37th century BC

The 37th century BC was a century which lasted from the year 3700 BC to 3601 BC.

Millennium: 4th millennium BC
State leaders:
  • 38th century BC
  • 37th century BC
  • 36th century BC
  • 3690s BC
  • 3680s BC
  • 3670s BC
  • 3660s BC
  • 3650s BC
  • 3640s BC
  • 3630s BC
  • 3620s BC
  • 3610s BC
  • 3600s BC
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  • In the south of England, a rapid expansion of monument building occurred around 3700 BC.[1]
  • In the city of Uruk, southern Mesopotamia, groups of tokens representing commercial transactions begin to be enclosed in hollow clay balls and kept in archives.[2]
  • The Maykop culture, a major Bronze Age archaeological culture in the Western Caucasus region of Southern Russia, began around 3700 BC.
  • Lothal of Indus Valley Civilization in India (3700 BC).


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