21st century BC

The 21st century BCE was a century which lasted from the year 2100 BC to 2001 BC.

Millennium: 3rd millennium BC
State leaders:
  • 2090s BC
  • 2080s BC
  • 2070s BC
  • 2060s BC
  • 2050s BC
  • 2040s BC
  • 2030s BC
  • 2020s BC
  • 2010s BC
  • 2000s BC
Categories: Births – Deaths
Establishments – Disestablishments


Ur-Nammu (seated) bestows governorship on Ḫašḫamer, patesi (high priest) of Iškun-Sin (cylinder seal impression, ca. 2100 BC).

Note: all dates from this long ago should be regarded as either approximate or conjectural; there are no absolutely certain dates, and multiple competing reconstructed chronologies, for this time period.

Significant people

Although many human societies were literate in this period, some individual persons mentioned in this article ought to be considered legendary rather than historical.

Legendary people

Inventions, discoveries, introductions

Sovereign states

See: List of sovereign states in the 21st century BC.

Decades and years

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