Bearers of the Throne

Bearers of the Throne or ḥamlat al-arsh are a group of angels in Islam. The Quran mentions them in Quran 40:7 and Quran 69:17.

The four supporters (angels) of the celestial throne

In Islamic traditions, they are often portrayed in zoomorphic forms. They are described as resembling different creatures: An eagle, a bull, a lion and a human.[citation needed] Other hadiths describes them with six wings and four faces.[1] The portrayal of these angels is comparable to the seraphim in the Book of Revelation.[2] These four angels are also held to be created from different elements: One from light, one from fire, one from water and one from mercy. It is also said they are so large that a journey from their earlobes to their shoulders would take seven hundred years.[3]

They might be identified with cherubim or seraphim of Jewish traditions.[4]

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