29th government of Turkey

The 29th government of Turkey (20 February 1965 – 27 October 1965) was a caretaker government in Turkey. The prime minister was Suat Hayri Ürgüplü, an independent. Four parties supported him: Justice Party (AP), New Turkey Party (YTP), Republican Villagers Nation Party (CKMP), and Nation Party (MP). (This was the only time Nation Party ever participated in a government).

Suat Hayri Ürgüplü

The government

Some of the cabinet members were changed during the lifespan of the cabinet. In the list below, the serving period of cabinet members who served only a part of the cabinet's lifespan are shown in the column "Notes".

Title[1][2] Name Party Notes
Prime MinisterSuat Hayri ÜrgüplüIndep
Deputy Prime MinisterSüleyman DemirelAP
Minister of State
Hayati AtamanMP
Mehmet AltınsoyCKMP
Şekip İnalYTP
Ministry of Justice
İrfan BaranCKMP20 February 1965 – 31 July 1965
Hayati KöknelIndep31 July 1965 – 27 October 1965
Ministry of National Defense
Hasan DinçerCKMP20 February 1965 – 10 August 1965
Hazım DağlıCKMP10 August 1965 – 27 October 1965
Ministry of the Interior
İsmail Hakkı AkdoğanMP
İzzet GencerIndep
Ministry of Foreign AffairsHasan Esat IşıkIndep
Ministry of Financeİhsan GürsanAP
Ministry of National EducationCihat BilgehanAP
Ministry of Public WorksOrhan AlpIndep
Ministry of MonopoliesAhmet TopaloğluAP
Ministry of CommerceMacit ZerenAP
Ministry of Health and Social SecurityFaruk SükanAP
Ministry of AgricultureTurhan KapanlıYTP
Ministry of Construction and SettlementRecai İskenderoğluYTP
Ministry of Transport
Mithat SanYTP20 February 1965 – 31 July 1965
Kazım YurdakulIndep31 July 1965 – 27 October 1965
Ministry of IndustryAli Naili ErdemAP
Ministry of Tourism
Ömer Zekai DormanMP20 February 1965 – 28 August 1965
İsmail Hakkı AkdoğanMP28 August 1965 – 27 October 1965
Ministry of Village Affairs
Seyfi ÖztürkCKMP20 February 1965 – 10 August 1965
Mustafa KepirCKMP10 August 1965 – 27 October 1965
Ministry of Labour and Social Securityİhsan Sabri ÇağlayangilAP
Ministry of Energy and Natural ResourcesMehmet TurgutAP


The government resigned after the elections held on 10 October 1965, which the Justice Party won by a landslide. The 29th government was succeeded by the government of Süleyman Demirel.


Preceded by
28th government of Turkey
(İsmet İnönü)
29th Government of Turkey
20 February 1965 – 27 October 1965
Succeeded by
30th government of Turkey
(Süleyman Demirel)
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