C/2015 F5 (SWAN-XingMing)

Comet C/2015 F5 (SWAN-XingMing) was discovered on March 29, 2015 in near real time SWAN images of the SOHO spacecraft, by Szymon Liwo and Worachate Boonplod. It was also independently discovered on April 4, 2015 by Guoyou Sun and Gao Xing at the XingMing observatory near Ürümqi, China.[1] At discovery, the comet had just passed perihelion and was only 0,35 AU from the Sun, shining at about +10 mag. As of May 2015 the comet had faded below mag +13. The comet is periodic with an orbital period of about 61 years .[2]

C/2015 F5 (SWAN-XingMing)
Discovered bySzymon Liwo, Worachate Boonplod, Guoyou Sun and Gao Xing
Discovery date29-03-2015

This comet also developed a hint of tail after perihelion.


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