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CNN Brazil (Portuguese: CNN Brasil) is a Brazilian news-based pay television channel. Launched on 15 March 2020, CNN Brazil is owned by Novus Media, a joint-venture between Douglas Tavolaro, former header of RecordTV's news division, and Rubens Menin, owner of MRV Engenharia. Novus Media has a licensing agreement with original CNN channel owned by AT&T's WarnerMedia.[5][6]

CNN Brazil
CNN Brasil.svg
Broadcast areaBrazil
HeadquartersSão Paulo
Picture format1080i HDTV
(downscaled to letterboxed 480i for the SDTV feed)
OwnerNovus Media
(Rubens Menin)
Key peopleRenata Afonso (CEO)
Sister channels
Launched15 March 2020; 18 months ago (2020-03-15)
Claro TV[2]
  • Channel 77 (SD)
  • Channel 577 (HD)[1]
  • Channel 185 (HD)
  • Channel 577 (HD)
Vivo TV[1]Channel 577 (HD)[1]
Claro TV[2]
  • Channel 77 (SD)
  • Channel 577 (HD)[1]
  • Channel 177 (SD)
  • Channel 577 (HD)[1]
Oi TV[3]
  • Channel 185 (HD)
  • Channel 577 (HD)
Vivo TV
  • Channel 404 (SD)
  • Channel 139 (HD) (Intelsat 34)
  • Channel 861 (HD)
Guigo TVChannel 2 (HD)
Streaming media Stream
YouTubeLive Stream

Its headquarters are in São Paulo,[7] with offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, besides international bureaus with almost 400 journalists.[8] Previously, in 2017, the channel did a partnership with RedeTV! and Simba Content, formed by SBT and RecordTV, which had no success.[9]


CNN looked to enter the Portuguese language market, one of the only ones still not covered by the many affiliates of the brand around the world. In 2019, it was announced that the broadcaster would act in Brazil, with local strategic partners. The business montage in Brazil was in charge of the businessman Rubens Menin, with a vast and well-known performance in the civic construction and financial markets, and the journalist Douglas Tavolaro, co-founder and CEO of the new channel.[10][11][12]

Initially, the first announced names to act in CNN Brazil came from companies such as Globo, Record, BBC and Band. On 4 June 2019, two former TV Globo presenters were announced. Evaristo Costa and William Waack were hired to, respectively, present a show in CNN London headquarters, with a mix of journalism and entertainment, and the second, a TV news during prime time, from Mondays to Fridays.[13] The premiere of the pay television channel is predicted to second semester of 2019. It is expected that CNN Brazil will also have a strong online presence, covering all social medias and innovating in the distribution of journalistic content through these platforms.[14]

On Tuesday, 18 June, images of the CNN Brazil headquarters were published in the broadcaster official profile. The location will be in Paulista Avenue, in the district of Bela Vista, in front of the São Paulo Metro station Trianon-Masp. The building has more than 4,000 square metres (43,000 sq ft) and was the Banco Real operations center. According to the founder-partner and Chairman of CNN Brazil, Douglas Tavolaro, the decision to establish the future news channel in that place was "strategic", aiming a larger approach with the audience. "We want to be part of the everyday life of the Brazilians and be integrated with the audience. Because of that, the chose to be in the pulsing center and postcard of the largest city in the country, next to the people", said Tavolaro.[15]

On 22 July 2019, the broadcaster announced the hiring of the couple Mari Palma and Phelipe Siani.[16]

On 25 July 2019, CNN Brazil announced the hiring of its first black journalist, Luciana Barreto.[17]

On 3 August 2019, journalist Monalisa Perrone left TV Globo to accept "an irrefusable offer" made by CNN Brazil.[18]

Famous TV reporter and TV presenter Reinaldo Gottino left RecordTV on 16 September 2019 to join CNN Brazil, being the first reporter who wasn't a TV Globo employee to join the new broadcaster.[19]

Taís Lopes who was recently part of the JN local presenters rotation, where stood out and got CNN Brasil to meet on 4 November 2019.[20]

