Cinema of Yemen

The cinema of Yemen is very small, there being only two Yemeni films as of 2008. Released in 2005, A New Day in Old Sana'a deals with a young man struggling between whether to go ahead with a traditional marriage or go with the woman he loves.

In August 2008, Yemen’s Interior Minister Mutahar al-Masri supported the launch of a new feature film to educate the public about the consequences of Islamist extremism. The Losing Bet was produced by Fadl al-Olfi. The plot follows two Yemeni jihadis, who return from years living abroad. They are sent home by an Al Qaeda mastermind to recruit new members and carry out deadly operations in Yemen.[1]

Yemeni films

Films shot in Yemen

  • The Mulberry House (Yemen/Syria/Egypt/UK/UAE; 2013)
  • Karama Has No Walls (Yemen/UAE; 2012)
  • The English Sheik and the Yemeni Gentleman (American; 2000)
  • Il fiore delle mille e una notte (Italian; 1974)
  • Le Mura di Sana (Italian short; 1964)
  • Le Schiave Esistono Ancora (Italian; 1964)

List of Yemeni directors

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