Chemical WorkBench

Chemical WorkBench is a proprietary simulation software tool aimed at the reactor scale kinetic modeling of homogeneous gas-phase and heterogeneous processes and kinetic mechanism development. It can be effectively used for the modeling, optimization, and design of a wide range of industrially and environmentally important chemistry-loaded processes. Chemical WorkBench is a modeling environment based on advanced scientific approaches, complementary databases, and accurate solution methods. Chemical WorkBench is developed and distributed by Kintech Lab.

Chemical WorkBench modelsEdit

Chemical WorkBench has an extensive library of physicochemical models:

  • Thermodynamic Models
  • Gas-Phase Kinetic Models
  • Flame model
  • Heterogeneous Kinetic Models
  • Non-Equilibrium Plasma Models
  • Detonation and Aerodynamic Models
  • Membrane Separation Models
  • Mechanism Analysis and Reduction

Fields of applicationEdit

Chemical WorkBench can be used by researchers and engineers working in the following fields:

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