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2Spot Communications is a character-design company based in Thailand. 2Spot was founded in 2004 and is the first character studio in Thailand that combines character design, licensing, mobile applications, merchandising, and retail.[citation needed] Kris Nalamlieng, son of former Siam Cement CEO Chumpol NaLamlieng, is the managing director of 2Spot.[1] As of 2010, 2Spot has developed more than 20 characters sets, 1,000+ products, and 3,000+ digital content materials (i.e. mobile wallpapers and screensavers).

2Spot Communications Co., Ltd.
Key people
Kris Nalamlieng (CEO and Managing Director)
2Spot store at Siam Square in Bangkok, Thailand

2Spot Communications has been featured on numerous television programs including Bangkok Post's PostScript[2] and Thailand's Morning Talk TV.[3]



  • First release of 2Spot mobile products with Thailand's major mobile operators


  • Public opening at Thailand Animation Fair



  • Attendance at Hong Kong International Licensing Show[4]
  • Opening of 2Spot Shop at Central Rama 3
  • Stationary product launch with 7-Eleven
2Spot's P4 characters on 7-Eleven milk cartons


  • Launch of Bloody Bunny Foremost milk at 7-Eleven
  • Release of Bloody Bunny, Biscuit and Unsleep Sheep applications for iPhone and Blackberry
  • Awarded runner-up prize at SIPA Game Contest 2009 & SIPA Animation Contest 2009[5]


  • Exhibit at Toy & Comic Expo Asia 2010 (Thailand)
  • Exhibit at Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) 2010[6]
  • Launch of P4 Panda Foremost milk at 7-Eleven Thailand[7]


2Spot has created over 200 characters,.[1] The four most popular ones are Biscuit, Bloody Bunny, P4, and Unsleep Sheep.

2Spot offers a full line of service for licensing partners, including product design, sourcing, packaging design and short animation development. 2Spot is currently exporting digital and promotional licenses in Asia, Europe, and America.

2Spot clients include FlyCell (USA), Kaga Electronics (Japan), ACE Communications (France), Zoobe (Germany), Moffy (HK), and Sony Ericsson (Thailand).


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