trustees are Renata Ávila, Susan Benn, John Pilger, and Dame Vivienne Westwood.[5]

WikiLeaks section editor Sarah Harrison served as acting director from 2014[6] until April 2017, when WikiLeaks became a Courage beneficiary.[7]


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