2by2 is a lottery game played in Kansas, Nebraska, and North Dakota. It is drawn nightly at the Iowa headquarters of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL). Kansas and Nebraska started the game in 2002; North Dakota joined in 2006. Wyoming will join the game on March 14, 2021 .

Players choose two numbers from 1 through 26 in each of two number fields (red and white.) Only one match (in either field) is needed to win. The top prize of $22,000, originally $20,000 (which is fixed, rather than a jackpot), is won by matching all four numbers.

Players who buy a ticket good for seven consecutive drawings are eligible for a doubling of the top prize (to $44,000) if the top prize is won on a Tuesday.

MUSL, from 1996 to 1998, offered a similar game called Daily Millions, with a grand prize of $1 million cash. Daily Millions had red, white, and blue number fields, in which players chose two numbers of each color.

The Arizona-only game 2by2, begun in 2009, was played in the same manner; it had a top prize of $20,000. The Arizona version of 2by2 held its final drawing May 17, 2014; it was replaced by All or Nothing, of which it joined several versions of that game, including one played in both Minnesota and Iowa.

Paytable and odds for a $1 wager

Matches Prize Probability of winning [1]
One Red Free Ticket 1:8
One White Free Ticket 1:8
One Red and One White $3 1:45.8
Two Red $3 1:382.7
Two White $3 1:382.7
Two Red and One White $100 1:2,200.5
Two White and One Red $100 1:2,200.5
Two Red and Two White $22,000 (doubled for a Tuesday drawing if the player bought a 7-draw ticket) 1:105,625


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