CNN Brazil StaffEdit

  • Carla Vilhena (São Paulo)
  • Carol Nogueira (São Paulo)
  • Daniela Lima (São Paulo)
  • Daniel Adjuto (São Paulo)
  • Elisa Veeck (São Paulo)
  • Kenzô Machida (Brasília)
  • Larissa Alvarenga (Brasília)
  • Luciana Barreto (Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo)
  • Marcela Rahal (São Paulo)
  • Márcio Gomes (São Paulo)
  • Monalisa Perrone (São Paulo)
  • Muriel Porfiro (São Paulo)
  • Paula Martini (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Rachel Amorim (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Rafael Colombo (São Paulo)
  • Roberta Russo (São Paulo)
  • William Waack (São Paulo)
  • André Mifano (São Paulo)
  • Daniela Filomeno
  • Evaristo Costa (London)
  • Gabriela Prioli (São Paulo)
  • Gloria Vanique (São Paulo)
  • Iara Oliveira (São Paulo)
  • Leandro Karnal (São Paulo)
  • Lia Bock (São Paulo)
  • Mari Palma (São Paulo)
  • Pedro Andrade
  • Phelipe Siani (São Paulo)
  • Roberto Kalil (São Paulo)
  • Basilia Rodrigues (Politics)
  • Caio Junqueira (Politics)
  • Fernando Gomes (Health)
  • Fernando Nakagawa (Economy)
  • Gustavo Uribe (Politics)
  • Iuri Pitta (Politics)
  • Leandro Resende (Politics)
  • Lourival Sant’Anna (International)
  • Priscila Yazbek (Economy)
  • Raquel Landim (Economy)
  • Renata Agostini (Politics)
  • Rita Wu (Technology)
  • Sidney Rezende (Politics)
  • Thais Arbex (Politics)
  • Thais Herédia (Economy)
  • Alexandre Borges (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Alexandre Garcia (Brasília)
  • Bruno Garschagen (São Paulo)
  • Fernando Molica (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Adriana de Luca (São Paulo)
  • Alisson Negrini (São Paulo)
  • Anne Barbosa (São Paulo)
  • Anthony Wells (São Paulo)
  • Bárbara Baião (Brasília)
  • Bruna Carvalho (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Bruna Macedo (São Paulo)
  • Bruna Ostermann (Porto Alegre)
  • Carla Bridi (Brasília)
  • Carol Queiroz (Manaus)
  • Caroline Louise (Belo Horizonte)
  • Caroline Rosito (Brasília)
  • Cassius Zeilmann (Brasília)
  • Chico Prado (Brasília)
  • Cleber Rodrigues (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Danúbia Braga (São Paulo)
  • Diego Barros (Recife)
  • Evandro Cini (São Paulo)
  • Everton Souza (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Galton Sé (Brasília)
  • Iara Maggioni (Curitiba)
  • Isabella Faria (São Paulo)
  • Isabelle Saleme (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Jairo Nascimento (São Paulo)
  • Jaqueline Frizon (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Julliana Lopes (Brasília)
  • Karla Chaves (São Paulo)
  • Leandro Magalhães (Brasília)
  • Luiza Muttoni (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Manuella Niclewicz (São Paulo)
  • Marcela Monteiro (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Marina Demori (Goiânia)
  • Matheus Meirelles (São Paulo)
  • Mathias Brotero (Brasília)
  • Natália André (Brasília)
  • Nohlan Hubertus (Brasília)
  • Paula Nobre (São Paulo)
  • Pedro Duran (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Pedro Teixeira (Brasília)
  • Rachel Vargas (Brasília)
  • Renan Fiuza (São Paulo)
  • Sandro Zeppi (São Paulo)
  • Silvana Freire (Salvador)
  • Soraya Lauand (São Paulo)
  • Stephanie Alves (São Paulo)
  • Tainá Falcão (São Paulo)
  • Tainá Farfan (Brasília)
  • Talis Mauricio (São Paulo)
  • Teo Cury (Brasília)
  • Tiago Américo (São Paulo)
Former integrants
  • Alana Araújo
  • Ananda Vasconcelos (BM&C News)
  • André Spigariol (Crusoé)
  • Arianna Fonseca (TV Brasília)
  • Augusto de Arruda Botelho
  • Bruno Salles
  • Caio Coppolla
  • Carolina Abelin (Jovem Pan)
  • Cris Dias (Rede Bandeirantes)
  • Débora Freitas (CBN São Paulo)
  • Diego Rezende (América TV)
  • Diego Sarza (UOL)
  • Eduardo Carvalho (UOL/Época)
  • Felipe Boldrini (EPTV Campinas)
  • Gisele Soares
  • Igor Gadelha (Metrópoles)
  • Jhonatã Gabriel (TVE Bahia)
  • Lara Mota (TV Iguaçu)
  • Leandro Narloch (Jovem Pan)
  • Lucilene Kaxinawá (SIC TV)
  • Luiza Duarte (RecordTV)
  • Luiza Tenan
  • Mateus Koelzer (Canal Rural)
  • Núria Saldanha
  • Paula Brazão
  • Reinaldo Gottino (RecordTV)
  • Ricardo Caldas
  • Ricardo Pereira (BandNews FM RJ)
  • Rita Lisauskas
  • Sid Marcus (Band Minas)
  • Taís Lopes (TV Verdes Mares)
  • Thiago Anastácio
  • Tomé Abduch (TV Gazeta)


BRT Program[22] Host(s)
CNN Novo Dia
Rafael Colombo, Luciana Barreto and Elisa Veeck
Live CNN
Marcela Rahal e Daniel Adjuto
Visão CNN
Carla Vilhena
CNN 360°
Daniela Lima
CNN Prime Time
Márcio Gomes
Expresso CNN
Monalisa Perrone
Sun, 9:20p-9:30p
O Grande Debate - Investimentos
Priscila Yazbek
Jornal da CNN
William Waack e Carol Nogueira
Sun, 10:30p-11:15p
CNN Produções Especiais
Glória Vanique
Tue, 10:30p-11:15p
O Grande Debate
Carol Nogueira
Wed, 10:30p-11:15p
CNN Sinais Vitais
Roberto Kalil
Thu, 10:30p-11:15p
CNN Soft Business
Phelipe Siani e Fernando Nakagawa
Fri, 10:30p-11:15p
CNN Nosso Mundo
Luciana Barreto
Agora CNN
Muriel Porfiro
BRT Program[22] Host(s)
Agora CNN Sábado
Rotation of Presenters
CNN Sábado Manhã
Rotation of Presenters
CNN Sábado Tarde
Rotation of Presenters
CNN Sábado Tarde
Rotation of Presenters
CNN Sábado Noite
Rotation of Presenters
Jornal da CNN Edição de Sábado
Glória Vanique
CNN Viagem & Gastronomia
Daniela Filomeno
BRT Program[22] Host(s)
Agora CNN Domingo
Rotation of Presenters
CNN Domingo Manhã
Rotation of Presenters
CNN Domingo Tarde
Rotation of Presenters
CNN Domingo Tarde
Rotation of Presenters
CNN Domingo Noite
Rotation of Presenters
André Mifano
CNN Domingo Noite
Rotation of Presenters
William Waack
BRT Program[22] Host(s)
À Prioli
Gabriela Prioli
Em Alta CNN
Mari Palma e Phelipe SIani
Entre Mundos
Pedro Andrade
Universo Karnal
Leandro Karnal


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